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  1. newbegjo1219

    January surgeries?!

    Thanks i am going to work harder on my water intake....hopefully things will get better, today makes it officially one month since my vsg...was hoping for a loss
  2. newbegjo1219

    January surgeries?!

    How long was your stall, i am going to push myself on the water intake? Calories is a bit hard cause im still on puree stage and not everything really goes down well. Hoping when i see the doctor they allow me to go to the next stage and start working out. Just feels like this stall is going to last forever 😭😭
  3. newbegjo1219

    January surgeries?!

    Hey All, so i had vsg on 1/22, and for the first 14 days weight was just coming off i believe i lost about 13-14 lbs, prior to the surgery during liquid pre-op I lost about 23lbs. But the past 16 days i have not lost a pound i am either at the same or it goes down/up one...and now my monthly vistor is coming so Im expecting a gain😭😭 not sure what im doing wrong i go in for my first month check up on Wednesday so im hoping they clear me to go to the gym. I am getting my proteins in on most day, water intake is a struggle still, before the surgery i was getting 72 oz day during preop and now i can barely get in 40 oz. Just dreaded this stall and scared that it wont end...i am sticking to 400-450 calories a day, dont really have an appetite which is great but eat to get the proteins in. Just discouraged was hoping to be farther along. Not sure what to do
  4. newbegjo1219

    January surgeries?!

    Hang in there, i started to feel a bit better yesterday and today was my post op, once the swelling goes down things should get better
  5. newbegjo1219

    January surgeries?!

    Had surgery on 1/22, not feeling the greatest, barely getting my fluids in, heartburn or gas is the worst...i was able to eat a 3rd of 4ounce low fat cottage cheese, had to add protein to my water can barely get 24 ounces in a day. But i do feel a bit better than the day before. Not used to sleeping on my back so its hard. Trying to avoid taking the pain killers. I know its supposed to get better soon just hoping sooner than later
  6. newbegjo1219

    January surgeries?!

    I having mines tomorrow also just got my check in time....emotions all over the place
  7. newbegjo1219

    December 2018 Sleevers!

    Congrats as well!! Looks like we have the same surgeon, i scheduled for surgery next week so anxious and nervous at the same time. How was your recovery
  8. newbegjo1219

    January surgeries?!

    So sorry that you went through all of that glad you are finally heading home. Prayers for a speedy recovery
  9. newbegjo1219

    January surgeries?!

    Thanks for the tip, how is it going are you able to get some of ur proteins in today?
  10. newbegjo1219

    January surgeries?!

    So i cant believe this and i had to weigh myself multiple times but i literally have dropped 10lbs since Monday, started liquid diet this week...cant believe it. I stll have 11 more days to go till my VSG, and i cant wait. I thought this was going to be horrible even impossible to do liquids for 14 days but its not that bad. Actually getting more than 64oz of water a day which indont think i have ever done.
  11. newbegjo1219

    January surgeries?!

    Are you allowed gasx, i have heard other people say it worked? Sorry for all the questions just curious and anxious since my surgery is coming soon. Hope your recovery goes well and congrats again
  12. newbegjo1219

    January surgeries?!

    That is great how often do you have to walk around? And i hope you are able to get some protien in
  13. newbegjo1219

    January surgeries?!

    How are you feeling, are you able to walk around?
  14. Yes it united health care oxford, i am also in new york and went through the same process at first i thought it was forever but it did go by quickly. I found an amazing center in LI NY Bariatric Center and they have been great, so looking forward to joining the losers bench this month 13 more days to go.
  15. I have uhc oxford and i was approved and i did gain some weight over the 6 months, but not too much. I am currently doing my pre-op liquid fast

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