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  1. Cher in NYC

    Questions about wls

    My surgeon does not operate on smokers. I had to quit at least 30 days before my surgery date. With the gastric bypass, I had to commit to never smoking another cigarette again. They stated I could expect a 100% complication rate if I start smoking again after RNY GB. With the sleeve, smoking is highly discouraged of course but it’s effects on the surgery are not as known. This is what I was told by my surgeon, the advice you get may vary based on your surgeon.
  2. Cher in NYC

    Pain left side below rib cage

    I had terrible pain at this exact spot that finally went away at 4 weeks post-op. I was assured by my surgeon's office that it is totally normal. It is where most of the tugging, pulling, and "manhandling" happens during surgery.
  3. Oh no, what an unpleasant reaction. Thank you for the warning. I'm glad they make a sugar-free version. I will be sure to stick with that one if I need it.
  4. Cher in NYC

    Unsupportive Caregiver

    Why on earth is it concerning for you to be home alone? We are not declared incompetent in need of guardianship in the post-op period. If you were independent before surgery, you should be independent after surgery unless you suffered crippling complications.
  5. Cher in NYC

    Pounds lost

    I had RNY gastric bypass 6 1/2 weeks ago and I am down 27 pounds since the day of surgery. The pace may be slower than some others but I am very happy with my progress.
  6. All of my friends and family members know but my coworkers and bosses do not. I was very vague when they asked about my medical leave. Some kept pressing, so I flat out lied about the type of procedure. I don't feel bad about it. It would be poor self-care to divulge my private medical history to people I don't feel that close to or comfortable knowing.
  7. Cher in NYC

    What kind of blender for purees?

    Immersion blending stick. It's easy to use and easy to clean. It's also compact to store.
  8. Cher in NYC

    Puréed recipes

    This is delicious https://www.bariatricfoodie.com/mexican-egg-casserole/ I'm eating it right now for breakfast and it's just as tasty for lunch and dinner.
  9. Cher in NYC

    Taking Pills After Surgery

    Yeah, I was told to crush mine but it the taste was unbearable despite trying it in different mediums. Now I quarter the pills and take it with applesauce and it is so much more pleasant.
  10. Cher in NYC

    Full from medication alone?

    Thank you both for the helpful replies. Nice to know that this is normal.
  11. Cher in NYC

    Can we talk about food aversion

    I must be broken. I had RNYGB one week ago and I'm craving Chick-fil-a, LOL. I'm hoping it is the severe calorie deficit that is causing cravings and that it will fade once I can tolerate reasonable calories and nutrients.
  12. I'm sorry. I think your feelings toward the surgery are totally understandable. I had the same reservations as you do about GB while I was 150+ pounds overweight. I can't imagine I'd be very motivated or excited about the procedure if I was already at goal weight. Ultimately, you have autonomy over your body and the procedures you undergo. Did your surgeon go over all of the reasons that the conversion is prudent? Do you have esophagitis, are you at risk for Barrett's esophagus or worse? I would gather as many facts as possible so you can make an informed decision. Overall, I don't think a surgeon would recommend further abdominal trauma if it wasn't medically necessary but the decision is yours and yours alone. Good luck.
  13. Cher in NYC


    I was served coffee in the hospital. My program is pretty liberal compared to others which is a huge benefit to me as I enjoy as many safe liberties as possible. There is a lot of variance with coffee recommendations, it's interesting.
  14. This is interesting. I'm surprised that you weren't talked into a RNY conversion. I thought that the sleeve stretching was a myth as per Dr. Matthew Weiner's youtube channel, but apparently not as it happened to you. I would be interested to hear an update. I hope that surgery went smoothly and that it works famously this time around!
  15. Cher in NYC

    Tylenol Pills? Swallow or crush?

    I was told to crush my Tylenol for 3 weeks and I was given a pill crusher prior to discharge.