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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. Jas592

    What are you BINGEING????

    I’ve been binging money heist, the office, and far from home
  2. Jas592

    november sleeve

    I’ve been experiencing the same thing once I switched to purées my weight stalled and now that I am out of the stall I still lose slowly. But I read on the forums before I had surgery because I have pcos my weight loss was going to be slower then everyone else’s. So it helps to know that but it does get to me after a while that’s I’m losing so slowly even when I’m sticking to the plan
  3. Jas592

    Need help

    I found that sugar free popsicles are easier to get down too
  4. Jas592

    Need help

    I got sleeved the same day and I try to get all mines in by slowly sipping 2 oz per hour and I was told to slowly try to add 5 more oz each day until I reach 60 oz I’m at about 21oz right now
  5. Jas592

    Highest weight

    I’m 5’2 and my goal is 130 but I think I’d be happy at 150
  6. Jas592

    november sleeve

    @HappyHikerGal thanks so much feeling pretty good now
  7. Jas592

    november sleeve

    I start mines today I gotta do it for 5 weeks 😳 lol wish me luck
  8. Jas592

    november sleeve

    Mines is November 12th, can’t wait!!!
  9. I’m 26 from Maryland. Will have sleeve surgery 11/12

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