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  1. Veronica Garza

    To tell or not to tell

    I started telling friends and family and then I realized the friends I told were a mistake because they will then tell everyone ... I felt some animosity from them making jokes and comments .. I also feel like my family sees it as I took the easy road .. so now I tell no one and I don’t post on social media
  2. Veronica Garza

    Any regrets

    Awesome! Remember to have sugar free jello on hand it saved my life cause I was thirsty could hardly drink water .. and make your protein shake ahead of time drink like 4 oz when u can ..
  3. Veronica Garza

    Afraid of stretching my sleeve...

    So also my dr said no snacks then he mentioned fruit was ok in between meals
  4. Veronica Garza

    Afraid of stretching my sleeve...

    I’m the same so afraid my sleeve will stretch but I use those tiny four oz Tupperware and put my food also in baby bowls .. my problem is I feed a family of three and I want to eat what they eat but I can’t 😵
  5. Veronica Garza

    Just not feeling good

    Hi I also had my sleeve March 11 I’ve been doing okay I’m hungry all the time once I started eating solids I’m craving everything ... I find it hard to get my water in cause it take me forever to eat... I put a five min timer on my phone and that helps me take a bite every five min .. so every week I lost four lbs and now this last week no loss .. frustrated
  6. Veronica Garza

    Food funerals?

    I’m so afraid that I will never eat pasta again it’s my weakness but my friend that had the surgery said I will eat everything again accept he couldn’t eat pizza
  7. Veronica Garza

    Food funerals?

    I’m the same eating everything from M&M s to chips a lot of coke I need to stop
  8. Veronica Garza

    T-2 days till surgery!

    Hi well good luck to you it will be a good change for you my VSG was just approved not sure when my surgery will be I’m nervous also but just think it’s a short time in your life it will go by so fast sending good thoughts and vibes