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  1. Hi I had my Gastric Bypass surgery on 08.08.19, I wasn't nervous about it but excited to finally be getting it done. Hospital was fine, walked into my operating theatre and met the army of doctors and nurses, it was all very relaxed, music playing in the background, my surgeon came over and spoke to me and then the Anaesthetist came and told me what was happening and that was it, I was probably only in there for a few minutes before going to sleep. The surgery went well, I actually felt very well after surgery and went home after only spending 2 days and 1 night, I didn't feel much pain at all, it was a little uncomfortable and had to watch how I stood up or got on and off the bed etc but nothing out of the ordinary and what you would expect after surgery. Sleep as much as you can when you come home and walk when you're awake. The pain after surgery was totally bearable, while in hospital they gave me Oramorph which was fabulous and then told me to take pain meds for the next week, I actually stopped them after 2 days, didn't feel like I needed them, but everyone is different. With regards to your food intake what I would say is follow the plan with food, don't rush any of the stages, I didn't push how much I ate as I was scared that I may stretch my pouch (even though have been told this would be very hard to do) or something worse. You will know when you have had enough, it's a different kind of full, it's not in your stomach, you feel full in your chest/throat (hard to explain) but literally you will feel like you cannot get anything else down. You will learn to stop before you get to this stage as its uncomfortable. If it does happen lay down until it passes. I found it difficult eating if I was bent over, you need to be upright for the food to pass. The eating phases that you will go through become very tedious and you really want to rush through them but don't, these are what help you heal better and quicker, I know for myself after being on the milk diet for 2 weeks pre op all I wanted was some' normality' but you actually don't feel like eating much. Im now 10 weeks post op and can eat 'normal' food but in very small quantities. I had a follow up last week with the hospital and had been feeling very nauseous, this is apparently very common, I was prescribed anti sickness meds which have stopped it now. My nurse told me that it's better to eat 5-6 small portions every 3-4 hours when feeling like this, which I have started doing and the sickness has gone. I have tried different foods and some have not agreed with me so I know not to eat them again just yet. You have to adjust to your boundaries and what you can and can't eat anymore. If you're having the Gastric Bypass, which is what I had you have no cravings and you don't get any hunger pains, this was the first thing that I noticed after the surgery. I was told that I wouldn't feel hungry but as someone that has had a weight problem most of my life it was hard to believe this but it's 100% true, I love the fact that I don't get hungry but this you also have to pay attention to and make sure that you eat enough protein otherwise the day goes by and you realise that you haven't eaten, especially if you have a busy or demanding job. I get mine from High protein Greek yogurts, eggs, chicken, high protein peanut butter. I eat very low carbs and fats. On the 2nd phase i started drinking protein shakes, I hated them but they were so high in protein that at least i knew i was getting enough, try mixing with milk if too thick. The hardest part for me is not being able to drink much and not drink while eating, this is what I find the biggest challenge is getting the fluids in but I think most people will tell you this, it's important to keep your water bottle near and constantly sip all day, try adding some 'no sugar' lemon or blackcurrant, this helped me. I still don't think that hospitals give you enough information regarding eating after surgery and most of what I have done has been through my own research, have bought a few Bariatric cookbooks to help too You will be fine, just follow the doctors orders, good luck for Monday
  2. MinnieSD

    Nauseous feeling all day

    Thank you, you just begin to think there’s something more sinister than just nausea Ill try the ginger tomorrow
  3. Hi I had my surgery 10 weeks ago but for the last week have been suffering with the worst nausea that I have ever experienced to a point that I can’t function at work and the thought of eating or drinking is the last thing I want to do. Has anyone had the same issues and how did you get through it and what did the hospital say caused it? I just can’t stand it any longer and wonder if it’s anything sinister. I have been to the hospital and they told me it’s normal to have some nausea and to take lansaprazole and an anti sickness drug, I’m at the end of my tether with it, can anyone suggest anything to help? 
  4. MinnieSD

    3 week stall

    I had my surgery on the 8th August and I too lost weight pre surgery and since my surgery I lost 16lbs in the first 2 weeks but for the last 2 weeks I have lost nothing and it is so discouraging as I have stuck to the plan. Also feeling very nauseous every day Any suggestions for the sickness?
  5. I took 8 days off work and was told that I shouldn’t drive for at least 2 weeks. I also have a desk job predominantly but I wish I had taken longer. I’m just over 3 weeks out from my surgery and am still very tired with very little energy. If I were you I would look to take 3 weeks if possible and don’t push yourself. Some people I know have taken 6 weeks off but it’s all very personal and how active you were before surgery too.
  6. Hi all, I had my gastric bypass just over 3 weeks ago, I’m now on the mushy food stage. I don’t think that I’m overeating and have never pushed myself to a point where I feel sick but I’m really unsure of how much food I should be eating. I’m not overeating I know that but my weight has stalled and I’m wondering if I’m not eating enough. I have a bit of a challenge drinking my full quota but do force myself . I’m not hungry so also have to force myself to eat. Was just wondering as an example how many tablespoons of food should I be eating each meal time? And if anyone has any tips. Any help would be appreciated
  7. MinnieSD

    Pains after surgery

    Yes mine did subside, it was excruciating pain and yes exactly the same I did t feel any pains in my stomach at that time. Apparently it comes from how you are pulled about during surgery. Don’t worry it will go, mine lasted about 3-4 days hope you’re feeling better now
  8. MinnieSD

    How many calories do you eat a day?

    I also feel the same I’m worried about eating too much as I don’t want to stretch my stomach but I don’t get a full feeling, have never felt sick so am wondering if I’m not eating enough, my weight loss has stalled. I know I’m really early days but it becomes frustrating Can anyone tell me if they feel really full and how much food would you eat to feel this way?
  9. MinnieSD

    Post op- week one fluids

    I also had my surgery on 08/08/19 and am struggling with drinking the amount of fluid that I have been told to even though I feel like I’m sipping all day I have lost weight since my surgery which is only 2 weeks ago but it seems that it has stopped, I know you shouldn’t weigh yourself all the time but it’s very hard to not just jump in the scales purely as motivation Very frustrated
  10. Hi I had my Gastric Bypass on Thursday morning, today is Sunday afternoon and I have no appetite whatsoever and am struggling to drink anything and shakes, smoothies and yoghurts I just cannot get down me, any suggestions? Im drinking as much milk as I can for the protein content but even thats a struggle Also I'm unsure exactly how much I should be consuming a day, my diet sheet says to try yoghurts, custards etc but whats the size portion that I should be consuming? Thanks
  11. MinnieSD

    Pains after surgery

    Thank you, the pain has subsided, it feels now like it’s actually coming from my hips. I have been walking about much more today which has also helped, I will see how I feel in the morning and if no better will be going back to the hospital.
  12. Hi I have just had by Gastric Bypass 2 days ago, I was discharged from the hospital yesterday. I have noticed that I have a lot of pain in my legs mostly my thighs , I of course expected pain in my stomach but the leg pain is so bad that I feel like I can’t get out of bed. It feels much better when I walk which I am doing every 20 minutes or so, It does feel muscular and wondered if anyone else experienced this?
  13. MinnieSD

    Bypass v’s Sleeve..... help!

    Jolexis did you lose 116lbs after your surgery or was some of that pre op?
  14. MinnieSD

    Bypass v’s Sleeve..... help!

    Yes that’s what I’m noticing In the UK they have stopped doing the lap band and introduced a loop which is similar to the sleeve but I was always under the impression that the bypass was the most drastic out of all of them but I think they all carry their own risks I have told my consultant that I’m going for the bypass anyway Thanks for your input
  15. London, England