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  1. Having my surgery done next month in New York @ weil Cornell hospital. Anyone had surgery there or in nyc? Sent from my SM-G925T using BariatricPal mobile app
  2. I fear that i won't wake up after surgery. I fear that I will fail. I fear that I'll slack off on taking vitamins daily. I fear that i will have complications. I'm not a risk taker like others. I like to know what im getting into, the outcome and with wls there's no way you can know. What if i fall in the 1% who got worse after surgery? Even death. And on the other hand maybe I'll be successful with no complications ever. I'm scared of the unknown.
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  4. So the OR e-mail me today for my surgery time. Tomorrow at 10:30am!!!!
  5. shanshan

    One year post op PICS

    Wow you look amazing
  6. shanshan

    Tomorrow at 10:30am

    Thank u@Lynda486
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    Tomorrow at 10:30am

    Thank you [emoji16]
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    Tomorrow at 10:30am

    Thank you dear [emoji4]
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    If i had your complications i would DEFINITELY regret it. You're worse now. I'm sorry you're going through this. I pray you'll recover soon.
  10. So my surgery is this Thursday October 3rd and I'm excited scared nervous and confuse at the same time!!! I'm wondering if I'm doing the right thing, will this better my health or make it worse!! Waiting for the hodpital to call with the time.
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    Update from March 28th

    Congrats!!!! you're glowing in how pick, it is surprising that you hit your goal weight in four months & didn't gain any wow amazing
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    December 2018 Sleevers!

    Love that dress oh my you look amazing
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    Surgery in two days!!!

    Thank you [emoji4]
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    October Surgery Roll Call

    Good luck & wishing you a speedy recovery
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    Surgery in two days!!!

    Awww thank you so much, best of luck to you as well on your journey:)
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    Ok, 1 thing I am not so happy about 1 week post op...

    Oh no not the boobs, hope i don't lose all of mines ugh LOL
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    Where's everyone from :)

    I'm from New York & getting the gastric bypass done
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    Food addict

    I enjoy food as well if not i wouldn't be here, well atleast you know you have an addiction. Maybe with the tool you can break that addiction!? I'm sure alot of people who had weight loss surgery or plan to actually gain weight (like myself) before surgery. Whatever you chose to do good luck!!!!
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    10 weeks now

    Congrats on your success[emoji847]
  20. Sorry to hear & I hope it gets better for you[emoji1391]‍♀️