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  1. I had my RNY gastric bypass in August of 2001 at that time had lost from 322 to at time of surgery weighed 295 pounds. I went on to lose more weight to 138 pounds by 2 years out. Then in February 8, 2016, (14 1/2 years out) I had a Gastrojejuvenectomy and hiatal hernia repair. I had gained weight up to 228 and my pouch had eroded and i had a hiatal hernia. Dr Blair Job of Pittsburgh, PA of the Esophageal and Lung institute was my surgeon at this time. I had this done at West Penn Hospital in Pittsburgh, which after this time and 2 more surgeries to come in the future with bad experiences, I don't wish to ever go there again. More to be revealed if anyone answers my question that has been through similar surgery. I had my pouch removed and now my digestive system consists of esophagus to small intestine. I have no stomach at all. I get severe bile reflux at times. I have attacks of chest pain that feel like muscle spasms in my esophagus and they can happen anytime. They last anywhere from 5-15 minutes. They leave my very uncomfortable, I lost 4 pints of blood during this surgery and gained 30 pounds in that 8 hr surgery and my husband thought I was going to die. In the next 4 months I developed a wound infection and a dvt from my groin to my ankle and due to the fact that I had pe when I was 19 years old I will be on eliquis for the rest of my life.