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  1. Fitting in a ski boot. Finally buying and wearing a pair of knee high boots. Bicycling again. Not feeling like a t-rex trying to reach things on the counter because my arms are further back because of my belly. Normal things. lol.
  2. arianajo

    To tell or not to tell

    My surgery is scheduled for May 7th. I've told my parents, in-laws, and a few select coworkers. (Those inside the circle of trust. ) My husband has been with me every step of the way so I didn't really have to tell him. My official story at work is that I'm having minor, routine surgery, which I think most of my awkward male coworkers (I'm an engineer.) thought meant I was having my lady bits out or adjusted. I've got theoretical money on which co-worker will make the socially oblivious comment first.
  3. arianajo

    Michigan sleevers

    Grand Rapids area.
  4. Hello, just registered using my facebook login on the website and cannot find the way to login on the app. Any suggestions? ETA: On android.