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  1. I hope everyone is doing well. I am very happy with my result. I am logging food and exercising about 5-6 days a week, a combination of spinning and weight training. My advice is to stick with the program whether the weight loss is fast or slow. The excess weight happened over time, so will the weight loss. Remember exercise is your friend!! Surgery date 4/29/19 Starting weight -260 Weight day of surgery -244 Current with -195
  2. SusieQ2019

    3 months post op restriction ?

    It looks delicious. I agree with Mikeyy be careful with the carbs. Once in a while is ok but remember you want to maximize your weight loss in these critical months.
  3. SusieQ2019

    3 months post op restriction ?

    Lol you had me worried for a moment. It depends on the size of the quesadilla.
  4. Thank you @gabybab Wishing you the best on your journey. Once I made up my mind I was set. I was tired of losing and gaining weight and my blood pressure was getting out of control. The only problem I am having is trying to wear as many of my favorite clothes before they no longer fit me. This is a good problem to have Lol.
  5. SusieQ2019

    3 months post op restriction ?

    A whole chicken in a day seems to be a lot at 3 months out. You have to be mindful of the portion size. Even if you can eat that much doesn't mean that it's ok. I eat no more than 2-3 ozs of chicken in a meal as chicken sits on my chest for a while and I am 3 1/2 months out. Figuring out head hunger and real hunger is crucial. Wishing many success on your journey.
  6. Thank you @ms.sss I purchased my swim suit from venus.com in 2016. Their swim wear are of good quality. I have quite a few pieces from them throughout the years and have been quite happy.
  7. @cyc Thank you and congratulations on your journey and wishing you many success.
  8. SusieQ2019

    Missing food today

    Congrats on your journey, I understand. I made ribs for my family today. Luckily I don't have any cravings.
  9. The process is quite seamless with Aetna. You are on your way to a healthy you. Congrats again!!
  10. SusieQ2019


    Fleet enemas work best for me. It brings everything down within 10 mins.
  11. I am with @Brent701 I am also 11 weeks since surgery. I had a stall all last week and today I am down 4 lbs. Continue to do what you are doing and the weight will come come. From the looks of your profile you are doing good.
  12. Wishing you a safe and easy surgery. You got this!
  13. I was getting a lot of acne on my face, but not so much any more.
  14. I am just over 2 1/2 months our and I am eating chicken prepared in my slow cooker, deli ham and ground meat. Anything else sits on my stomach heavy and it is not a good feeling.
  15. SusieQ2019


    Drinking one shake a day is a sure way for me to reach daily protein goal.
  16. SusieQ2019

    Oh wow!

    Big accomplishments!! Congratulations to you!
  17. SusieQ2019

    Information post surgery

    There are plenty of high protein pasta on the market. My dietitian told me to be careful when I eat the protein pasta because they can still be high in carbs. Her suggestion was to make chicken or turkey meat sauce and add a little protein to pasta to it. The focus should always be the protein.
  18. SusieQ2019

    Will gastric sleeve work for me?

    Congratulations on your journey. I had the sleeve 2 1/2 months ago and I've lost 37lbs since surgery and 53lbs since my journey. My goal is also 100lbs. My suggestion is to seek ongoing counseling for the emotional eating. The surgery is a tool and if some eating habbit aren't addressed old ways may creep back. I am glad I had the sleeve, I feel and look amazing and it's all due to following the program, tracking my food and exercising. Wishing you good luck.
  19. SusieQ2019

    Spicy Food,

    As soon as I was cleared for regular food. I love spicy food, but since surgery I eat it in moderation.
  20. SusieQ2019

    Do you know your bougie size?

    I never asked mine. As another poster said there are lots of variables. I am pleased with my surgery and the success I've been having with my weight lost journey.
  21. SusieQ2019

    sleeve complications//

    Glad you are recovering and doing well. I used the breathing instrument in the hospital, very often and used it for 2 weeks while home.
  22. SusieQ2019

    9wks post sleeve update!

    Kim you look great!! I would suggest to see your doctor so that they can determine what is going on with you, especially since you have been fine up until now. I had my gallbladder removed some years ago and when I had an attacked the pain was right below my rib cage follow my nausea and dizziness. PS this is my 8th week and I am also stalled for about one week, but no biggie because I am exercising and continuing to work towards my goal. Wishing you the best.
  23. My son was with me so that was refreshing. I also had an amazing medical team who eased my mind. You will do find, as this journey is the beginning of many possibilities. Good luck and wishing you an easy surgery.
  24. SusieQ2019

    Spinning Lessons.

    You can purchase the shoes if spinning is going to be a part of your regular workout routine , so I would say hold off until you are sure. Most people do not have the cycle shoes or butt pads. Cycling places like Sole cycle and Crank rents the shoes.
  25. SusieQ2019

    Spinning Lessons.

    I am now back to spinning 3-4 days a week and I love it!!