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  1. I was Sleeved in July. The day after I came home from the hospital, I called my doctor. She immediately had me stop the Glimipride & Ozempic. I'm only on the Metformin (for now). She says I'll probably be able to stop that after monitoring for about 4 months. YAY!!
  2. My instruction were nothing over 10 lbs for 8 weeks.
  3. I took my time switching to the puree stage. My doctor said it was fine. He'd rather I took my time switching rather than jumping into the next phase too quickly.
  4. NancyLF

    Update from March 28th

    This is WONDERFUL! You look beautiful. Showers of blessings for an easy birth of a happy & healthy baby!
  5. NancyLF

    Surgery is tomorrow

    Yay, YOU! You can do it!! I hope yours is as smooth as mine was. I had some discomfort - but no pain! No gas issues! Quick recovery! Good luck!
  6. NancyLF

    Goal Weight Achieved

  7. HAH! That's so right! A friend of mine, whom I've known for over 50 years, called me 2 months after my surgery. (He knew I was having it) He asked how it went. I told him how I was doing. His question - "So what do they do? Carve the fat off of you?" Well, I burst into laughter! The 1st image that popped into my head was one of those huge roasts at a buffet table, slowly rotating, while slices are carved to serve. I saw myself spinning while my surgeon attacked my thighs & butt! YEAH!! Carve that fat away!! I'm *STILL* ROFL!!
  8. WOWIE! WOW! WOW!!!! You look AWESOME!! Congratulations & continued success!
  9. Congratulations on the weight already lost! By the time your surgery date rolls around, you'll be truly ready!
  10. My original date of June 17 had to be cancelled because I failed my stress test, which in turn caused the surgery to be postponed. Everything’s OK now & I officially have a new date! July 22nd awaits! I’m excited, nervous & pumped all at once. The countdown begins!
  11. NancyLF

    New date for my VGS! 7/22/19

    The surgery went very well. I was sore afterward, but not in actual pain. They gave me a prescription for a pain killer, but I only used them the 1st 2 nights at home. After that, I didn't need them. I spent 1 night in the hospital. Mom -surgery Tues - home Wed - rested. Thurs - I was driving around - just another normal day. LOL!
  12. NancyLF

    New date for my VGS! 7/22/19

    I am doing GREAT!! I wished I had listened to my doctor who had been urging me to have the surgery two years ago!! My surgery was 7 weeks ago today. So far, I have lost a little over 50 pounds. I am not feeling hungry, which makes it SO much easier.
  13. May I suggest-- Do not go into the surgery looking forward to WHEN you can eat again. Instead, concentrate on HOW you eat. You MUST learn to have a new relationship with food. If you don't change that, you just might be setting yourself up to fail. Before my surgery, besides being on this forum & reading about the experiences of those who have had the same surgery, I spent a lot of time watching videos on YouTube. There are so many! I have my favorites, of course, but I still check out others. There are even photos of the actual surgery! Don't watch if you're the squeamish type. LOL! My point is, you shouldn't go into this as if it's some magic wand. It's a tool. You still have to work. You MUST get your HEAD in the game!
  14. NancyLF

    Sleeve Next Week!

    I never understood why some people feel like they need to tear down someone who's trying to improve their life. Ignore them & DO YOU! Do what YOU need to do for YOU! Stay here with us. We'll NEVER bring you down. There's lots of support for you. BE STRONG!! You've got this!
  15. I failed the stress test (part of my cardio clearance) I ended up having a cardiac catheterization two days after what was supposed to have been my sleeve surgery date (June 17). Once it was taken care of, I was rescheduled to July 22. 5 weeks later. That went fine. Now, nearly 6 weeks later, I've lost 50 lbs & am doing fine!
  16. Before my surgery I ordered & tried a variety of Protein Shakes from the BP Store. I enjoyed most of them. I ordered my favorites for post-op meals. My problem- my taste buds have changed & they now taste much too sweet! UGH! Oh, well.
  17. My surgery date was the day before yours. I have been taking my time moving from one step to the other. It's been fairly easy because I'm not hungry. When I was moving from liquids to pureed food, I had pureed once or day - or not at all. I overlapped from step to step. When I saw my doctor 2 weeks ago, I told him what I was doing. He was fine with it. He'd rather I took my time rather than trying to move too fast. He had a patient who 2 weeks... TWO WEEKS... after surgery decided to indulge in PIZZA!! Not only that - she had TWO PIECES!!! Man, I felt my tummy explode just THINKING about that! She ended up in the ER! WOW!! So far, I have lost 44 pounds. I have a feeling I might be taking my time so I'll keep losing. Today, I tried some grilled chicken. 3 tiny bites, and I was full.
  18. NancyLF

    Major Milestone

    YAY! for YOU!! My milestone came yesterday in the doctor's office. When I got on the scale, I was able to move the lower weight thingy from the 250 mark to the 200 mark!! I even made a 20 sec. video of the weight being moved. The doctor was laughing SO hard. She patted me on the shoulder & said I deserved to video anything I want! LOL!
  19. NancyLF

    Hi everyone! Newbie here...

    It's normal to be nervous. I think I was SO psyched about getting it done, I didn't get really nervous until they were putting in the IV! Relax! You can do this! Get ready for the NEW YOU!!
  20. NancyLF

    Hi everyone! Newbie here...

    WELCOME, LIZZIE!! My doctor had been urging me to have the surgery for 2 years. I wasn't emotionally ready. When my hip was getting worse, I went to the orthopedic surgeon pretty much knowing I needed hip replacement surgery. He said I needed to lose weight before he could do the surgery safely. He's the one who recommended my bariatric surgeon. Their requirements included meeting with a Dietitian, Phycologist & 6 month weight study. My doctor, since I've been seeing him for over 25 years, had the weight info. He just went back 6 months & filled in the form. I think he was so happy I was finally doing it, he would have filled out 20 years of forms! LOL! My 1st meeting with the Bariatric surgeon was 3/29/2019. My surgery was 7/22/2019. It could have been sooner (in May) but the date they had available conflicted with another event on my calendar, so I was scheduled for June. Then I failed my stress test (part of my clearance fo the surgery), so I ended up with the July date. I was lucky, I guess. My doctor is very pleased. He kept teasing me about waiting 2 years. I'm SO glad I did it & yes, I wish (now) that I had it done years ago. This site has been very helpful. While everyone's experiences are different, there's a lot of info. The Store has SO many products! Some are yummy... some not so much. I also found many YouTube videos that were inspiring and informative. There are even some of the actual surgery! WARNING: Don't watch if you're the squeamish type. This was a long way around to tell you not to let the delay deter you. My surgery was 4 weeks ago today. I have lost 40 pounds. I have been taken off 2 of my diabetes meds. My happy moment today was when I was able to move the weight on the doctor's scale from the 250 to the 200 mark. One of the girls in my church told me, "Miss Nancy, you look smaller!" Believe me, it's worth it!
  21. My surgery was July 22. So far, so good. I have lost 39 lbs. I am stoked to be able to move the weight on the scale from the 250 mark to 200 - then use the smaller one. 50 lbs to ONE-derland!! YIPPEE!!
  22. NancyLF

    New here

    YAY!!! That's great!
  23. NancyLF

    Soon to sleeve

    Chapstick! Chapstick! Chapstick! Chapstick! Chapstick! Chapstick! Oh, in case you didn’t get it... CHAPSTICK!!
  24. NancyLF


    I put some watermelon in my blender & drank it. It was delicious, but man, oh man! About a half hour later it EXPLODED out my butt! YIKES!
  25. NancyLF

    New here

    Welcome! I had my surgery 3 weeks ago today. So far, I have lost 36 pounds! I hope you have an easy time like I did. I had very little pain, just some soreness. I am not feeling hungry- which makes things easier. Goo luck! Keep us updated.