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    Had vgs 14th may 2019, best desision ever, my start weight was just under 17 stone
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  1. Abrady85

    3 months post op pain

    Thanks all, i have made an appointment with my doc for tomo as the pain hasnt gone away and is making me feel quite sick too.
  2. Abrady85

    3 months post op pain

    I thought i had filled profile in.. I had a gastric sleeve, i thought as id posted in the gastric sleeve section of the forum it would show that..
  3. Abrady85

    Struggling with the idea of surgery

    I had the same doubts! But i went through with sleeve and so glad i did! Im 3 months post op and 3 stone lighter and feel so much better and happier. Its not easy and have had the odd day when ive thought why!? But best thing i ever did! Good luck with whatever you deside
  4. Abrady85

    3 months post op pain

    Thanks AggiG last night and today have been the worst, i tried some trapped wind relieving tablets and liquids but not helped.
  5. For the last few nights ive been woken by the worst pain ive ever felt, a really intense labour likr pain around the base of my breast bone but inside behind it if makes sense.. no pain killers seem to help last night i tried co-codamol 30/500mg x2, tramadol 100x2 and diazipam 4mg but 4 hours after was still in amazing pain. Im 3 months post op and have had no other real issues since, ive been careful with what i eat and drink i did have some sparkling spring water the last couple of days but was only very light bubbles. Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated, i dont want to waste a docs appointment if i dont need one..