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    amanda323 got a reaction from Carrot64 in Pounds lost   
    1 week out; 12 lbs. down. 🙌🏻
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    amanda323 reacted to KimTriesRNY in I can’t date overweight people   
    The point I was trying to make is if you look at someone and they are a bit overweight and you decide based off of that, that they are living an unhealthy lifestyle filled with junk food and a sedentary lifestyle then I’m sorry but you are making assumptions about people based solely off of looks that may be incorrect. It is the same as assuming that because a woman is thin she must eat healthy and exercise...sorry but it’s not true.
    I am not encouraging anyone to seek out morbidly obese people to date if that’s not their thing but just trying to state that assuming things about ppl based off of snap judgements could be a mistake.

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    amanda323 reacted to Healthy_life2 in Pounds lost   
    There are factors on how much you lose and the rate. Age, sex, hormones, medical issues, and medications. What you can control is you're diet and exercise staying-on on plan.

    Some of us lose fast some of us lose slow. The statistics with the sleeve is expect to lose 60% of your weight. It's not how fast you lose it's the fact that you're losing weight is what's important.

    My regimen is following my plan. I log my food. I keep within my calories/macros.

    Working out. I started walking right after surgery. After my dr released me to do more. I did elliptical. I had my first stall 3rd month. I mixed my cardio up on three different machines. As I progressed I did cardio with some weightlifting.

    Find what you enjoy. Make a commitment to it and it becomes habit.

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    amanda323 got a reaction from Carrot64 in Pounds lost   
    1 week out; 12 lbs. down. 🙌🏻
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    amanda323 got a reaction from Carrot64 in Pounds lost   
    1 week out; 12 lbs. down. 🙌🏻
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    amanda323 reacted to froufrou in Bariatric surgery was a big mistake   
    You knew all of the ups and downs before going in to surgery. Yes, it's tough. Yes there are risks. But, you are given all of this information going into it.
    Actually, for some of us it's the only way we can lose weight. Even though I spent 3 months in hospital with a leak in my sleeve and now after RNY a possible stricture or ulcer, I am glad I did it. But, I did my research and I weighed up the risks and for me at 368 pounds... I knew I wasn't going to live much longer and my daughter needs me so much more than I need food.

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    amanda323 reacted to Carrot64 in Bariatric surgery was a big mistake   
    So what I have restrictions, so what people see me with a water bottle and so what there are things I can’t eat anymore.. Trust me, I hit my pizza quota and chocolate quota like 19 years ago.. Weight watchers 6xs.. Jenny Craig 2xs.. Adkins umpteen times.. trainers 2xs.. I FINALLY feel like the person I was suppose to be .. my surgery was only a tool.... I was prepared for the hard stuff and now I’m reaping the good stuff.. screw the food.. I chose LIFE
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    amanda323 reacted to Diana_in_Philly in Bariatric surgery was a big mistake   
    The first few months after surgery are hard. Do you want to live to see your kids get married? Have grandchildren? PLay with grandchildren? Then buck up, buttercup. Put on your big girl panties and go see a therapist to talk about your food issues. You clearly have them.
    I'm almost 3 years out and 150 pounds down. (I've stopped updating my ticker - it's a pain in the a$$.) I fence at a national level and am ranked 23rd among women age 50-59 in the United States. I started fencing after I lost the weight.
    I understand the need to vent in a safe place, but you need to get your head in the right place. Because if your head isn't in the right place, nothing is going to work. This is only a tool. Not a magic bullet.

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    amanda323 reacted to anjmayb in Bariatric surgery was a big mistake   
    You can still eat things you want.. but the point is moderation.. and everyone should be carrying around a Water bottle all day long.. the point is.. this was designed to be a tool! It's not a fix.. those holidays were ruined because your head was in the wrong place.. you made the choice to make those holidays about food instead of the company.. now it's time to make holidays about the company and not the food which it was supposed to be about anyhow! and why dont you make something you can eat to contribute.. so what it takes you a while.. you can eat and talk at the same time.. let people think whatever they want.. and sad to say.. this surgery is actually quite the norm.. if it wasn't Dennys wouldn't have a healthy place on their menu and except a bariatric surgery card and same goes for other places. I dont know about you but food I like got me to weighing 262 pounds because I liked it a little too much! And taking 20 minutes, eating and drinking at the same time.. that's stuff our generation was taught growing up, old habits are hard to brake.. but it can be done. I'm sorry you are frustrated.. but I hope I give you a new prespective.. maybe it will help put you in a better place..

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    amanda323 reacted to 49Nash in Bariatric surgery was a big mistake   
    I’m just under a month from surgery and while I don’t regret it at all (even when one bite of food caused horrific pain for a week) I do agree it’s hard to be prepared for how it changes your relationship with food. I just told my mom and husband that food gives me no pleasure anymore. It’s simply nutrition. But even though it’s hard sometimes I’m working to be ok with it. Everything we do as a family or with friends has revolved around eating. It’s so hard to change that mindset. And I had a similar Mother’s Day as you, my kids are 12 and 14 and it was the first time they were unable to make me breakfast in bed. It was hard but next year they can make me an egg and a tiny piece of fruit and we are trying to find things we can do together that don’t involve food. I honestly think this is a good thing because there is a reason I had the surgery. I did try every diet including WW and exercise and could never stick with it. There was a time at the beginning that I doubted the saying “nothing tastes as good as thin feels “ but now that I can see the weight loss and wear clothes I haven’t been able to wear in 10 years I’m starting to see the other side. Find the silver lining since what is done is done.
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    amanda323 reacted to Taters in May 2019 Surgeries 🎉   
    Had my surgery on may 15th feeling great. Already down 32lbs.... hitting all my goals and so glad I did this..
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    amanda323 reacted to Ohcinders in May 2019 Surgeries 🎉   
    You guys rock too!! My husband would NEVER consider doing this, so I personally think you are a badass
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    amanda323 reacted to Ohcinders in May 2019 Surgeries 🎉   
    I am having VSG on June 3rd, and I have read all these May 2019 posts, and you ladies are rockstars!! So inspirational, and informative, about what I need to expect in just a few days now...
    Best wishes to you all!!
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    amanda323 reacted to Taters in May 2019 Surgeries 🎉   
    What about the guys lol... good luck and you got this.
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    amanda323 reacted to Taters in May 2019 Surgeries 🎉   
    Gas ex gel tabs work wonders...

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