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  1. FindingMeWithin

    Starting with a lower BMI (30)

    My BMI was 36. I’m 1 year out and I’ve lost 59 pounds. I didn’t lose as much as I thought but currently weigh 154 and I’m very happy there. I need to up my exercise plan but due to back problems it’s a struggle. The surgery was definitely worth it. Good Luck
  2. FindingMeWithin


    I add GenoPro to my coffee with a little half and half. It had its controversies but my nutrition said it’s just fine. Very small scoop and it’s helped me reach my Protein goal. Just make sure to add up the calories mine is like 112 for the coffee/creamer/protein.
  3. FindingMeWithin

    Those last 14 lbs....

    Looly, Great Question. I’m also dealing with those last 15 pounds and have been playing with the same one pound for a month or more. I’ve dropped my calories by 100 but not seeing a difference yet unless you count hair loss. Ughh I know patience is a virtue but man we get spoiled with the rapid loss in the beginning. Overall, I’m thrilled at this life changing choice I made. I’m staying with my original plan but I do appreciate your question and the great answers coming in.
  4. FindingMeWithin

    Hair Loss / Renewal?

    I too am shedding hair. It started about 5 1/2 months post op and still at 7 months. I’m thankful that I had thick hair to start with but it can stop anytime. My nutritionist stressed that its very common and if I’m eating properly and taking my vitamins and iron it will subside. They don’t promote extra biotin outside what’s in the multi vitamin. I take Procare multivitamin with iron. It’s still unnerving that’s for sure. I cant tell from your post if you are post op or not? If you have not, have you had your thyroid checked?
  5. Ironically the Premier Protein is my favorite too. I like the vanilla and caramel. Also, Genepro daily in my coffee.
  6. FindingMeWithin


    I really like the dole fruit cups no sugar added. I have half after my protein with lunch and the other half before I leave work so I’m not starving when I get home. Seems to work.
  7. FindingMeWithin

    No Interest in Food?

    I bought the Geno Pro Protein. I reviewed it with my nutritionist. The scoop is smaller and I mixed it with diet ice tea, coffee, lemonade. It’s helped me. Good Luck and hang in there.
  8. FindingMeWithin


    Congratulations on needing smaller sizes its a wonderful feeling. I find TJ max a go too right now. And some really old favorites I hung onto. I’m so excited to be able to buy something not only smaller but stylish! From past weight loss experiences (non surgical) I’m nervous about getting rid of all those larger clothes only to rebuy them again. Been there done that. But I’ve got to let it go. I like the eBay idea too
  9. FindingMeWithin

    Intense Hunger Pains

    How ironic, I’m 10 weeks out and I feel the same way. Sometimes within an hour how eating. It almost makes me feel a little nauseous. I know that sounds weird. I was told dehydration could be the cause. The nausea could be my vitamins? Not sure but definitely things that are different from the beginning
  10. FindingMeWithin

    I didn't think I'd be one to fall off the wagon

    I agree with all the post above. Especially, forgive your self. We are blessed with a big life a head of us. Brush yourself off and get back on that horse. You deserve it. Put yourself first and put the stressors in line behind you.You have done awesome and without a doubt can do it again.
  11. FindingMeWithin

    Cpap and sleeve

    I’m now 10 weeks vsg post op and have had my cpap since thanksgiving. I’m so ready to be done with it. Some folks come to love it but not this girl. Down almost 40 pounds and I’m hoping the cpap will be discontinued soon. And also yes to all the gas issues. More in the beginning then now.
  12. FindingMeWithin

    Broke out in sweat

    Only about 1 1/2 months out. I haven’t experienced dumping syndrome and even the thought of it scares me.
  13. FindingMeWithin

    Just not feeling good

    Iliana, I made an appointment prior to surgery to see a psychologist post op. I wasnt sure how I would feel emotionally after surgery. Actually I felt pretty good a few weeks out but it really turned into a great benefit anyway.I can hash out a few things before they really bother me and she’s been wonderful. You’ve had major surgery so don’t rule out a medical issue. But with that said you have young children and life can get overwhelming. You might be surprised talking it over with an outsider. Best Wishes.
  14. FindingMeWithin

    Milky Protein NO MAS!!! I need help!

    I second the Genopro. I mix a scoop in diet ice tea (or hot tea) 30 protein.
  15. FindingMeWithin

    Heparin sots - klexane

    Anacat- I know that when you are on blood thinners, you can bruise easily. I wonder if they are afraid they may cause bruising?