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  1. Thanks love! And yes ma'am. The best advice I can give is to follow your surgeon's directions for each stage and when you get to the regular food stage, do what is sustainable for you. I definitely wouldn't compare what you are eating to anyone else, because everyone's body and how different foods effect them is different. Also what works for some may not work for the next. So if it's working for you regardless of what someone else is doing, keep doing it. And if you do decide to eat a "No no" food, moderation and self control is key
  2. Yes, it gets better as time goes on. My recovery was rough as well. My husband had to help me with every thing from sitting up, getting out of bed, the bathroom, and showering for the first week or so. By the 3rd week I could do everything by myself and had minimum discomfort.
  3. Oh wow i am sorry to hear this. It was definitely nothing but the grace of God that they were able to see the tumor during your surgery and catch it early. Definitely praying for you! ❤️
  4. Hi guys! So I found out my surgery date today and I’m being sleeved August 13th! I’m so happy and it feels even more real now. It’s really happening! Good luck to everyone with upcoming surgeries💕
  5. mommy_vsg

    Any August Sleevers out there?

    You look amazing!
  6. That’s how I felt at my appointment today! Lol feels a lot more official
  7. mommy_vsg

    do I qualify

    Hi Debbie! Your BMI would need to be 35 and up with weight related condition(s) or 40+ with no weight related condition. At least that’s how it is with my hospital’s requirements. It varies hospital to hospital and surgeon to surgeon. I think your best bet will be looking up centers that you are interested in and seeing if you qualify based on their requirements. There are also people who go to Mexico to have it done but I don’t know much about that process. Good luck to you! 💗
  8. Yay!!!! Congratulations!! I find out my date on Thursday
  9. Oh wow you handled that professionally! Me on the other hand... 😂 You have got to be really entitled to feel like you have to bring up someone else’s personal business in a meeting because you want to know. Wow just wow.
  10. I had to wait approximately a week after finishing my EKG and my labs to schedule the appointment to get my surgery date I would keep calling. If you wait on them to call you would probably be waiting forever. Don’t worry about bugging them. Sometimes they need reminders or a little push lol.
  11. I remember seeing it online somewhere because I was curious too lol. I would have to look it back up for specifics, but I know he has them on 1200 calorie diet with no snacking in between. And I believe 3 meals a day
  12. mommy_vsg

    Anyone In Northern Cali?

    Yay! Congrats on starting! Definitely will be sharing
  13. I definitely know how you feel! As I gained weight I stopped taking care of myself. I stopped doing my hair, dressing up, putting on makeup, and avoided going out unless I had to or if my husband wanted me to go somewhere with him. I felt really self conscious and embarrassed with how I looked and felt like I was the fat girl that everyone stared at and I hated it. Then I got depressed because of my weight and gained even more weight on top of that lol. Thankfully as I started losing weight I’m started to get back a lot of confidence and find myself wanting to be out more and active. I still have my moments tho, but it’s getting better. Hang in there ❤️