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  1. always

    too much ice?

    Yes like salted caramel protein premier and a banana, chocolate and nuts, banana flavored and vanilla....lots of ideas on line and they freeze quick
  2. always

    too much ice?

    Sorbital is found in a lot of sugar free stuff can cause diarrhea. This is not good when your working so hard to get the fluids in. Make your own with Protein water and theres lots of ice cream recipes with Protein premier drinks to make.
  3. Horrible_Horrible once again Horrible.... I got flushed, hot, sweaty, a lot cramping/pain , body shaking, pale, vomiting, diarrhea then after I had the worst headache and was very weak for hours. All this from not thinking and taking a bite of Pecan Pie. Someone said yum try this and I just did it without even thinking. Damon those life long habits. So the take home message here is DONT DO IT.....
  4. always


    So usually do decaf. with a premier protein instead of milk. Sometimes just need the caffeine fix, , so make half strength regular dilute the cup with 1/2 cup boiling water. Love all the protein flavors so can really have good taste without sugar or sugar substitutes.
  5. always

    Dizziness in the shower?

    Put a folding chair in your shower or buy a shower chair and sit. Warm water causes Vasodilation and lowers your Blood Pressure. Sit during your shower you don't want to pass out.
  6. always

    Post your stats

    57 year old... HW 216..BMI 38.9...5 ft 2.5 inches..DOS wt 200...DOS 5/24/19....at present 140lbs BMI 25.2...I am still overweight in 2 more pounds my BMI will be in normal range for the first time ever. Good luck it's still a lot of work you need to make good food choices. It's all about planning and balancing protein and fluids. New year New You congrats
  7. always

    Questions about eating

    I was able to start tolerating more around 5 months. Now at 7 months still mostly fish and dark chicken and never any reheated meats. Good luck it does slowly get better. You have an infant stomach it needs time. You won't give a newborn hamburger to eat. Slow small amounts easy to digest high protein. An example Scallops little protein balls and easy on the pouch.
  8. New year New you...listen to your own positive words....your the white sheep, your thinner than other family members, you offered for her to come visit even with her life long attitude,you removed yourself States away to get out of the toxic relationship with her...Be proud of the you and all that you have built in spite of your up bringing. It's easy for everyone to say just cut her out of your life,but clearly that's not your feelings or you wouldn't have invited her. So moving forward realize all her faults and continue to do what makes you feel good. Communication if your blocked just send her a card if you feel like you need to reach out. Like on Christmas or Mothers Day. In Psych even the most abused/neglected child still has feelings for the abuser that an outside person can never under stand. Be proud of the person you have become as an adult. Even having this surgery to continue being the best you. Kudos to you that you have chosen to break this alcoholic, neglectful, destructive family pattern. New year New you
  9. So different in a good way. I never realized how much I actually vomited with the band. I had mine for 12years. Good luck it's so much nicer to be able to eat without worrying about frothing...
  10. always

    Little vent: spousal comments

    Agreed he is probably scared you will change and not be attracted to him. Your still the same person just changing the wrapping paper. You did this for you to be heathly, stay to the plan that you have worked so hard to get to. Just as your adjusting and learning in your new life style, he needs to adjust too. Good luck and Merry Christmas
  11. This is your new forever...Make a dish and bring it that you can have...Do something with fat free pudding, there are so many recipes. You said it yourself the biggest girl in the office hit that table so many times. It made me sad she had to make a joke over the calories to justify her eating so much. If you can't stand it what I do is pick the one I want and just put a drop on the tip of a spoon. You realize it wasn't as good as you built it up to be in your he a d. You have to think is the next bigger bite worth all I have done today to stay on the plan. 99% of the time I can walk away the other 1% yup I take the bite. Then for the next few hours my stomach sounds like a thunder storm, I only threw up once. Sorry for all the stress eating at functions esp at holidays are tough now add depriving yourself ba hum bug
  12. I just say I decided to get healthy started eating right and working out. What I do at social functions is buy a drink ( ginger ale, wine, or grab a friend's empty beer bottle). This avoids all the do u need another one, can I get u a drink, etc... I just look at the drink and say I'm good. I did go through the are you sick ???? I love the ones that don't ask me and ask my husband if I'm okay. But look at it this way A. You must look great for so many people to make commitments B. Are you lucky so many people care about you to even notice C. After a little while the comments will stop because the new you has been seen by most people........Enjoy the compliments you worked hard for them.
  13. always

    Upset with Me

    Life is to short you need to enjoy it, esp. the holidays with family. Its 5lbs now regroup, up your exercise, weigh your food, refocus. At Christmas just make protein choices and bring a side you can have. Then your good until Valentine's Day 😂
  14. Every program is different but in mine...No pork,lamb,hamburger, fibrous red meat for 6-8months. You can do like beef stew because meat just falls apart. So basically chicken and seafood with limited tender red meat. They said to avoid these because to heavy, fatty, and hard to digest. Scallops are my favorite little balls of protein and do not bother my stomach. I do them with veg zoodles. Your not doing anything wrong in the beginning it's all trail and error. Picture a newborn infant some formulas agree with them and others don't. It will take sometime to figure out what your newborn stomach can tolerate and what it can't right now. What you did was called frothing or foaming look it up its common with vomiting
  15. I started BMI 39..5 it's been 6.5months and at present I am 6lbs away from normal BMI So a total loss of 72lbs already. These last 6lbs are killing me so I would just like to hit normal once. Honestly I am so happy it's okay if I don't.

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