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  1. Sitting in a booth in a restaurant again Riding rollercoasters again and not being told I'm too big to ride them Not having people scoot way out of the way when I'm walking toward them (seriously, I'm not 6 feet wide). Not constantly wearing cardigans everywhere and at all times during the summer Not being told by sales associates "we don't carry your size, so don't bother trying anything on" (was told to me at an Anne Taylor) The biggest real one for me is not passing down bad habits to my daughter. The second biggest one is staving off hypertension and diabetes which runs in my family.
  2. Hello, I'm on day 1 of my wls journey. What are some things you wish you knew before surgery and what are some tips you have to stay motivated throughout the process?
  3. I'm pre-op for vsg and my doctor told me plan on two weeks. I'm going to see how I feel after one week and take it from there. My job is off and on labor intensive so I have to see what my schedule is like. If it's an office week it should be ok for me. That said, if you had the PTO to cover it and/or the time and benefits available, I think I'd take the max. Some say it's easier than healing from a C-section. I was up taking walks around my neighborhood by 1.5-2 weeks with that. I feel like it took me about 3-4 weeks to feel like a real functioning human and like 8+ weeks before I felt like my old self. Good luck on your journey.
  4. I think it varies with/without insurance and by your state. For example, I am in Maryland and my insurance/state requires at least 6 months of documented weight management doctors visits and like a host of pre-check screenings (ekg, cardiogram, labs, seminars, mental counseling). I think this differs state to state and insurance to insurance. I just started but she told me that before we talk dates that we would see each other 6 times. Good luck on your journey.