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  1. This week (week 6) has been an eventful one in my little weight loss world.

    I had my first "have you lost weight? You look good" comment from a friend in my book club on Tuesday. Of course she also asked "What have you been doing?" so I was honest and told her I had bariatric surgery - it still feels like a cop-out. "Well, I had bariatric surgery...so I've been eating fewer than 800 Calories a day and exercising more."

    I also took my first Zumba class! It was lots of fun. I checked my watch after the first 15 minutes or so and I thought there was no way I was going to make it through the entire 50 minutes, but I did it and then proceeded to walk the 1.5 miles or so home. I think I might try Zumba again on Friday through another organization to see if I like that one better and then pick whether I want to do the Wed 5:30pm class or Fri 7:30pm class. Maybe I'll continue to do both? That would make my current "workout" schedule Zumba 1-2 nights a week, and a brisk 1.5mi walk 4-5 times a week.

    I still have a looooong way to go, but I think I've started out right.

    HW: 323

    SW: 299

    CW: 266

    GW: 150

  2. FullMoonFanny

    Peanut butter

    My nutritionist said no peanut butter YET at my 4 week post-op. Too sticky I guess.
  3. FullMoonFanny


    I drink the pre-made shakes (Premier Protein and Equate brand mostly). I also had a sample of the unflavored protein powder that I tried mixing in broth a couple of times. I could never get it to dissolve properly though.
  4. FullMoonFanny

    Afraid I'm Making a mistake

    I am 5 weeks post-op, and I also agree that many of the cravings go away. Through the liquid diet period you get used to people eating "fun stuff" around you and not being able to. If a craving for a specific item turns up, you can have a bite - you probably won't be able to eat more than that anyway and if you do you will likely regret it. With that said, you still have to know and accept that there are limits to what you can eat. If you aren't mindful of that you will stretch your pouch back out and balloon right back up. If you think you really have a food-addiction you might want to get that sorted out first. Having the surgery and not following the diet seems pretty pointless. In my case, I think I do have a food addiction. I sometimes convince myself its okay to cheat. I have to really keep that in check if I want this surgery to work. But having a small pouch makes it easier. I think that even if you can't do full on exercises now, some weight will still come off from the calorie intake, just not as much. When you slim down a little, maybe your knees will be more cooperative!
  5. FullMoonFanny

    4th of July food?

    I went to a BBQ this weekend (tail end of my pureed/soft foods stage). I had shrimp cocktail for "lunch" and burger with no bun for "late lunch/early dinner" - chew chew chew! I also picked out and ate the cheese that was in one of the Italian pasta salads. Avoid chicken and any of the noodles and potatoes. Bringing a dish to pass that you know you can eat is a great idea! Maybe some kind of bean or chicken dip.
  6. FullMoonFanny

    Exercise progression guidelines?

    I hope you find it because this is exactly the information I'm looking for!
  7. FullMoonFanny

    This May be crazy, but...

    I know its a old thread, but what were your sprints and stairs routines like? How many, how long. etc.?
  8. Day 2 of pureed food diet, 15 day post Sx. I'm eating lunch (leftover taco ground beef mixed with 2% cottage cheese) and wondering "Am I full? Am I full? How will I know I am full?" I've prepared about a 1/2 cup total and eaten about a half of that. Then I get the familiar pressure behind my sternum, like a burp is just sitting there wanting to come up. I hiccup a couple times and gas bubbles up from my belly. There's no feeling of fullness in my stomach, its all in my chest. I guess this is full for me? I am just learning what full feels like. For the new me, fullness isn't leaning back from the table with my hands on my belly wanting to unbutton my jeans. Fullness is a feeling low in my chest that the food has stopped going down. Air is trying to escape to make room. It's the feeling of really needing to burp. Still learning.


    1. gabybab


      I get a heavy feeling in my chest and can't burp, then the hiccups come and they are loud and obnoxious

  9. FullMoonFanny

    Surgery in May 28

    Had my sleeve surgery the 28th! Recovery has been worse than c-section. Heart burn. Sore incision sites. Hope yours went well.
  10. First appointment Jan 4, 2019 surgery May 28,2019. Aetna.