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  1. Had anyone tried the Bariatric as and no chews led? How big are they?
  2. Bianca S.


    What are you taking for Menstrual cycle aches and cramps? Just got my first menstrual cycle after years not having it due to being over weight and I do not miss this feeling.
  3. Bianca S.

    Need ideas

    I am stuck on what to meal prep. Someone give me ideas please
  4. Finally hit ONEderland! Yay! I meant to share this earlier but I been so busy. Can’t believe this morning I hit ONEderland! HW: 270.6lbs SW: 266.8lbs CW:199.8lbs GW1:170lbs GW2:135lbs Total lost:70.8lbs 5 months and 10 days post op
  5. Bianca S.

    Can't drink plain water

    Try adding ice! That’s what helped me
  6. Bianca S.


    Does milk mess with anyone after VSG? I use to be able to have milk but then I had to switch to Fairlife which is lactose free. I was fine after surgery with regular milk up until December I started to not feel well resulting in Sweating, feeling nauseous wanting to throw up and having to use the bathroom. Just wondering if this is normal.... reason for bringing it up is I got a coffee and forgot to ask with coconut milk instead of regular and now I’m having all those symptoms right before I have to be at work in 20mins.
  7. Bianca S.


    Awesome your almost there too! Keep it up!
  8. I was told it can stretch and be uncomfortable. For me when I took a sip of my moms La Croix (flavored sparking water) actually hurts once hits the stomach. I miss the carbonation (NOT SODA, never been much a soda drinker).
  9. Thanks for the suggestion! I purchased some on Monday and right away after applying it helped a lot and haven’t had any problems 😊
  10. Is anyone else’s app not working? I’ve deleted app, logged out and logged back in and it still says session expired.
  11. Wow thats incredible! I can eat a good amount of almost anything except Protein. Once I eat a piece of chicken I need to tap out. But I will say my hunger has come back too... Yeah I didn’t do bad until Christmas when I traveled for the holiday
  12. ME TOO! I’ve only lost a lb due to not eating that healthy since my birthday but I’m starting back to tracking and watching what I eat again on Monday
  13. Bianca S.

    Meal prep

    I use ziploc loc containers
  14. I have always had a hanging stomach before surgery but recently have been struggling with moisture at the crease. What do you put to help the moisture to not cause itching. All I want to do is scratch but I’ve broke skin a week ago and I don’t want to do that again.
  15. Bianca S.

    Meal prep

    Maybe reading everyone’s responses will help me! I tend to make a half container of ground turkey but it still ends up needing to be tossed away because it got bad. Do you freeze your prepped meals?
  16. Bianca S.

    Hospital Bag

    You don’t need to bring all that. I took a bag and out of the 6 things (if I remember it was a portable charger, face wipes. Adult Coloring book and makers, chapstick, hair brush and an extra pair of underwear) only used one; charger for my prone. Slept most of the time I was at the hospital.
  17. Bianca S.

    Rice cakes

    Thoughts on rice cakes? I use to love them with PB and a couple raisins on top
  18. Bianca S.

    Rice cakes

    I’m not asking If I can eat. Im asking your thoughts on them. Thank you very much.
  19. Bianca S.

    I can gulp

    If I do gulp, it hurts or even when I drink too fast. I’m almost 4months out
  20. Bianca S.

    Food Before and After Photos

    My birthday dinner out with family I had shrimp,steak and chicken combo fajitas without the tortilla and I gave away my Beans and rice to my sister. Brought home my leftovers home. My plate made 4 meals total for me (still have two meals left hehe). About 4 ounces to 5 is what I can eat almost 4 months post op
  21. I did too and they fixed it. Post in the website assistant forum!
  22. When you workout do you guys have something to eat or have a shake before a high intensity workout? I been going to a high intensity workout weight lifting/ cardio class twice already and find my self needing to step out due being light headed and almost once falling over. When I get into a workout I notice I don’t listen to my body until something like this happens

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