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    I am 48, mother of 4, grandmother of 3. I have yoyo'd with weight all my life finding myself at this age morbidly obese.
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    online gaming, graphic design
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  1. Surgery went well, I was up and walking the next day, drinking my protein, and wasn't nauseous not even once.  So I got to go home the next day :)

    This is day 3 post-op. I am doing well, although I slept most of yesterday away, I believe I needed to catch up on sleep, since sleep in the hospital is in 2 hour intervals, someones always waking you up for something lol

    Today I've been up all day, walking around, playing on the computer. I've had some pain but not anything that cant be controlled. The drinking thing has been hard. Making sure i get my protein in. So mainly right now I'm on 2x protein shakes a day, i split them up so that I'm only handling 4oz at a time. Drinking water and power-aid zero all day. And today I measured out 2oz sf jello and 2oz beef broth for lunch. I think i'm going to do ok with my new stomach. I worry about stretching it, but from what I've read 4 oz. on the liquid diet is not the same as solid food. I usually take my time and get full from 4oz of liquid.

    So far so good, I am so happy with my decision to do this.

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      CONGRATS 💜