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    The Gym...

    I started slow - 10 minutes on the treadmill, 5 minutes on the bike and elliptical. This was in early February. I am now in the gym 6 days a week. 4 days pure cardio (40 mins on the treadmill; 20 mins bike; 10-15 mins on the elliptical). 3 days cardio/weights (30 minds cardio/circuit at Planet Fitness). The stress release is intense and seeing the pounds and inches melt away is amazing.
  2. Love when I pull new clothes out of the closet and pop off the tags!! Love the skin I am in!!
  3. So, I ordered a few clearance dresses for work because I am swimming in everything I own! I ordered an XL dress, and pulled the 18W/18’s out of the closet. The 18’s all fit!! The dresses fit! Feeling a bit adventurous, I went to JCPenney and purchased some work shirts! XL work shirts with room to spare!! This tool is amazing..... but busting my butt in the gym everyday is doing magic on this body composition!! HW: 301 SW: 279 (Sleeved 1/28/19) CW: 251
  4. Formygirls2019

    I wear an XL in misses (shirts), 18W/18 from a 22w!

    Yes - it feels wonderful!! Loved snapping those tags off this morning! Feeling like a kid unwrapping Christmas gifts!
  5. Formygirls2019

    2 week stall

    Can you tell me more about cucumber water? Should I include 1/2 cucumber in 4 cups of water? I am in a stall now looking for anything to help me break it! Thanks!
  6. Formygirls2019

    January 2019 sleevers

    I had my surgery on 1/28! No complications, 20 lbs since surgery and feeling good.
  7. Formygirls2019

    My Journey

    So, I am going to use this post to memorialize my Journey. After having my first child at 40 and my second child at 42, the weight crept on and refused to leave. At my highest I was 303, SW 301 (10/18), Surgery W: 279 (1/28/19); CW: 261 (2/22/19).
  8. Formygirls2019

    My Journey

    279. I have high blood pressure and I have a follow up medicine check to determine the steps moving forward. Wow - that is great regarding resolving your medical issues. Good job!! You have to be here for your family and friends!!
  9. Formygirls2019

    My Journey

    One Month post-op weigh in: 260.1!!! Right on track......
  10. Formygirls2019

    My Journey

    Awesome job Steve!!! You look great!!
  11. Formygirls2019

    My Journey

    Yes!!!Whoa a different world!!
  12. Formygirls2019

    A scale

    I purchased a Weight Watcher’s scale from BJ’s for $20. It is a great scale and accurate. The weight mirrors the scale in the doctor’s office.
  13. Formygirls2019

    My Journey

  14. Formygirls2019

    Must Haves from Walmart

    Sugar free water flavors
  15. So, stepping on the scale I was excited to think that I may have loss at least 10lbs. But as the story of my previous weight loss efforts, great try and effort but still short. It’s been 2 weeks - no complications, getting all my protein and liquids. .... So, 8 lbs sucks, but it’s better than gaining weight. So, I recommit to 64 oz of water (not counting protein shakes); hitting my protein mark, kicking the walking into high gear. Can’t wait to see what my three month visit has in store for me !!
  16. What’s an instapot? Different than a crockpot?
  17. Medical professionals : why do you do the work you do? Why did choose to work with Bariatric patients? OMGOSH, the responses have been amazing. From family and personal experiences you learn so much. I met nurse, who attended an Ivy League school, who has been practicing for two years and loves work with people. On two occasions, she grew her hair and donated the hair to organizations that make wigs for children. So, I challenge you in the midst of your discomfort, to focus on people around you - so they see understand that Bariatric patients are individuals who want to live, love, dance in the rain, and focusing on this experience to share with others. Man, could we focus on the bad things but I am focusing on the great things awaiting me on the other side! Thank you Lord!
  18. Formygirls2019

    First Day of Surgery

    Starting Weight: 301 - 10/11/18 Surgery Date: 279 - 1/28/19 The difficult part was getting over my nerves - the unknown! The surgery was a breeze. The pain feels more like aches and pains rather than excruciating pain. Moving too fast can cause dry heaves ( like walking to the bathroom). So, I slowed down. Only ice chips (so- yes, I am hungry ( for a protein shake) and my mouth is dry like I have a mouth full of cotton.) Gas is NOTHING compared to the gas I experienced during my c-section surgeries. Walking helps for the emotions, gas, thinking of a game plan, and seeing how much I will be able to tolerate. I did not over pack and brought the bare necessities. I am off for three weeks and hope to start cleaning out my closets! I will never be back to this size and in this space ..... The weight of late night studying to obtain numerous degrees, failed relationships, successful marriage, pregnancies, a miscarriage, death of loved ones and how I used food is gone.....
  19. That is amazing! Such a great reminder and motivation early in the recovery process.
  20. Formygirls2019

    First Day of Surgery

    I love this tool
  21. Formygirls2019

    First Day of Surgery

    Just me
  22. So, I purchased a product ’Egg Whites International’ to add additional protein to my Premier Protein Shakes. Is there a protein limit for each sitting? Or can I realistically add an additional 10-15 grams of protein to my shakes ? Look below