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  1. polly...


    Hello, I'm there right now. I had my RNY in '15. I lost faith and jumped off the wagon. Lost and gained, now excitedly losing. I NEVER thought I could do this all over but I am proof that Yes, You Can!!! I don't know exactly how much I've lost because my battery scale died during my "rebound." Ugh. Anyway, it is entirely possible to be successful again! It takes head work first, then we get down to the food/Life. It helps to understand what carbs, sugar, LDL, HDL, fiber, etc DO to and for your body. It was a big whoop in the arse to learn how we're putting our lives in danger. It eventually (I'm quite stubborn) made me change what I do and don't put in my body. Don't think I'm one of those people whose very, very strict, but I am way more mindful of my food now and that is what got me back on track. I read a specific Cardiologist 's book over and over and over till I finally let myself "get it and act on it." Then, a specific lifestyle ensued. So basically, other than food advice (which does help) I won't give in this post, I say get your head in order first. Learn, and go from there. I'm really the last person I thought I'd ever say this....but it can be done, I'm living proof. I wasted 4 years! But I 'm back in the saddle again! YOU CAN DO IT!
  2. Bless you Healthy_life2! I'm pretty excited and hopeful. I know what you mean about having a thread specifically for re-gainers and the like. For the longest time I'd dream of reading a post that was similar to my story. Many were close, but not close enough for my taste. We're everywhere on here, but you have to really look. There really should be a specific thread, I agree. I like how you wrote "you are proof this can be done." I guess I am! Yes, I believe so! Thank you so very much for lifting my Spirits even further. You GO girl!
  3. Thank your dear, sweet heart Deedee12! I am pretty darned proud. Very, very, very surprised though. I haven't had the right mindset since I was a year out and I never, ever thought I'd get it back but I did! I learned A LOT from Dr. Agatstons book on the South Beach Diet, as well as a dozen other places. I'm back in the saddle again! Thanks for rooting for me! Hugs!!!
  4. Update: I'm actually back on the wagon now! My husband and I now have a little more money each week to purchase healthy foods, fruit and vegetables. We've turned our eating style completely around and have been working on it together, one day at a time. I actually taste foods differently, they're far more [flavorful] and exciting to eat. I actually look forward to designing, making and eating newer foods and flavors. It's a very odd feeling. I haven't even been able to discuss any of this with my therapist yet! Haven't seen her lately. But I plan on making my recovery a major topic as I still have a lot of mental health issues and food issues to work on. Slow and steady wins the race! So far, I've definitely lost 20 pounds. I *thought* I'd lost more, but my digital scale went on the fritz. I'll weigh myself at the doctor's office in a few months. It's hard not knowing, but I also dont want to live by the scale. I'm eating healthy and properly so I have faith. Also, I use MFP every day and it helps SO much! And my hubby, well, I couldn't ask for a better LIFE partner! Hes doing very well also. I never thought this could happen but it is. I'm very, very proud of myself and hubby. So, it can and has been done! WOWZA!
  5. I looked at the few analog scales on Amazon. They looked great, sounded accurate and went up high enough. But I'm one who reads reviews and Amazon has many! They were pretty discouraging. Poorly made, inaccurate and not too fixable. I guess now that I know they actually exist, I'm going to keep looking. Thank you Everyone for the words and advice!
  6. polly...

    A1c finally low enough!

    Woolhatgirl, CONGRATULATIONS on all the hard work you've done and continue to do! 8.6 is close, but you know not optimal. Keep trying, don't give up. Waiting 3 months to get your A1C checked is standard protocol. You'd be surprised what raises blood sugar. My husband is type 2 diabetic. We changed both of our diets for our own specific reasons. But we watch carbs closely, they turn into sugar. You know many forms of sugar will raise your blood sugar. Theres so much more to do in your diet I just can't think of them right now (I'm at work) and I'm NO professional, just my 2 cents. But, Way to go! Keep up the good fight, for your life!
  7. I have had several battery operated scales through the years. All have caused me problems. Does anybody know of a non battery scale that goes to 300 or 350? I thought I lost a ton of weight, logically knowing that I couldn't have lost THAT much that quick. Turns out I only lost 18 pounds. I mean, that is great, but my battery scale tells me all sorts of numbers. I checked the batteries many times.
  8. polly...

    Jumped back on! Have ?'s.

    I finally did it at home on my laptop. It's a different world between phones and computers. Yes, I jumped back on the wagon, happily and ready. I just realized that I've lost 100 pounds, at time of Surgery Consultation. I was 373, surgery weight was 335. Jumping back on the wagon 4 years late, starting back at 308. I now weigh 263! I can't believe how I changed my thinking, education of RNY survival, nutrition effects on body, you name it. But, One Hundred pounds. Wow. I feel blessed, truly I do.
  9. polly...

    Jumped back on! Have ?'s.

    Really enjoying the flavor of salads and veggies with lots of herbs and spices. I hated veggies and salads before, but I actually enjoy them now! Me! I'm liking this structure and education I've provided myself. Lost 45 pounds!
  10. Hello! I jumped back on the bandwagon, so pleased that I want to: 1. Update my Ticker 2. Update my Weight I can do it on my computer but not on my android, HELP?
  11. Yes, Dorothy Sue, I did. Actually, I lost only 53 or so pounds over a year out. My goal was about 150. Then in the last 4 years, I gained 26 or so pounds and plateaued at 300 for a few years. I had ditched the whole WLS rules and went rogue. Too many reasons to give a hoot. I failed. But something in my Soul recently urged me, excitedly, to start all over again. I use BP as a big motivator, teacher, best friend. It eventually worked because I am now full on into my bypass diet, with the support of my husband, who must follow a diabetic lifestyle. I'm excited, hoping it's not a "honeymoon phase", and doing very, very well. Though I must say that getting in "enough" food has been a challenge. But with all the support I have, I know I can do it! Are you having issues with weight gain/regain? Polly
  12. polly...

    Oh , Cheese balls!

    Just tell yourself when people are eating junk food and with abandon that they are reeking havoc with their health. In SO many ways. Feel sorry for them because YOU are in Control, and you're body loves you for it! Think, " They're all weak, however, I, am strong...and healthy!" Turn the tables so-to-speak. I know this is an old post, but I had to give my 2 cents. ❤️ Polly
  13. polly...

    Eating with a dry throat

    I was just telling my husband that the diet isn't so bad, or the portions but NOT drinking during or immediately after a meal is HARD! But I found an odd solution for myself. Biotene moisturizing mouth spray. My dentist gave me a bottle because I suffer from dry mouth. After some meals, I squirt a little in my mouth and it moisturizes it, doesn't taste bad either. SLIGHTLY minty. It helps me by moisturizing my mouth as well as giving my mouth a little freshness jolt. Then, there's always brushing your teeth, but not so easy when you're away from the home. Give it a try, can't hurt. Good luck.
  14. polly...

    How long between bites of food?

    I'm actually 4 yrs out. Starting all over. Just can't remember all the rules. I'll get there.
  15. I'm chewing each bite for 20 seconds and putting my fork down. How long between bites of food?