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  1. NancyLF

    WLS YouTubers

    I've watched many of these. I love Clusie! I've also watched: denagotsleeved klbs Humble Bee_vsg BariatricPal Kimberly H
  2. NancyLF

    3 Year Sleeve Anniversary

    You look great!! Good job! Congrats!!
  3. WOW!!! That's all I can say, WWOOWW!!! Man, if you could survive all that, you;ve already proven that you're a fighter! Keep fighting!!!
  4. NancyLF

    Protein water

    I don't like the milky shakes & powders either. I'm sorry you're having a hard time finding something that works for you.
  5. NancyLF

    Protein water

    What brand are you drinking? Before my surgery I was trying out Premier Protein Water, with no problem. However AFTERWARDS, I couldn't stand it! I found it to be much too sweet. I had to split the bottle & mix it with equal parts water. I found Protein 2O, which I find to be much better. The Grape & Berry flavors are my favorite. I don't care for the pineapple/coconut one as much. I get them from Rite-Aid. Perhaps a different brand might help.
  6. Welcome!! I had my surgery in July. My ONLY regret is not having it done sooner! I am blessed with a lot of support from my family & friends. That helps make my journey easier. Between this site & lots of informative YouTube videos, I have felt encouraged, been inspired & become more determined to succeed.
  7. NancyLF

    Pre-Op Diet popsicles

    Personally, I thought the fudge ones tasted gross. LOL!
  8. My instructions were no more than 10 pounds for 8 weeks.
  9. NancyLF

    Before and After Pics

    I love looking at Before & After pics! Here's mine. One was taken 7/21/2019, the day before my surgery. The after shot was taken 11/10/2019. Weight loss-57 lbs!
  10. NancyLF


    I know what you mean. I don't care for the protein shakes either. That's why I drink Protein 2O. It's water & is easier to drink & get my protein in.
  11. NancyLF

    Hello from Scotland

    Welcome!! I'd hold off from swimming until your incisions are totally healed. You're wise to be concerned about infections - especially if it's a public pool! There's a lot of info here & many helpful people. BTW- I'm part Scot. Clan MacLachlan. I actually have "Scotland the Brave" as my ringtone. LOL!
  12. NancyLF


    My favorite is PROTEIN 20 water. I especially like the Grape flavor. I usually get it at my local Rite-Aid. I have also spotted it in Walgreen's and some CVS stores. My cousin spotted it in Costco. There's also Amazon, of course, I find it MUCH easier to drink than other protein drinks/shakes.
  13. I didn't have a drain. Just 5 medium sized bandaids. The incisions themselves were sealed with surgical glue. I had no problems. My surgery was in the summer, I was able to wear a loose sundress. I had no problems with my underwear.
  14. NancyLF

    New around here

    WOW!! You're doing great!! Kudos galore! LOL@ running because the end of the world was behind you! Very funny! I'm betting that your kids are very proud of you! Good luck on the Santa Dash! I hope you outrun ALL the reindeer!
  15. NancyLF


    Here I am, 2 1/2 months post-op. Total lost so far, 57.7 lbs.
  16. From the album: NancyLF

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  17. 5 incisions, one for the surgeon's right hand instrument, one for his left. One for the camera, one for an instrument to hold the liver out of the way and lastly, the one to remove the piece of your stomach. There are videos of the actual surgery on YouTube -- not for the squeamish!
  18. I had an old 3" scar from a hernia repair years ago. With the sleeve surgery, my dr put one incision on the old scar. That one virtually disappeared. The others are so small, they're difficult to find. They were only about half inch long.
  19. NancyLF

    Before and After Pics

    Great! Not only did you lose 78 lbs... You look 15 years younger!! Keep on keepin' on!!!
  20. NancyLF

    Before and After Pics

    WOW!! You look great! You also took 10 years off!
  21. NancyLF

    Shower after surgery

    I was able to shower the day after I got home. (Surgery-Mon, Home-Tues, Shower-Wed) My instruction were: No baths, shower only. My incisions were sealed with surgical glue. I was told to change the bandages after showering. As the glue started to lift at the edges, I was to trim them. I only had to keep the bandages on for about 3 or 4 days. (I heal quickly)
  22. No, I had no problem at all. I resumed my life as usual --- minus the eating.
  23. I had my surgery (VGS) on a Monday, cam home the next day & was driving on Thursday. My doctor told me as long as I'm not on the painkillers, I was good to go. I only took the meds on the Tuesday I got home. I didn't need them after that.
  24. NancyLF

    Sleeve Surgery Oct 23

    It's TOTALLY normal! You're already 27 pounds down! YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Don't let nerves & doubts sway you. Stick with us here for support & encouragement!
  25. I got myself psyched up for the surgery before I even had a date! What helped me were some of the many videos on YouTube by former sleevers. Just ordinary people like ourselves - telling of their experiences. They offer advice, suggestions, tips & encouragement. There are even videos of the actual surgery - WARNING- Don't watch if you're the squeamish type! These videos were SO helpful to me. Check them out - maybe they'll help you as well! You got this!!!