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  1. @ChocoTaco girl, that’s what I’m surviving on now! And pureed ground turkey. By 6/6 I start soft solids and I pray I can tolerate it. It does get better though, I’m starting to feel comfortable with this new lifestyle and I’m 3 weeks in! You got this!
  2. Hi ladies! So I need to get on birth control again because I don’t want to get pregnant until after it is safe to do so but I’m afraid of blood clots as I’m on eliquis for a month after surgery. (Has VSG On 5/16) anyone have feedback on what are good options. I’m also discussing with my GYN this week but personal experiences matter. Thanks!!!
  3. Tiffany L.


    I started the patches the next day. So far they work well and also got chewables. Trader Joe’s are great! You can check Patch MD for the multi and energy B12. It’s like $46 for 30 days which is enough until you’ll able to swallow again. You got this!
  4. Thank you so much!!!! I will remain hopeful and keep moving forward. Thank you for the encouragement!
  5. Oh I know he will do better. I just know it! He’s a strong person too. I’m a punk lol. THANK YOU! And yes but I’m only allowed split pea soup and 1/4 which is NOTHING. But I do broth often and I will have some more in a bit. I have premier and after surgery they now make me really nauseous. It’s difficult. You’ll love having eggs and tuna! Im treating myself by having an 1z of tuna for lunch and dinner tomorrow! Lol. I’m also surviving on sugar free pudding and sugar free popsicles and tons of water.
  6. Hi everyone! I hope I’m not the only one but today has proven to be a hard day! I’ve been in a lot of pain (12 days post VSG) so I’m not walking as much and can’t go to The gym just yet. I’m also dealing with hunger - head hunger. I’m at my 4pm snack which is 1/2 skim milk and 1/2 Isopure shake and it’s been an hour and I can’t finish it! I HATE IT. So now I’m just completely sad and feeling defeated. And it’s only 12 days in! I’m trying to relax, meditate but being in this house all day every day is killing me! I want to go out but I’m so hungry that I’m afraid that’ll I do something stupid and get a pickle or something. I don’t want to fail! I’m so frustrated with myself, with my body, with my inability to stop wanting food. I am grateful to God that so far I’ve had minimal symptoms, nausea only lasted 3 days and no vomiting yet but I am eating so little. I’m on purée stage until 6/6 and I stick to that 1 oz of turkey or chicken and 1 egg when I do eat it. I’m super gassy and even while drinking this shake I feel the gas stuck in my chest. Sigh. I’m just venting. I don’t have many friends anymore since I can’t do shit! (Excuse my language, I’m so angry!) and my husband doesn’t understand. He is supposed to get the surgery next month and I don’t know how he’s going to do it! He really thinks I’m exaggerating. I wish I was, man. I’m inpatient, I’m such a go-getter that being and feeling stuck is getting to me and Idle time is my enemy! It’s when I want to eat! I need the pain to go away but I’m healing and apparently that hurts?! Sigh. I know it’ll get better. I can’t wait for better days but today, today is a hell day. Emotionally, physically, mentally. And tomorrow I turnt 35 so existential crisis is also kicking in! Help me Jesus!!!! Thanks for reading this long rant. Y’all the real MVP for reading this. Sighhhhhh
  7. Thank you! I’m def staying away from carbs. I’m afraid of them right now. I’m glad I can tolerate eggs and chicken so that’s my protein as well as these gross protein shakes lol.
  8. Hello all! So I’m 10 days post op, vertical sleeve (5-16-19) and I don’t know how much weight I should be losing per day. I freaked out yesterday because my scale went up. I was 352 to 359 but I really am not eating much. I’m drinking a lot of water but as for pureed foods, I’m having about an oz of ground chicken with a tbsp of chunky salsa (without added sugar) or 1/4 oz of refried beans as a snack plus the protein shakes around my 5th snack. Today I weighed myself and I’m back to 353 but I have to admit, I’m going through it! I’m freaking out afraid that I’m failing at this! I also don’t have much support. My husband doesn’t want to hear my whining, and I can’t talk to my friends because they aren’t obese. I’m feeling all the emotions now. Also, I’m not really feeling full. I just stop eating the moment I feel gassy, and wondering if that’s normal. Not to mention, my BM is odd, I’ve used the bathroom just twice this week. TMI. I’m sorry. I hope I’m not the only one experiencing this! I hope it gets better as the time goes and I do see this weight come off. The pain and the emotional adjusting has to be worth it. Sigh :’(. And yes, I’m feeling a bit depressed. I’m just faking it as much as I can. I’m such a social person and life is around food and it no longer is. Plus mg bday is on Wednesday and I already know I’ll be alone and bored af cause I don’t know what to do without food!!! Sorry for the rant. Thank you for reading! Xoxo
  9. This is good. I’m barely doing the shakes. Trying to have some now but I’m having lots of water. I tried the yogurt but only managed 2 small spoons. It was too heavy for me. Tomorrow I’ll try some broth and try the protein powder with almond milk. Best of luck and keep in touch! Would love to hear from you!
  10. Thank you so much MrsGamgee! I’m trying. And you’re right I need to be patient. This journey is intense for sure! How are you doing?
  11. Hi everyone. So I’m like 2 days post op. Surgery was on 5/16. I’m doing ok considering. I’m holding down liquids but the gas pain is incredible and I just don’t feel normal. I’m sore everywhere from the IV’s and shots but my main concern is how high my blood pressure is after surgery. I was discharged on 5/17 and I was told that it’s my body adjusting. Did anyone else experience this? Before surgery my pressure was 116/82 and while I do have a history of hypertension I’ve been controlling it for a while. I’m on spirnolactone for the hair growth but it treats the hypertension as well. Now that I’m crushing them I feel I may not be getting the whole thing but I’m concern. I don’t want any complications from this. If by Monday is still high I’m calling my PCP but I hate the idea of getting on more meds. I’m already on too many meds. Sigh. Anyway sorry for the rant. Hope everyone is doing well.
  12. Omg it is overwhelming! I’m allowed the same but only raw veggies. I have that with some broth. I’m tired of the shakes, honestly. Going to try the powder. I love pickles I’m just wondering if it’s part of the veggies that I can have. I’m so excited for us, MrsGamgee!!! 🙏🏽
  13. I hope this is the case for me. I kinda feel the same way because right now I’m always hungry so afterward it should be easier! Fingers crossed. All the prayers and good vibes are welcomed at this point lol.
  14. Hi everyone! Thank you for your feedback. I’ve chosen to stick to the liquid diet because I’m afraid of messing it up! Plus my surgery is on 5/16 so I’m almost there! And I know that the biggest struggles are ahead of me. This is the time to learn discipline and it’ll help post op. I know I’ll have half a pickle some time in the future so yay de that! Lol. Thanks again! Happy Saturday!
  15. Hey y’all! Surgery is on 5/16! I’m on day 9 of liquid diet but I’m dying! I’d love to enjoy a pickle or 2 tomorrow during our Saturday green market. Are we ok to eat pickles during this horrid liquid diet? I’m so tired of just shakes and broth and water. Jesus help me! I’m also so anxious about next week. I’m here thinking about all of you in this journey and I’m sending all the good vibes and love your way! Tiff

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