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    Riding & Showing Paint Horses, Boxer's dogs, Show Cars & even some Political commentary!
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  1. Dollie Bettendorf

    Gastric Sleeve Surgery 2/20/2019

    So u should b in ur 2nd wk of the liquid protein diet, right? I'm so wanting some solid food, but am sticking with it. How about u? We're in a blizzard in Wa State now & Will b next wk also. It's 2hrs away so we'll leave a day earlier 2 make my surgery... I'm really excited!! Been swimming my butt off. Soup is getting Old 😣
  2. Dollie Bettendorf

    Gastric Sleeve Surgery 2/20/2019

    Hi, i too am having my Sleeve done on the 20th!! Im really excited about this & so far the Nerves aren't a problem! My advice would b to focus on all the great things u'll b able 2 do & how Fantastic u'll look...... My heaviest was 245 in Sept 2018 but through Swimming (osteoarthritis in hips) I'm @ 227 as of last week.. My goal is a reasonable 150 or a bit less, as I haven't been that in 20yrs!!!! 🤣 I would love to keep in touch as we go thru the same surgery on the same day! I just got on this forum a few minutes ago & Ur's was the first post I saw.
  3. Hi, Newbie here, looking forward to everything!!!

    1. ProudGrammy


      hi newbie - welcome to the group, get ready for a journey of a lifetime with WLS - good luck - kathy