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  1. I've reached my goal. My only concern is I normally weigh myself once a week in my gym at work. They've closed it, so I need to buy a scale (planning on doing so when I get paid tomorrow). Without weighing in, I wouldn't know if for some reason I'm gaining. My activity has gone down so I'm not going to freak if I gain a little. Just got to roll with the times. But people, without getting political, as someone with a Biochemistry degree, take this seriously. It's not a hoax and it's not the flu. Use common sense. Wash your damn hands.
  2. Sleeve. Didn't need to lose as much weight as some, no history of reflux. 7 mo out, no complications, ahead of schedule.
  3. I took 2 days in the hospital, but that's because the first pain reliever didn't relieve my pain. Most people are only overnight, so you should be okay.
  4. apiane

    Throwing up after eating

    I've only thrown up twice, and it wasn't really like a full throw up. Both were when I ate one bite too much of food. If I had slowed down I would have known I was full. So hopefully that helps.
  5. apiane

    No one has noticed ...

    I found that after I had lost about 60 lbs, all of a sudden all my work friends were saying "Whoa you look amazing! You've lost so much weight!" I think they had noticed, but it was around then that everyone decided to stay something. They've been consistently cheering me on since. So it's a weird thing.
  6. apiane

    I’m not “fat enough”

    Some people have supportive families, some people don't. It's your journey and your health. You may just have to decide for yourself what's best for you. Good luck :-)
  7. 1. I'm down to L shirts from 2X 2. I'm down a pant size to a 14 and have to wear my built on the 5th hole. If it's on the 4th hole I can take of my pants without undoing them. 3. I am now the weight listed on my driver's license 4. I'm officially halfway to my goal. 45 lbs to go! 5. My sister almost cried last night after not seeing me for a while. She kept saying "You're so tiny!" Just wanted to share because I'm happy! Carry On!
  8. apiane

    Frustrated with my doctor's office!

    Okay then you are DEFINITELY in a position to make your own nutritional decisions. Best thing I can recommend is to search through these message boards and see if you can find cal intake for people who are as active as you and are still losing weight, and base your plan around them. That's been what's been super helpful to me. This blows my mind. All of the respondents posts do. My surgeon's office is SO HELPFUL. I had a 1 week, 1 month, 3 month, and will have a 6 month and then yearly appointments. They have all been with the nurse practitioner (which is fine) except the 1 month was with my surgeon. Every time I see the NP I also see the NUT for about 10 mins just as a check in. Last time she just said I'm doing so well, keep doing what I'm doing. But I have her card with her direct line if I need it. Every time I've called their office they either get my an answer on that call, or call me back the same day with an answer. They gave me a card with things to watch for and the day and night phone numbers to call. I guess I should consider myself lucky.
  9. I don't know if this will help... but I'm having my 6 mo labs drawn at my PCP office along with some tests she wants... I haven't been given any indication that they won't be covered. At least I'll have my FSA money in case it's not. I'm sorry you're going through this. It might be worth calling and appealing. A lot of times you'll get a lower price just for speaking up. It couldn't hurt. Good luck.
  10. apiane

    Frustrated with my doctor's office!

    Okay this is bonkers. WITHOUT heavy exercise, my nutritionist wants me between 900-1200 cal. I think that's way too much especially because I have a sedentary job. So I've looked at the forum and what most people do, and I stay between 600-800, w/ 60-90g of protein/day, I've lost a little over 74 lbs in 5 months. My nurse practitioner, surgeon, AND NUT would LOVE if I could exercise as much as you do. So I think you're right that you need more calories. You cannot be doing all that and only eating 500 calories you're going to pass out. I would maybe ask your PCP or seek out an outside nutritionist. You know your body.
  11. apiane

    6 day post op

    Yeah you'll be fine. My doctor gave me meds for stomach cramping but I think I only took it twice.
  12. apiane

    PMS and Eatinf

    Sugar free chocolate pudding. That's what helped me and I didn't gain anything.
  13. apiane

    Upset with Me

    As long as you recommit, you'll be fine. Drink fluids, get in protein, watch carbs... No sweat.
  14. I'm officially only "Overweight"! No more "Obese. (Per the CDC BMI calculator, not the one on the tracker). HW: 238 SW: 226.2 CW: 170 GW: 145 Only 25 lbs to go!
  15. apiane

    Question about caffeine

    I was told decalf before surgery, but at my 1 month follow up they said I could add it in in moderation. I have a 12 oz cup of coffee 4-5 days/week and my doctor is fine with that. They just said don't have like 3 cups a day.
  16. apiane

    Fluid Imtake

    I'm 4 months out and I have problems hitting my goal! I have not mastered the "wait 30" eat "wait 30" drink... I forget to drink! It's a struggle. But just try that's all you can do.
  17. 1. It is never too late to get healthy. The older members of this board are inspirations that have had great success. 2. You should not be worried about dying at 64. Medical advances can help you live far beyond what your parents or grandparents may have. 3. You can still cook. Just eat smaller portions. 4. At first I hid my surgery, so I understand. But I ultimately told my family and they were supportive so I would just say give people a chance. Thanksgiving is a hard time to start your pre-op diet. But you got this. Just think of how much better you'll feel. And think of what you're doing for your kids and grandkids. You're giving them the gift of you. Remember that.
  18. apiane

    Food log app

    Baritastic is awesome. Definitely gives me all the info I need! And it's really easy to make meals and group things together. It may not have quite as big of a database as myfitnesspal, but I find that app overwhelming.
  19. Welcome! And read up! This board eased all of my fears and taught me everything I needed to know for before and after surgery.
  20. apiane

    I must be nuts!!

    You're brave. But I think it's sweet that you're doing this for your husband :-)
  21. apiane

    Co morbidity

    If you have a BMI over 40 you don't need any comorbidities typically. I was like 40.6 and was approved by my employer-sponsored insurance.
  22. apiane

    Food journal apps?

    I use Baritastic. Super user friendly, and it really doesn't matter if it doesn't connect to your doctor.
  23. apiane

    Sleeve failure??

    Completely agree with everything that's been said. It's all about sticking to your plan. You've done the band so you've made the lifestyle change. Just keep it up and you'll be fine :-)
  24. apiane

    ❤2 yrs (24/4mo) Post Op❤

    Happy Anniversary!
  25. apiane

    Help! In Terrible Need of Positive Vibes

    Look, I kept who I told to family and a couple close work friends (2 of whom have had the surgery). I've lost 54 lbs so far and I don't think many people have noticed. But if they do and say something I'll probably come out with it. If they're real friends they'll support you. I think your bigger friends may be jealous that you're taking control of your health and they aren't, and your smaller friends may feel threatened. From what I've observed in life, people like having their "fat" friend. But ultimately, you have to do this for you. Just trust yourself.