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  1. npariseau

    Back pain

    I am six days post op and have unbelievable back pain.... it doesnt feel like gas its sore, like hard to stand for a long time. I have had it slightly each day with today being the worst like a 10... I didnt know if this is normal or maybe due to rapid wl Ive already lost 11lbs in six days so idk if I should be worried or if the back pain is normal? They did not give me paun meds either after surgery I was on the fast track plan, so just Tylenol. Sent from my SM-N950U1 using BariatricPal mobile app
  2. npariseau

    Post op foods help please

    I think this is whats happening to me honestly. I try the protein shakes in many flavors and I become incredibly gassy my back is killing me today I am straight up miserable! Idk I am desperate to eat something that doesnt taste like a cow smells. I never used to have this problem I looooove cottage cheese and yogurt but now it kills me. And because I ate so much broth before rhe surgery I am literally over it now. Not a great start but I am happy I did this and I know it will all pay off I just need to be able to get my protwin some other way. hw 266 sw 252 cw in progress sleeved 08/20/19
  3. So I am five days post op, I am having a horrible time following my phase two diet. The dairy is killing me it tase awful and is making me bloated and gassy bad. Not only that I can not stand any protein shake or protein water its even hard with the broths. I am very upset today bc I know I need to eat soemthing and get some protein but everything taste awful to me. Please any advise idk what to do and my doc is three hours away so I thought id adk here. Ty [emoji4] hw 266 sw 252 cw in progress sleeved 08/20/19