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    How many calories do you eat a day?

    Wow! Thanks for this. It will really help me.
  2. Krestel

    May 2019 Surgeries 🎉

    I feel the same way as you all. Still trying to figure out/relearn how to eat again. Not really back on normal normal foods yet. Ive still been sticking mainly to softer foods but that's more due to the fact that I really like yoghurt and watermelon. Ive been surprised how well my pouch has reacted and wonder if the surgeon didnt make it bigger than normal since im alrealy able to eat about less than a cup of food. (Although I keep it under a half a cup most times.) Dunno though. My first follow up is on Monday. The gas pains in my shoulder during the first 10 days after surgery was something I never want to feel again. I realize that laproscopic surgery is much safer etc, but that side effect is HORRIBLE!
  3. Krestel

    How many calories do you eat a day?

    This is what im more worrying about. It seems like my pouch can hold way more up to almost a cup already (6 weeks out). Is that normal?
  4. Dont know how to delete my post. Sorry.
  5. Krestel

    How many calories do you eat a day?

    My surgery was May 27th. Im eating about 500-800 calories and walk for about an hour 3 times a week. I really dont want to eat below that because I would put my body into starvation mode. Im still having problems getting my protein in and have been "filling out my calories" (eating high calorie stuff and a few carbs) on some days to make sure I get in even that much. I cant say that Ive been eating great, but im working towards it.
  6. Ive seen expiration dates on water before...ugh!
  7. Krestel

    Rumbling tummy

    The same thing is happening to me as well. In fact, it's the stomach and not the pouch that likes to talk. That and the intestines say hi even more often than my lonely stomach. Ive never been so consious of where my stomach and internal organs are in all my life. In August I get back to my work as a teacher and hope it has calmed down by then. Otherwise I have to tell my students that it's my tummy rumbling and asking for food.
  8. Krestel

    Had gastric bypass Oct 2017 (pics)

    I love your cheeks when you took pictures from above. I think some models would die for that look. You look amazing!
  9. Tell jokes when you get into the operating room. It helps.
  10. Krestel

    Is this normal? 2 Days Post Op

    I had my surgery done a little over a month ago and the first 10 days were hell. It gets better. Focus on water over everything else right now.
  11. Ive been looking more closely at how much I should be eating for each "meal" directly after surgery and Im wondering if Ive been eating too much. I really dont want to stretch my pouch unknowingly. So far after the first week, Ive been able to eat about a third to half a cup. There has been no throwing up and ive only had hiccups a few times. How can I tell if Im overeating when I cant really feel my pouch yet? What do you all think?
  12. I keep hearing about people spacing out the timing of certain vitamins. What is that about? My surgeon hasn't said anything about this. Can those of you who git information please tell me what your surgeon said? I want to be as effective with my vitamins as possible.
  13. Krestel


    Ok, Im not over the 50 mark, but my husband is. Im just a bit younger than him at 48. Ive been thinking about getting help with my weight since about age 30 but had more important things to do. So only now was the right time. In addition to that, it seemed that doctors were reticent about operating on me since there were no other health issues. Now with my older years approaching, health care in Sweden has changed their minds and made it easier. So it's now covered for higher BMIs.
  14. Krestel

    When to take vitamins?

    Ive also read that taking vitamin C and Iron together improve their effectiveness. Do any of you follow that one as well?
  15. I would suggest going to Cedar Point in that case!
  16. Here's one that I didnt think of before: Being able to get smaller bras, both cup and size. I hate having a 40 F bra size. Even if the bras I buy I really like, I want to be able to choose from even prettier ones. That and be able to buy real lingerie for myself as a treat for my husband.
  17. Im eating mostly really soft like cottage cheese, yoghurt, mushy bananas, overnight oats. Ive been choosing more from their taste (and protein) at the moment rather than choice. I think the most solid thing ive eaten recently (1.5 weeks out) is (half) a protein bar, well well well chewed. Water hasnt been an issue at all and Ive been able to almost get the full 64 oz a day from day 3. (Then again pre-op I also drank water constantly as well.) Good point about the internal incisions healing...I didnt think about that. I hope that I havent screwed that up by going too quickly. Now that I think about it, I even ate some yoghurt that had seeds. Can I even feel if ive done something stupid? When I double checked my dieticians information, they wrote surprisingly enough that "meals" should be half to three-fourths cup which is more than I am often currently eating. I was just so suprised that they wrote to eat that much. As for protein, Im probably doing ok when choosing foods, but I have to start getting in protein drinks. Thats the one area Ive been bad at.
  18. Krestel

    can't drink water

    I would suggest that you go and talk to your surgeon/medical team. Being able to drink water is essential. If there is problems it could be something physical since you are experiencing pain. Pain is a always a warning sign (except for the damn gas problem). I am about 12 days out and havnt had any problems.
  19. I have no idea if it is even possible or if my mind has been playing tricks on me, but shortly after surgery, I swear I I could feel both my pouch and the remaining stomach. Even now Im sitting on my couch and my stomach part is gurgling a bit. Have any of you experienced the same thing? Is it even possible? //feeling like im halfway to being a (cute) cow!
  20. Krestel

    Plateau to Onederland!!!

    Amazing! You go girl!
  21. I didnt think about it from this point of view. You're right. If im not having any physical problems then I should be ok. The real problem was that we didnt get too much in the way of directions about post surgery other than that we should keep it to about .6 cups (1.5 dl) and follow the general liquid to puree to food plan. But compared to the information that you all get, It seems like a rather large amount.
  22. Krestel

    Angry 1 year post op

    I totally agree here. I specifically asked for regular times after my surgery with my therapist just in case. She asked me what kinds of problems that I thought I might encounter and I honestly answered that I had absolutely no clue. But I know that these kinds of things can either get out of control or screw over my weight loss. Im not taking any chances. I also saw this article (https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/teen-became-bulimic-after-family-16486322) which also reflects the same issues this thread has been talking about. This teenager got so much more positive attention when she lost weight (under such a short period of time) even though she practiced an eating disorder to get there. Sad, but good on her for sharing her story.
  23. Krestel

    Angry 1 year post op

    I totally agree here. I specifically asked for regular times after my surgery with my therapist just in case. She asked me what kinds of problems that I thought I might encounter and I honestly answered that I had absolutely no clue. But I know that these kinds of things can either get out of control or screw over my weight loss. Im not taking any chances.
  24. Krestel

    To Tell or NOT to Tell

    I have only told a select number of people...basically only those that I feel comfortable telling. On the other hand, my surgeon gave me a letter to give to my school/work in order to explain that I needed three weeks to recover. It said straight out that I had GBP. When I complained that I didnt want them to know exactly why he replied, "There's no shame in having GBP. It's so common nowadays." I wanted to reply, "There's no shame in having an STD. It's so common nowadays."...but I was still recovering the day after surgery and didnt want to fight. Damn him. He eventually got the message and gave me a more generic letter instead.
  25. Krestel

    Angry 1 year post op

    Unfortunately, this type of behaviour is psychologically hard wired into us humans. Sadly, even things like learning work better when you have a good looking teacher (all else being equal ofc). Esthetics play a larger role that we all want to admit. Sad..but true. Still, I hear ya and totally agree with the frustration.