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  1. I baked a gross of (144) chocolate chip cookies for the coffee break (fika) at work. The cool part was that I managed to not eat a single one of them. Not only that but I finished with my baking by 11pm and got up at 5am for my doggie walk before work. This time it was MUCH easier to skip the cookies since I was thinking about dumping in the back of my mind. That and the damn gremlins (oops I mean  grehlins) are on vacation at the moment.

  2. How can a bowel movement make me lose almost 4 pounds? How much poo am I full of?

    1. lvidacovich


      I haven't pooped in a weed and I'd love a 4 pound poo right now lol

    2. ms.sss


      Lol, yeah, I've been known to drop 3-ish lbs after a good (and long awaited) poop.

      .....or even after a moderate to severe dumping episode. yikes.

    3. FluffyChix


      Those are championship cups for both you guys! :) I personally came up a 1.4lb winner this morning. ;) hehehehe.

  3. Krestel

    3 Year Sleeve Anniversary

    Aha..that is so interesting. Good to hear that it's a natural process when it works. Ive heard all these horror stories about weight gain afterwards. Im still working on my new eating style and trying to get rid of falling back to my old ways.
  4. Krestel

    3 Year Sleeve Anniversary

    You look wonderful! But my question to you on the other side of the journey, when did you transition to maintanence and is it difficult to keep?
  5. Thank you for posting this. I soooo hear you! Ive been sitting in very much the same boat. Even though Ive lost somewhere over 100 lbs since January, I still have 50 to go. I look down at my normal size L jogging pants and am happily shocked every time I can see that I definitely have two legs now. Not to mention a colleague (at my new job which only knows me after my journey started) said that I dont look overweight. (I too am rather tall at 6 foot, so I "carry it well", but heavy is heavy.) However, I can still go buy a security monitor in a store and still only see a fat person. Our minds play tricks on us, and we have to get the "adult" in there to win the fight and let the kid "play" enough to let us not get overwhelmed by the journey.
  6. Ok, now im getting old...my body gets me up at my normal 5am dog walk even when it's the weekend, vacation, and most importantly when I'm sick. So now that I have more energy, my body wants to make sure I suffer even longer during the day when I have a cold! Damn being healthy again! (:D)

  7. First head cold since the surgery....at least I know that my body is back to "normal". /sigh

  8. Me: Hey Siri, Is it raining outside? (for my morning walks with the dogs)

    Siri: I don't think it's raining at the moment.

    Wet Dogs: Then why are we wet? This damn Siri person is more stupid than we are.

  9. Krestel

    I can eat basically anything

    I have dumped a few times, but oddly enough it was from things I had been eating just days earlier. But otherwise, I do have problems with toast with jam and butter (I know...not a good meal)...and I have one coffee house that for some reason, no matter what I try there, I dump massively. I wonder if they put tons of sugar in EVERYTHING that they have. I can basically only drink tea while Im there, but go there often to get out of the house and get some real work done in peace.
  10. It's easier to create new babits than to break old ones.

  11. Im originally from Ohio, but now live in Stockholm, Sweden. 5 months post-op and it was covered by national health insurance. Lucky me.
  12. I really like my 5am walks with the dogs. I can't even believe that I would ever say that, but I truly look forward to them in the mornings. Nothing beats happy dogs when you're grumpy! I even got a new (much smaller) high-visibility jacket in order to keep warm this winter and be seen even if it's dark. Since we have wooded trails close by that no-one uses (especially in the dark and during bad weather), I can let them off their leashes and run around and get in touch with their  wild gogginess. I can't wait for it to get reeeally cold (and snowy) so that I have to buy new snow pants as well.

  13. Krestel

    Pre-op and obsessed?

    5 months on and Im not as obsessed but I still am learning about my own body. I may be a bit more passive, but Im still thinking about my health most of the time. Just saying...
  14. Agreed...I had it in spades when I went on my pre-op diet along with massive amounts of gas.
  15. Do you normally drink coffee and have stopped now? The withdrawal from caffeine can be horrid. Also cutting out carbohydrates can also do it as well. I dont think it's uncommon to react that way. Try drinking more water. Headaches are a common side affect of being dehydrated.
  16. Goal setting should be something you have total control over. I was thinking about this the other day. Weight loss is not something we have total control over, but eating a certain number of calories or exercising a number of times per week is.

    I realized this when I was thinking about how my students set goals for getting better grades. Getting the grade they want is only partially within their power. So if they don't get the better grade they worked towards, then the positive behaviour they have formed will be seen as useless even if it's going to eventually get them to their goal.

    We've all played these games, but I think many times our goal setting misses the point. Choose something we have control over and measure ourselves that way rather than using something that can at times seem arbitrary. 

  17. I have been pretty down in the dumps recently due to the pressures of a new job....so I need a pick me up! So tell me all about: What is your WORST (in other words favorite) Halloween candy? Personally, Im stuck on Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, but thank gawd I can't get them too often over here in Europe or I would be going BACK up in weight after my 4 month GBP anniversary! I can't weight (hehe..see what I did there?!?) to hear all of your stories.
  18. Krestel

    Emotional eating

    Gah! I don't know. I got some of my hunger back and seem to be backsliding after just 4 months due to really bad stress from my new job. Thank gawd for my dogs though. I get up with them at 5am and go for an hour walk in the mornings before work. I think this helps me keep sane. So I listen to my dogs in the morning and can't help but get caught up in their happiness.
  19. Today was a really tough day and I turned to food (and a watered down glass of wine). The interesting part was that I felt REALLY full after eating half my go to cheat snack, tortilla chips with cheese. So the GBP is doing its job!

  20. The only way I can tell that I'm losing weight is from the scale and my clothes "getting bigger".

    1. nenes78


      When logged in, click on your username up top then choose my surgery, from there choose your option on the left menu. Or click the link https://www.bariatricpal.com/patients/portal/?do=progress

  21. I can now buy clothes in normal stores again. Admittedly the first time when I started trying on clothes, I really had to keep myself calm. Normally trying on clothes causes me to become SOOO depressed that it take weeks just to get over it. Now, I have to keep myself from not wanting to buy everything!

    1. AngieBear


      Right?! It’s an amazing, freeing feeling.

    2. SabrinaGoddess


      Congrats! It's an amazing feeling. I am so happy for you! And yes...it's a BIG DEAL!

  22. Krestel

    Quotes & Inspiration

    There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes! It rhymes in Swedish, but means basically that there are no excuses for not venturing out in bad weather.
  23. I'm wondering if all of you have some weird things that you are looking forward to after surgery? I have a few: Being able to eat cheese again (without feelnbg guilty) and feeling full from it Being able to look forward to only tasting a (tiny) bit of everything instead of eating lots of the first thing I like. Drinking milk again Well, they may not be all that weird, but they do seem odd in a positive way. What about you guys?
  24. Yesterday I discovered stretchy pants. It was the first time that I walked into a normal store and dared to try on clothes in over many many years. Scary, but I found some guy chinos that I liked. I was even able to wear women's sizes even though the legs were wayyyyy too short.

  25. Yesterday, I got to do one of the things that I was looking forward to. It was trying on clothes in a normal sized store and beginning not to feel like a failure in my own body. For me it was a huge step out of my comfort zone, but Im glad that I did it. I never knew that the stretch pants were so comfy. I totally missed this trend and have been living in cargos for the past twenty years. I just wish that I could get ahold of tall women's sizes here in Europe. But I'll still be happy just to be able to wear men's chinos to work. (Anything but jeans is a no-no where I work.)