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  1. One year surgiversary and feeling GREAT! Best thing I ever did in my life.

    1. Lily66


      CONGRATULATIONS, KRESTEL! SO Happy for YOU and SO MOTIVATING for US to hear it!! 😀

  2. The new teaching job is gonna be so stressful when I start in August. I can already feel my stress levels rising when Im substitute treaching. But I cant let that affect my weight!

  3. Krestel

    Foods to gain weight?

    Hehe, yeah. I think ive had at max a half cup. When i look back I ate way to many of them without really being aware of how many calories I was snarfing down.
  4. I just cant focus or find anything that I want to do until I finish it.

  5. Krestel

    Foods to gain weight?

    Isnt that also pork rinds?
  6. Krestel

    Foods to gain weight?

    Omg, just nuts along with get you gaining weight again. A cup of peanuts has 830 calories!
  7. Krestel


    I would really talk to your doctor about help. It sounds like your food "intolerances" are affecting your weight and satiation. The key is having a diet heavy on proteins and low on carbs. Carbs will only spur on blood sugar problems. So if ur having problems with proteins, that could explain it. Have you tried protein shakes?
  8. RNY bypass...i wanted dumping. I figured it was the most direct way to discourage my bad behavior.
  9. Almost 1 year out and 130 lbs down... Not to scare anyone, but I wish I knew how INCREDIBLY painful the gas pains were (even though they are totally benign). They hurt like a MF! I missunderstood and thought that it was more like stomach gas and was not prepared for the damn nerve pain in my shoulder. So the post surgery recovery was HORRID...like it is for everyone. Mine lasted about 10 days. BUT in all that was the ONLY thing that I had problems with. Everything else has been like I thought it was going to be with only a very few teeny minor issues that I dont care about anyhow. Ive had dumping and poo problems, but I would take those any day of the week for how I feel in my "new" body. My dogs love me more than ever now that we can do longer and longer walks. No regrets!
  10. Krestel

    Today's major NSV

    I am sooooooooo impressed! I can just hear in the background, "Climb every mountain," from The Sound of Music. hehe...You go!
  11. Ive been drinking lots of water as well and it seems to affect my "full feeling". Im gonna try to cut down on contantly drinking and see if that solves anything.
  12. Krestel

    Weight Stall 1month AHHH!

    Maybe try setting other goals that you have more control over than the scale for the next 2-3 weeks? For example when my weight wasnt moving, I upped my walking from 45 mins to 130 mins for a while. Then when I had gotten back to the scale, things had sorted themselved out. Also as long as I kept up my end of the goal, I felt that I had done the best that I could. (Obviously, I was still keeping my calories in check.)
  13. Krestel

    Post Op Weight Gain

    Dont forget that muscle weighs more than fat. Try using a tape measure to see what the real deal is going on in that case. Im sure you thought of this before but it never hurts to be reminded.
  14. Krestel

    Weight gain

    Try food journaling by just writing down what you eat and when. If it keeps happening, then start counting calories again. Sometimes, we arnt all that honest with ourselves when we eat and how much. (honest) Journaling just makes us aware of it all.
  15. Krestel

    Foods and dumping syndrome

    From what Ive heard, it's rather unusual for sleeve peeps but not unheard of. For us RNY it's par for course. Ive got a pouch if steel and still manage to dump. It is not the most pleasant thing in the world, and when it happens after some cafeteria lunch at work, I absolutely hate it.
  16. Krestel

    Best Decision?

    Im almost a year out and I can definitely share in your thoughts but am already sure it was the best dern thing Ive done. I wonder why I didnt do it sooner. Im almost 6 foot and was over 325 pounds so it has been a huge relief to get to the size that I am now. I can now fall down without majorly hurting myself and it hurting like a sob. As for the maintenence phase, I share the same concerns. I have hit my first milestone at 176 lbs and am trying to stay here for a few weeks or so in order to see how much I can eat and stay at the same weight. I still want to lose just a tad more though.
  17. Walk...walk...and walk No seriously that's what I did and *still* do. 45 min every day which is about 10,000 steps. It's something that I could do at my highest and lowest weight and with the right clothes, I could do everyday. So I couldnt say to myself that I couldnt do it due to the weather. THE most important thing is to do something that is SUSTAINABLE! If it's not something that you can do everyday or every other day...then dont even go down that road. You will only feel guilt about it later. As for skin, there are lots of factors about how your skin will react and bounce back (or not). These are beyond your control completely...even if you are tone or not. Look at obese2beast on youtube and you will see what I mean. Dont let "toning" be your one more thing to worry about. Focus on the rest. Like I said, I walked...and it really helped me get ready for the surgery both physically and mentally.
  18. Krestel


    I wouldnt say that I have cheated per se since im not super strict with food anymore after reaching my biggest milestone, but yeah, Ive still lost weight after having a "large" day of food. I think it's my bodies way of saying that I "need" more calories. Still, when I look back over my food journals, my "large" days arent so large but more less structured (since im at home right now) than they should be.
  19. For meals, I stuck to chicken and veg. My favorite was (and still is) a seasoned chicken breast with either steamed brocolli or aspargus with just a sprinkle of fresh parmasean. I also drank protein shakes for breakfast and lunch which made me feel surprisingly full.
  20. Krestel

    No bowel movement

    About a year out here and Im still having problems in this area and have checked fiber etc as well. Ive started using Senna which seems to be doing the trick. Ive no idea if there are any long term problems with it but havnt been able to check with my doc due to lockdowns etc.
  21. Krestel

    Do you miss food?

    From the whole death perspective, my sister did die of overweight and it in fact is on her death certificate. She threw a blood clot due to obesity which gave her a heart attack. It was her death, that made me reallt take a look at my own health and weight. Miss food...hahaha....I still have pretty much same foods I did before but in MUCH smaller portions. Im not the bottomless hole i was before. BUT even a year out, im still re-learning about my body and Im not finished with learning how to eat correctly. Yes, it can come back, but that is part of the journey as well.
  22. Krestel

    Low fat high protein diet

    You might want to try a sweetener instead. Believe it or not, they have lots of fiber oddly enough. So you get at least a little more..-
  23. Krestel

    Non-Scale Victory

    Yeah! You go! Those things feel soooo good. For other non-WLS people, they have no idea how we mentally have fought with those things. The whole blood pressure cuff almost killed med at my highest weight. BUT The further along I am with my goal as well, the more I need to think about non scale related goals. So it's great to hear that others are doing so as well. It's wierd to get that into my head. I also after 11 months I am starting to "see" my new body. I sometimes wonder if the full body mirrors Ive seen have one of those slimming effects that they do when they curve the glass a certain way.
  24. Krestel

    Taste buds changed?

    I so hear you. I tend to make small handmade pizzas in the oven to satisfy my craving. That and pizza-like egg fritatas as excellent as well. Chips..well..im gonna try to do red beet chips in the oven soon. I miss crunchy salt snacks. Bread...well..bread is my soulmate who abuses me, so I try to stay away from it other than high fiber stuff once in a while.
  25. I had a bit as well, but like you it's vert fine and lots of it, so noone really noticed anything but me. It started growing back almost immeditately and refilled out without any problems. So keep in mind that it could be just you who is seeing it.