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  1. All I know is I lost 20 pounds more than I thought I would I'm very happy with where I am at this point and plan to maintain.
  2. Sandra Nuelken

    Back Pain While Eating/Drinking?

    Try eating and drinking slower. I bought myself children's flatware to use when I eat. They are stainless so I feel like a grown-up and eat very slowly. I take 30 - 40 min. for 4 oz of meat.
  3. I drink decaf ice tea with lemon for my water. I'm from the south and sweet tea is our lives blood, but now it is plain with lemon. The protein drink I drink is Ensure protein. I put ice on it and when I was fresh out of surgery it took all day to drink it. Warm chicken broth was a friend too. You need to take very small sips and not a drink of it and nurse it all day. Put the tea, broth, and protein on a table and your goal is to try to make sure that the protein and broth are gone at the end of the day. But stay hydrated.
  4. Sandra Nuelken

    Considering WLS but undecided

    I haven't had your issues, but I did have the lap band and had issues with it. I was 72 when I had my surgery I had a sleeve done and I'm very happy. I have lost more weight than what I was hoping for and I'm very pleased with the ease of the surgery. It is much easier than the lap band and other than regular follow-ups you have not fills, unfills etc. Don't let age stop your decision. I'm now 74 and walking, swimming and healthy.
  5. Sandra Nuelken

    Help! Relief for pain of over-filling my sleeve

    When I had the sleeve if you overate protein, pineapple juice helped. But with medicines, I guess something that coats the stomach is better. If any of those meds include thyroid make sure you don't take vitamins within 4 hours of the thyroid. The biotin in the vitamins really affects the thyroid.
  6. Sandra Nuelken

    Lap Band to Sleeve?

    I had a lap band in 2009 and now have a sleeve. The weigh I loss with the band was gradually returning and the tubing caused a problem with my heart. I found that recovery from the sleeve to be easy as it was a lot like the band. I am now much lower than I ever got with the band. What I don't have is the discomfort of the port, fills, reflux, and a constant reminder of the band. The choice is yours, but many doctors have found that the band was not a great thing. I had mine out and about 8 months later had the other surgery. Good luck with your decision.
  7. Sandra Nuelken

    Before and After

    This is almost 14 months after surgery. I am 74, and happier than I've ever been. Walking daily only 30 minutes, but loving it. With work and determination, this is life-changing surgery. You are never too old either. I even had a glass of wine and a piece of cake for my birthday and didn't gain anything. Feeling blessed.
  8. Sandra Nuelken

    Raw honey

    I was told to not drink caffeine so I drink caffeine-free ice tea. If you're taking your vitamins your body has all it needs. Honey is sugar, this is not good for you. I put a slice of lemon in my tea. Watch what teas you drink as you are now taking a slew of vitamins and they may not be friends. My thyroid medicine is affected by them and we are trying to figure out a new schedule.
  9. Sandra Nuelken

    Raw honey

    Why???? I didn't go down the sugar road until almost a year out. Then I could control a bit now and then. You don't need sugar.
  10. Sandra Nuelken

    Anyone NOT lose weight post op

    I'm now 14 months out and I too am still happy with my 600 calories. I get 70 - 80 g. of protein, and my snacks might be a grape or two. I'm more than thrilled and walking every day for the first time in 20 years. I even bought a pair of "faux" leather leggings and they looked really good on this 74-year-old granny. Love the journey.
  11. I did the WLS for me. No one else just me. I wanted to kayak again, I wanted to get my a... up the ladder on our dock and boat. I wanted to be able to keep up with my grandkids. I don't give a rats ass what others think. I wanted to be able to have fun again, life is short. I'm jumping off the boat, swimming, walking, and best of all my pieces and parts don't hurt. I'm happy. I also went on a 3-hour kayak trip last weekend. Not bad for someone that is 74.
  12. The time goes by quickly. It certainly was worth the wait. I've never been happier. Good luck on your journey.
  13. Sandra Nuelken

    Recipes for "soft foods" phase?

    I did a lot of cottage cheese, tuna pouches, refried beans. Someone posted if you mix your 4oz cottage cheese with your small pouch of tuna it tastes like tuna salad, I add a big of onion. It really does.
  14. Stalls happen all of the time, just stick with your program, drink your water and the pounds will come off. I think your body needs to hold and get used to the new weight then you have another drop. I haven't noticed if walking helps or not. I just focus on the protein and water. I'm just now getting to 600 calories, this is a year out. Good luck on your journey!
  15. Sandra Nuelken

    Difficulties 3 weeks post op

    Learn to eat until not hungry, not full, just not hungry. I bought children's flatware and I sit and read and take small spoons of the food. It takes about 30 minutes to eat. I stayed with the same soft for days, then went to another. It is like introducing food to a baby. You should never eat more than a quarter cup. If you eat too much you get uncomfortable.
  16. Sandra Nuelken

    I still can't drink water

    Sip don't drink. You can count your protein drink as fluids, broth, I did caffeine-free tea with a twist of lemon. Any fluid counts. Don't drink just sip.
  17. Sandra Nuelken

    My Fitness Pal settings

    I used 30, 30, and 40 proteins. Always trying to go high on protein.
  18. I like Ensure protein. I have chocolate and drink one a day 30g. of Protein little sugars. After surgery, everything tastes bad so just stick with it. I pour it over ice every morning.
  19. Sandra Nuelken

    Anyone NOT lose weight post op

    If you follow the instructions of your surgeon you will lose weight. The only issue I had is that they didn't say don't worry the first 2 weeks you will gradually start, I sipped protein drinks all day and if I got 3 down that was my protein needs. You have to sip all day. But I'm absolutely thrilled with my results and miss absolutely nothing about my former life.
  20. If you don't bring it into your house you can't eat it. I have Outshine pop cycles, grapes, peaches, and almonds for snacks. I also use a calorie counter on my fitbit and stay true to my count. I have one "free" day and I have an alcoholic drink that day.
  21. Sandra Nuelken

    Swimming after sleeve

    I was told 4 weeks for a pool and 6 weeks for the lake.
  22. Sandra Nuelken

    Popsicle Molds

    I eat Outshine bars with no sugar added. Really good 25 calories each.
  23. Sandra Nuelken

    Lap-Band removal to Gastric Sleeve

    I also had a lap band failure, banded for about 8 years. I got the sleeve a year ago and I am thrilled. I was 73 when I had the surgery. It took me 3 months to get Medicare to approve. Good luck as far as getting used to eating, it was like getting on a bike and felt so normal. No fills to worry about only focus on your health.
  24. Sandra Nuelken

    60 years young and having surgery

    Hi, I had my surgery at 73. I'm happier than I have ever been. Even my doctor said that he could see my smile through my mask.
  25. Sandra Nuelken

    One Year Anniversary

    I'm up early this morning not for surgery, as I was last year, but for my one-year appointment. I am thrilled with the results and just can't believe where I was last year. I am an ex-bander and old for this journey, I'll be 74 this year. I have my life back, I can jump off the boat and get up the ladder, the same with the dock. I'm having fun with my grandkids again. I go for walks, swims, and move about without the aches and pains I once had. Food is no longer my joy in life, life is my joy. I eat to live and not live to eat. I reached stage 4 eating and just stayed there. I have a protein drink for breakfast, 4oz of cottage cheese for lunch, 4oz of protein for dinner with a protein snack or Outshine no sugar added pop cycle. Saturday is my "free day" I sit with my neighbors in the street to visit and have my weekly drink. Not being able to eat out this last 6 months has sure been a help! For those starting on your journey, the first 6 months are very important for both weight loss and to set the stage for the rest of your journey. I did not have a drink for the first 6 months. I have learned that your body will drop the pounds when it is ready. A lot of pauses the second 6 months that will drive you crazy. Good luck with your journey, I hope you are as happy with yours as I am with mine.