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  1. Hi I’m 9 months out and lost 65lbs not sure why it has slowed down but I realized I stopped cardio cause I had a flare up from RA but now I’m back with cardio and lost 5 lbs in a week .. always have your Water at least 33-60! A day .. I just get a large smart water bottle fill it up twice a day and drink it all before I go to sleep even drink when you are driving .. I need to be down 12 lbs by March 23 when I see dr ... pray for me

  2. Thanks guys yes I was a caffeine addict I’m thinking it’s that and I was a sugar addict also ... yes it could be my blood pressure I’ was taking four pills now they have me on one but maybe it’s too much .. I think I will check my blood pressure today .. thanks for your advice ❤️

  3. Hello everyone I’m six weeks out and I’ve had a few bad headaches not sure why I drink a lot of Water so I’m not dehydrated can anyone relate .. someone said that maybe I’m going into ketosis .. I’ve never suffered from headaches and I don’t drink alcohol .. help

  4. Hi everyone I’m six weeks out and definitely try the sugar free Jello cold it saves me the first two weeks also I munch on ice then when you do soft foods .. eat mashed potatoes,, cream Soups, ,pudding ,, zero Greek yogurt ,, cottage cheese when you pass the soft foods and start eating my dr said I could have any fruit in between meals oranges and grapes, watermelon saved my cravings ... good luck