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    Good for you & good luck with the purées!
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    Hey guys... I just had my one month post OP appointment and my doctor told me I have to get around 90 grams of Protein a day. I am currently 25 years old at 311 lbs (33lbs down) and I seriously cannot get all my protein in. I cant get more than 45 a day without feeling like I'm forcing it down. Do you guys have any tips? I really dont want my hair to fall out and I want to do everything I can to make sure I am being successful and I keep trying and trying to get it down and I just cant reach that goal. Every time I watch a YouTube video where someone does their "what I eat in a day 1 month post op" or something, they eat a hell of a lot more than I can and I'm not sure why! Any advice on how to get protein? I wish there was just a pill I could take.
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    March 7th here! 🤗 I’m so excited!!
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    Congratulations you're is very soon!🎉🎉🎉
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    I believe that you will be just fine!😃 Put your worries in the hands of your higher power and then focus on your journey of becoming a new you🎆🎉🎊!!!
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    Mine is March 21
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    HeyBigGuy76 reacted to Odia Haynes in Surgery date   
    I finally got approved for my surgery. March 19,2019 is my VSG surgery date. Is anyone else in March😊!
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    HeyBigGuy76 reacted to Poppyseed28 in Got my surgery date!!   
    I was approved for the DS and my surgery is 3/29! Any one else getting surgery in March?
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    HeyBigGuy76 got a reaction from gerl86 in Pre-Op Stage   
    I just started the pre op diet aswell and totally know the feeling you're going through. I just try and take it a day at a time and just figure it'll get better/easier as time goes on.