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  1. When I was a teenager and early 20s, before the weight gain, I was a 36B... At my heaviest I was a 44C. I just got re-measured and I'm at a 40C. They've never been big, but they look sad.
  2. Go for it... more power to you!!! I try to go braless at times, but I'm as perky as I wish they were.
  3. See if they have a Lane Bryant in your area, so they can remeasure you properly and get one of their tshirt bras or their push up plunges for special occasions. The padding bottom of the push up help reduce the look of sagginess.
  4. koketika

    Menstrual flow

    So my first after the procedure was terribly painful, now I'm constantly spotting. IT's going to be a while before everything settles out.
  5. koketika


    My surgeon ok'd me for pills from the beginning. But each doctor is different. Try getting a capsule and grinding it into a tablespoon of applesauce to switch it up.
  6. koketika

    Constipation Again

    In between my meal I have small snacks of fruit like melons and pineapple and veggies to help me go. It's a natural way to consume fiber and enjoy it too.
  7. Is it only weight gain? or do you have any other side effects as well?
  8. Getting it will improve and change your life in a way you didn't think it was possible. It took me a while to do the leap, but I'm happy I did.
  9. koketika

    date nights

    I started dating someone 2 weeks before my surgery and we have been going out and enjoying our date nights. Usually we choose an appetizer and an entree to share and I serve myself a little from each. At this point I haven't started drinking, but you can always have date nights that involve music and other non sit down eating to make it more comfortable at the beginning.
  10. koketika

    To tell or not to tell

    I've told immediate family and close friends. When people see me and they comment on how much slimmer I look, I do tell them that I had bariatric surgery. I'm not publishing it in social media.
  11. koketika

    Personal Rewards

    I rewarded myself with a spa day for the first 25 lost! For 50 lb, I may do a trip.
  12. koketika


    I’m a month post op and I noticed that as my body is constantly in ketosis, I feel like I always smell. Do any of you have any experience of smelly crotches and breathe? Any tips to alleviate the smelliness?
  13. koketika

    For those who hated or were bored with exercise

    Zumba!!!! It's like dancing, and not regular exercise!
  14. Go for the pea or soy protein. It helps immensely.
  15. koketika

    Month Post Surgery

    I'm a month post op and my best friend are the Isopure clear drinks. They have different flavors and they come in powder so you can prepare yourself or liquid for on the go. each 10 oz has 20 gr of protein. It's a great way to get your protein levels. Have you tried eating chili? It's high in protein and you can blend it to make it sofeter.
  16. Harvey has excellent bedside manners and he pays attention to his patient’s concern. It’s great so far working with him in this journey.
  17. koketika

    Energy level?

    It happens to all of us. It's a initial side effect as your body adjust to its new self and it eats itself to compensate with all the calories you aren't giving it. You'll be fine in a 2 weeks give or take. Just continue moving and don't be sedentary for extended periods of time.
  18. koketika

    This is why....

    I went on vacation to Brazil during the summer of 2018 and was walking around with my friends and taking jumping pictures everywhere and my knees got so inflamed. So after many years of yo-yoing where on the up yo I would gain more weight, I decided it was time to do something more serious.
  19. koketika

    Holiday compromises

    That's great.
  20. koketika


    Try soft scrambled eggs. 1 egg is 6 grams of protein. And have a shake afterwards.
  21. koketika

    Three weeks

    Did you start exercising already?
  22. koketika

    Incomplete Staple line

    Go to your surgeon. They can fix it.
  23. koketika

    Puréed stage questions

    That looks like the list I got from my doctor, but no red meat on mine. And I'm allowed beans, lentils and tofu pureed.
  24. koketika


    Listen to your body and be mindful of your calories. Use an app like my fitness pal.
  25. koketika

    Good morning,

    I've been using Baritastic. It also creeates reminders for vitamins and shakes.