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  1. I had a BMI if 35. My brother had recently had the surgery, and had great success. My parents offered to PAY FOR MY SURGERY, if I would be interested. I did not and would not qualify through my insurance and my insurance doesn’t cover Bariatric surgery. My first appt. was in May. Because I was self pay, I didn’t have to jump through a ton of hoops. I met with a psychologist and had my pre-op and that was it. My surgery was July 8. I’ve lost 50 pounds and don’t regret it at all. It hasn’t been easy, not at all, but it’s been totally worth it.
  2. So, I had VSG on July 8. Things are going well, I am still just trying to figure out my tummy. It growls and gurgles a lot. I try to ignore it, but I’m wondering if I need to listen to it some, or if I just need to keep counting protein and doing my thing. Like, does my stomach THINK it’s hungry and it has to get used to my new normal? I’m just confused. TIA!
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    Grisly Tummy

    I meant gurgly tummy...not grisly!🤦🏼‍♀️
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    I use the patch and love it. Sleep with it on and throw it away in the morning. Much easier than a huge pill. I e had problems swallowing pills since surgery...weird, I know.
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    I have had pneumonia for a week and I am struggling to get even 50 gr of protein in a day. I have no appetite and just can’t eat. I think I’m on the downhill slide, but I’m hoping I haven’t gone too long without enough protein.
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    How long after surgery can I take an actual Tylenol pill? I’m 3 weeks out of surgery. Thanks!
  7. So I have started purées/soft foods. Here’s my problem. I can barely eat 3 oz. Will this improve? I get SO full I can’t drink anything for over an hour. I’m in this struggle of trying to drink enough and trying to eat some protein. Im so OVER protein shakes, I can only handle one a day. Im just wondering if feeling this so completely full after not even 3 oz. is normal. Thank you!
  8. I can’t do whey protein shakes, so I’ve found a vegan one I like. However, it has 25g of carbs per shake. The whey ones have like 5g. What is recommended? It seems like a huge difference, but not sure if a big enough one to find a different shake.
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    Ok, I’m week 2 post surgery. Monday I switched to ‘full liquid’ diet. I STRUGGLE getting in 60-80 grams of protein! I’m drinking most of it, but I feel like I’m drinking every second of the day. I can barely stand the clear protein drinks, so I’ve been having shakes and water. Anyone else feel like this stage is never ending? Any advice on how you made it would be greatly appreciated. I’m struggling!
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    Week and a half more. 😩😩
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    It’s not the liquid, it’s the protein. I’m just concerned I’m not getting all my protein in. The liquids I can get in.
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    I had VSG on July 8. I started full liquid diet Monday. Since then, I have had terrible and constant heartburn. Does anyone have any suggestions? I take Pepcid complete and I have Gas-X. Is there some combo that alleviates it? This is just surprising, because I had zero gas pain or heartburn the first week. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  13. Today is the first day of my stage two diet. I KNOW all surgeons have different diets and stages, but this is a general question. I was clear liquids for the first week, and didn't worry about protein intake. Now I am supposed to start getting more protein in. So, this morning, I had cream of wheat with protein added to it. I literally could eat like 3 bites of it. I tried to get more, but couldn't. I'm not supposed to drink around the time that I eat and it takes me forever to eat. How do you navigate this stage? Get liquid, get protein, try new foods...it's impossible!!! I know it's day one, but I wanted some insight into how others are making this work. Thank you!!
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    This is gold! Thank you so much! Makes more sense to continue liquid. My problem is I can’t do whey protein that contains milk. I use soy isolate and there aren’t that many options, but I can definitely envision what this stage might look like after your post. Thanks again!
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    July 2019

    I would definitely call. I was allowed veggies, too. Every dr is different. Did they not give you your surgery ‘bible’? That’s where I have all my information.
  16. jennj

    July 2019

    I’m alive! Walked two laps. Went to the bathroom and I’m sitting up. My nurse is convinced I’m a rockstar. I want a drink really bad, but not till 6:45. Not bad so far.
  17. Did you take tennis shoes to the hospital? I’m having a huge debate with myself. Will I need them, or will hospital socks be good enough? Help!!! Surgery TOMORROW!!!
  18. jennj

    July 2019

    I also bought six bottles. They are vile. And, they create a film on my tongue. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to stomach them after surgery since I can only drink so little at a time.
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    July 2019

    I walked by the same 3 chocolate chip cookies about 10 times today. They are still there. This whole process is 85% mental. I will not cheat. Surgery on July 8!!
  20. jennj

    July 2019

    Sleeve on July 8th. Kansas City. 47 female
  21. My surgery is July 8. I just started trying to drink a protein shake a day, just to help with the transition. The first day, I drank a full shake and subsequently threw it up. Today, I drank half a shake, felt like throwing up, but I didn't. I have tried Premier shakes (bananas and cream and caramel). Any suggestions on what to try? I'm getting nervous that all shakes will make me sick.
  22. My surgery isn't until July 8. Two weeks ago, I started by drinking a protein shake for breakfast. Last week, I drank one for breakfast and one for lunch. Next week, I will move to total liquids. I have gotten to the point where I am not hungry during the day at all. I "think" it won't be too terrible transitioning to all liquids because I've been preparing myself. Of course, that's what I think BEFORE I've done it! Who knows. I'm a little nervous, too.
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    July 2019

    How do we follow? I'm new to this.
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    July 2019

    I am in the same position. My husband and kids know. My boss also knows, but she won't say anything. I teach too, so I can imagine there will be speculation...but I don't feel like it's anyone's business, unless I choose to tell them!
  25. jennj

    July 2019

    I would be interested in keeping up with you, since our surgeries are the same date!