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    I had gastric bypass 3 months ago, I want to wait atleast a year and 150 pounds to get pregnant again. But, last time I got pregnant I gained 70 pounds, then added an additional 40 pounds on top of that 3 years after. So, needless to say I'm super scared of that happening again, and regaining all the weight I'll lose before getting pregnant again.
    Anyone gain alot of weight with pregnancy, or not gain a lot of weight? Any suggestions on how to not gain a lot of weight, or to maintain their weight with pregnancy?
    I really want to have another baby before 40... (3 more years to go). Im so confused about this.
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    jennyv83 reacted to Bariatric_girlie in Pregnancy following Gastric Bypass - Join in 😁   
    Hi Guys

    Ive been searching for a thread with information on this and have found bits and bobs but I thought let's start a communal thread with as much information as possible regarding pregnancy following gastric bypass.

    I am 14 months post op and 6 weeks pregnant 🎉🎉

    I spoke to my nutritionist who has advised:

    Exchange my regular Multivitamin for pregnacare
    5mg of folic acid instead of the recommended 400mcg
    3-4 portions of Calcium a day (milk, yoghurt, cheese)

    I would be getting a pregnancy letter from her next week so will post more information once I receive that.

    My midwife has advised:

    I should aim on gaining a max of 14lbs over the pregnancy
    I will need additional scans to check baby's growth

    I'll update with my progress and other information I gather.

    Would love to hear from you regarding your experience, what your nutritionist or surgeon recommended and any other fun facts 😁🖤