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  1. sleevedjohnson16

    Revision approved!

    I am in the process of the same type process. I have been very successful with my sleeve, however the acid reflux is out of control. I have had every test known to man this last 2 months and I am FINALLY almost to the point to get my surgery date to revise me to RNY - I also am so so nervous. I don't specifically want to lose anymore weight, I am 5'6 and 143lbs, so I am happy with this and have maintained for well over a year. Do you suspect you would have more weight loss with the revision? I mean, in my mind I think that I probably wouldn't due to the fact I am at a healthy weight now and maintain a healthy diet. What are you thoughts? BEST of luck, and keep the updates coming !
  2. sleevedjohnson16

    Sleeve or Bypass... help!

    So glad I found this thread -- I am currently knee deep in testing for my hernia. I was noted to have a "large" hiatal hernia after massive heartburn. I was sleeved in 2016 and have lost 145lbs and weigh about 140-145 lbs now. I am a healthy eater, and follow my surgeons guidelines to a T . I moved to a new state, and haven't had follow up for a bit but when all this heartburn started I had to seek someone. Ive had the barium swallow, abd ct scan, and ph probe with esophageal testing. My Dr is trying to determine if a repair for my hernia is an okay idea, or do I need to be reverted to bypass? I am so torn. I have been so successful with the sleeve and I feel like being revised would be a big difference for me, however there is a possibility my esophagus would not withstand the heania repair as there isn't much stomach they can use to aide in the repair and he talked of using mesh to help with that...which makes me so nervous.. Has anyone been through a situation like this and how did you determine which was best for you? I am scared and sick and tired of being put through all this testing...
  3. sleevedjohnson16

    I buried my 15 year old grand-son

    Oh my heart is breaking for all of you. I can not imagine this horrific accident. My deepest condolences go out to you and your family. The words will never be enough to fix the hurt you're feeling.
  4. sleevedjohnson16

    Craving Pepsi

    Soda hurts my belly SOOOO much. Once in a while when I am with my husband and kids at dinner if they have soda I may sneak a sip, and still 2.5 years out, its hurts so bad I cant even be bothered with it for months after that sip. Youre not missing anything ! Keep your determination strong!!
  5. sleevedjohnson16

    Weight issues

    Fluid retention is real after any surgery. I think I didn't actually get on the scale for the first 3 weeks. I tried and fought all the urges to stay away from the scale so I was not disappointed in myself for no reason. Let you body have the time to heal. Be forgiving of the fluctuations until your body has adjusted to the big changes you are going through.
  6. sleevedjohnson16

    Working out

    I am not a new sleever, but I have been doing the beachbody on demand videos, I love it. Right now I am challenging/killing myself and I have started with the 22min Hard Corps Boot camp series....I basically cry at the TV for 22 mins every day - lol
  7. Hey all, super new here ! I have been struggling with getting the help from google, or locals who have been sleeved, so I am looking to gather more information to help make the best decision... I was sleeved in June of 2016 - I started at 286lbs, 5ft 6 in tall. Fast forward to now, I am 140lbs, and a BMI in the low 20s. I am active, thin, little loose skin, and LOVING the new life I have been blessed with...for 99% of the time... The kicker is the GERD symptoms I have are out of this world. I was someone who had this pre-op, and had I known what I know now I would have never agreed to the sleeve vs bypass. I have been in the midst of a whirlwind of testing..first my NEW bariatric dr suggested perhaps I have a flare up of the H. Pylori I was known to have after the stomach contents were biopsied, so we started with a stool test for that, thinking we will start small. This came back negative, and I then went in for a barium swallow which showed from his report to me, a "Massive" hiatal hernia in which he defiantly was interested in repairing. Then, I went in for a CTA to look for SMA Syndrome, basically the superior mesenteric artery compressing the duodenum - this was negative. Now, I am waiting on the ph & manometer testing to determine if I am a candidate to just have the hernia repaired by normal forms...but, Here inlays the questions I have, and personal experience is worth every bit to me. IF you have a hernia now (and DID NOT) have one prior to VSG - its causing you so much discomfort that you can not sleep, eating and swallowing pills has become challenging and you basically just refuse it all...what decision do you make..is a hernia repair going to be enough to cure this without the possibility of it returning..OR do you go with the revision to bypass to FIX it once and for all ? My dr has given me a lot of literature to go over and read and things to think about. I just don't know which is best. He has agreed to do either of these to help, provided my esophagus is operating in proper order following the results of my ph probe. He has asked that I TRY to maintain this weight and not lose any more, I am at the bottom of the scale where I ever wanted to be, frequently falling into the high 130s . Other questions I have are - am I going to lose more weight if I am revised to RNYBP? Will I have an intolerance to foods with ANOTHER new tummy? Will I need an open repair to revise this? also, if I choose the hernia repair will I end up with tighter restriction again with them using part of the tiny tummy I have to cuff at the top to fix the hernia? Is mesh safe to repair a hiatal hernia these days should that be the "fix" ? Has ANYONE been through this situation with these quirks. I don't need revision due to weight gain, I am already pretty small for my height. I have been this weight for 15 months or more. Please help! any insight or personal experience either way would be amazing.