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  1. So, here's the deal. I had RNY gastric bypass 20 years ago. I probably lost about 80lbs, I remember distinctly never weighing less than 200lbs. In the last 20 years, I've gained all of the weight back. About 5 years ago, I found out that WLS could be revised. After some research, I recently decided to pursue a revision. I have a consultation with a surgeon scheduled this Friday. I would like to hear from anyone who had an RNY gastric bypass revised. What was the experience like? What procedure did your surgeon choose for you? Tell me about your outcomes. Thank in advance
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    Revision of RNY

    You aren't alone. Thank you for being supportive 😊
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    Revision of RNY

    Good Luck!
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    Revision of RNY

    Update- I just had an endoscopy performed. We found out the pouch is quite large and there is a fistula connecting the pouch to the remnant stomach. This info is being presented to the insurance, and hopefully the revision is approved. Prior to the procedure I decided to pursue the revision despite the predicted results. I felt like I owed myself the opportunity to try again. In the interim, I've been meeting with a nutritionist to improve my eating habits. Im happy.
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    Revision of RNY

    I haven't heard about this. Thank you for the suggestion. I'm curious, what kind of weight loss (amount) is the surgeon predicting for you?
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    Revision of RNY

    There weren't many options. The only surgical option presented was a possible procedure to decrease the size of the pouch, and that was if the pouch is enlarged. I was advised that this procedure would provide some moderate weight loss (40-50lbs). The estimated weight loss didn't seem to justify the cost, the loss of wages, and the recovery. I'm sad. I feel unsure where to go from here. There was a suggestion to see a dietician and perhaps I should do that. Thanks for listening.