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  1. Welcome!! I'd hold off from swimming until your incisions are totally healed. You're wise to be concerned about infections - especially if it's a public pool!

    There's a lot of info here & many helpful people.

    BTW- I'm part Scot. Clan MacLachlan. I actually have "Scotland the Brave" as my ringtone. LOL!

  2. 11 hours ago, theexfatgirl said:

    Thank you for your support. However not once did I state that I cheated! My tastebuds changed drastically after the surgery towards the Protein Shakes (Unjury & Premier) and I can’t find any Protein that won’t make my tummy hurt. Can you suggest something different?

    My favorite is Protein 20 Water. I especially like the Grape flavor. I usually get it at my local Rite-Aid. I have also spotted it in Walgreen's and some CVS stores. My cousin spotted it in costco. There's also Amazon, of course,

    I find it MUCH easier to drink than other protein drinks/shakes.

  3. 13 hours ago, CapyCapybara said:

    Does the drain irritate when wearing pants? Maybe a silly question, but does it hurt bending over putting pants on post op? I was thinking about getting maxi dresses for after but idk what I’d do with the drain ....

    I didn't have a drain. Just 5 medium sized bandaids. The incisions themselves were sealed with surgical glue. I had no problems. My surgery was in the summer, I was able to wear a loose sundress. I had no problems with my underwear.

  4. 10 hours ago, arrivan said:

    Just a quick update. Down to 353 which is a really good feeling. Thank goodness for the local thrift stores and second hand shops because I have dropped from a size 58 to 42 in pants alone and have pretty much needed to replace my wardrobe multiple times over the last few months.

    Huge milestone for me, I ran a 5K for Halloween. I was always the anti-run type guy. In fact I used to tell my coworkers that if they ever saw me running they should run too because the end of the world was behind me. Fast forward and I completed my first 5K which honestly felt amazing. I have signed up for another one in December this time doing a santa dash and I am hoping to improve on my times.

    Still have no complications and no regrets. I feel 100 times better and younger. I even managed to out walk my kids trick or treating on Halloween. As the one who always had to quit early it felt good for the kids to tap out first.

    WOW!! You're doing great!! Kudos galore!

    LOL@ running because the end of the world was behind you! Very funny!

    I'm betting that your kids are very proud of you!

    Good luck on the Santa Dash! I hope you outrun ALL the reindeer!

  5. 20 hours ago, pssk said:

    I had never even heard of single incision laparoscopic vsg. I was a BMI 35 and was never discussed.

    How do they get the camera in? All of those holes have a purpose. Lol

    Time to google...

    5 incisions, one for the surgeon's right hand instrument, one for his left. One for the camera, one for an instrument to hold the liver out of the way and lastly, the one to remove the piece of your stomach.

    There are videos of the actual surgery on YouTube -- not for the squeamish!

  6. 4 hours ago, Mikeyy said:

    Dont have a recent full body pic but those two photos are 3 months apart and 78lbs down.

    I was blown away when doctor showed me my original photo he took from 3 months prior to surgery...

    HW 322

    CW today 245

    GW 190.

    Appreciate any comments :)

    Great! Not only did you lose 78 lbs... You look 15 years younger!!

    Keep on keepin' on!!!

  7. 5 hours ago, Raeerin said:

    How long after surgery Until you were allowed to shower? Could you take a shower the next day?

    I was able to shower the day after I got home. (Surgery-Mon, Home-Tues, Shower-Wed)

    My instruction were: No baths, shower only. My incisions were sealed with surgical glue. I was told to change the bandages after showering. As the glue started to lift at the edges, I was to trim them. I only had to keep the bandages on for about 3 or 4 days. (I heal quickly)

  8. 28 minutes ago, Hansel4pres said:

    Final med approval yesterday, liquid diet now 14 days, lost 27 pounds. I have worked so hard to get here but I am so nervous about surgery to the point I am thinking twice about doing it. Is this normal?

    It's TOTALLY normal! You're already 27 pounds down! YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Don't let nerves & doubts sway you.

    Stick with us here for support & encouragement!

  9. I got myself psyched up for the surgery before I even had a date! What helped me were some of the many videos on YouTube by former sleevers. Just ordinary people like ourselves - telling of their experiences. They offer advice, suggestions, tips & encouragement.

    There are even videos of the actual surgery - WARNING- Don't watch if you're the squeamish type!

    These videos were SO helpful to me. Check them out - maybe they'll help you as well!

    You got this!!!

  10. 2 hours ago, SMG66 said:

    I am 70 years old and considering gastric sleeve surgery. Are there any other older ladies who have had the surgery and are willing to share their experiences.

    I had my surgery in July 2019, I was 67 at the time, 68 now. I have a bad hip & need a replacement. I needed to lose weight for the surgery. I have full support from my family, friends & doctors. My surgery went very well. I had very little pain. I am off of 2 of my 3 meds for Type 2 diabetes. I'm glad I had the surgery. My doctor has been trying for 2 years to get me to do it. I'm kicking myself for stalling. I'm sorry you're having pushbacks from your family. I hope they'll come around. Support makes a big difference!

  11. 36 minutes ago, darcyjae said:

    The idea that this is some easy way out of obesity is laughably ridiculous to anyone familiar with the effort it takes to undergo this process successfully.

    HAH! That's so right! A friend of mine, whom I've known for over 50 years, called me 2 months after my surgery. (He knew I was having it) He asked how it went. I told him how I was doing. His question - "So what do they do? Carve the fat off of you?" Well, I burst into laughter! The 1st image that popped into my head was one of those huge roasts at a buffet table, slowly rotating, while slices are carved to serve.

    I saw myself spinning while my surgeon attacked my thighs & butt! YEAH!! Carve that fat away!! I'm *STILL* ROFL!!