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    ClarkRomulus reacted to catwoman7 in How are you navigating these types of convos?   
    nope - that's the same thing I told people! (except for other obese people - they know the "diet & exercise" thing is a bunch of schlock, so I was more honest with them. A lot of skinny people believe that, though...)
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    ClarkRomulus reacted to Marcia91 in Nausea and low mood   
    I am sorry to hear about how you are feeling, I have not experience any Nauseous , the depression is normal for VSG patients, what we are doing feels lonely when everyone around us is living and eating anything they want. You have to pull yourself up and do things that bring a smile to your face, remember why you did this (to get your health and life back). Everyday is going to be a challenge until its not and we start to see those results we want so badly.
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    ClarkRomulus reacted to ChunkCat in Surgery in Turkey   
    Stories like this make me so sad... My condolences to her family and friends. She should not have been released to fly so early, the most dangerous post op complications usually show up in the first two weeks after surgery.
    It is absolutely ridiculous that people from countries like the US and UK are having to risk their lives going to places like Turkey for surgery because they can't get coverage for their surgeries thanks to **** insurance companies, or because they are on a waiting list that will take 5 years and require a crazy amount of hoops and delays. Obesity is a disease, not a moral failing. Bariatric surgery is life saving, life giving surgery that in the long run saves insurance companies and government healthcare a **** ton of money because patients who are successful with it often lose their pre-existing conditions, go off numerous medications, and avoid the complications of obesity in their lifetime...
    A good friend of mine recently had her company change insurance providers. She was in the process of getting her last appointments done for bariatric surgery. But the new insurance excludes all bariatric surgeries... She can't travel to Mexico even if she could afford it because of her complicated medical history. I'm so angry that ANY company or ANY insurance company can just decide not to provide coverage for these surgeries.
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    ClarkRomulus reacted to Koshk in New Member - same old story :-)   
    Hi All,
    First Post
    I'm female in the UK and nearly 59 years old. I have been a fat toddler, a fat child, a fat teen and a fat adult. I have yo-yo dieted all my life, with each yo-yo lasting for a shorter period and resulting in a new high-point when I would inevitably bounce back. In July '23 I reached a new all time high 24st 9lb (345lb) I was about to start the diet again, about to go through the same loop but just couldn't face it. I made an appointment with a bariatric surgeon, discussed my history and options and agreed that a gastric sleeve was a good fit for me. I was told I was too heavy for their practice and I needed to lose 56lb before I could have the surgery. The surgery was booked for Jan 2nd '24 and I started dieting.
    As is the practice here I had an assessment with a psychologist who confirmed I was a suitable candidate and a dietician who again confirmed I was a suitable candidate but in the process managed to make me feel like I had already failed, in her words I was "Much heavier than most people who come to us" As she was a gate keeper and I needed her approval to progress I did not complain. That time will come.
    Following my initial consultation on the 8th Aug I started dieting to get down to the target weight. I have never had difficulty in losing weight I simply cannot maintain any losses. My normal pattern is if it takes me 6 months to lose the weight I will regain it and 10lb in the following 12-18 months. By the day of surgery I had lost 75lb and was already feeling so much better. I considered carrying on with just dieting and not having the surgery but I was already beginning to see my discipline weaken and I knew it would be the same old story.
    Surgery went well, I had very little pain or discomfort and by and large I cannot complain. I'm currently on the pureed stage of the diet and doing OK managing to keep Protein and Fluid levels up though I struggle with the fluids some day. I have lost 13lb in the last 21 days but have hit the dreaded 3 week plateau.
    Early days but I have no regrets - to be without hunger for the first time in my life is such a relief, I feel good and am doing more and more each day. I am already starting to live the life I want and i can see so many more benefits ahead and believe they are attainable and retainable.
    I wish I knew why I have struggled so much with my weight - there is no one trauma or set of childhood issues I can point at. It is not that I have a compulsion to eat everything in sight there are so many foods I can just ignore, I have no interest in sweet foods of any kind or greasy deep fried foods. But I cannot resist bread, Pasta , rice etc and my down fall has always been the second or even third portion of these carbs. For this reason if no other I hope the VSG will not only prevent that behaviour but I also hope it will give me enough time to re gain control before considering a second helping.
    My parting thought for this post is that as I have gone through my journey thus far the one thing I have found is that my story is not that unusual, my problems are not unique and most importantly that they are not the result of some moral failing or fundamental weakness. There is more to life long obesity than can simply be solved with "diet and exercise" and having finally found medical professionals who believe that is the case I see this year and this journey as a new lease on life that I am going to grab with both hands.
    Koshk - newbie

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    ClarkRomulus got a reaction from Doris27 in January 2024 surgery buddies   
    Thanks for the information, I’m actually thinking about taking 7 days off, I know it not advisable as well but I’m going for it, I do have a little wiggle room if I’m unable to make it through the full 8 hour shift, thanks for the reply it give me hope !
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    ClarkRomulus reacted to bariangelas in January 2024 surgery buddies   
    Yeah no prob I know everyone is different so just do what you think is best.

    like I said just get up and move around when you can as the pressure can be annoying.

    good luck!!
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    ClarkRomulus reacted to bariangelas in January 2024 surgery buddies   
    Hi congrats!!!
    I only took off 6 days.. prob not advisable but I felt well.
    i als9 have a sit down desk job- first day I only did 3 hours to ease myself in , next day was 5 1/2 etc and so on
    the only thing I had issue with was the sittin puts pressure so I was constantly getting up and walking.
    i work in a dr surgery so I also had a space to lay down when needed.
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    ClarkRomulus got a reaction from Kimberlyn in January 2024 surgery buddies   
    I’m January 30th as well, I’m nervous but also excited to start my new journey
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    ClarkRomulus reacted to Doris27 in January 2024 surgery buddies   
    Really enjoyed reading your update. This is quite the learning curve isn’t it. All this AND snowy adventures 😅. It has started snowing here in Scotland too, hopefully no power cuts for me.

    Distinguishing when I am actually hungry has become a bit of a thing for me too. Unfamiliar territory for sure. I am now 6 days post op and it’s been remarkably smooth for me, initially felt cheated as I fully expected to suffer and was adrift when I did not suffer beyond a few reminders now and then I had actually had surgery. No particular desire to suffer but at least I know how to cope with that… (endometriosis has dominated my life for years).

    Last night I spent several hours ruminating over putting back on weight I have yet to loose. 🙈. The mantra for today is one day at a time 😂.

    No cravings per se, I am instead having Soups, Protein Shakes, I had a soft scrambled egg which was delicious, soft cheese, yoghurt and fromage frais. Today has been busy and I did not eat until 6pm, (1x 500ml Protein Shake and 800ml of Water though) when I had a vague feeling of my stomach being empty. Tomorrow I was nourish myself better
    issues I have encountered, a favourite yoghurt is no longer a favourite, eating jelly is not for me, eating slowly is better.

    Best wishes to everyone. Lily2024 hope your power is back on soon xx

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    ClarkRomulus reacted to bariangelas in Just had gastric sleeve   
    Hi all,
    Just had surgery and I’m 48 hours in.
    Had surgery Thursday and came home Friday 2pm
    I keep thinking why have I done this to myself so I’m still in abit of shock and I honestly didn’t prepare myself for post recovery (stupid I know) I had all the food stuff down and thought everything will be ok but there is so much too it.
    Am I having enough fluids, why does my stomach hurt after I drink is it gas pain? or is it because I didn’t have enough food and it’s empty? Or am I having too much? It’s a constant mental battle.
    I just wanted to get some perspective on people who are in the same boat as me right now.
    I also want to hear from people getting into foods and how that was.
    My biggest fear was not being able to eat the things I love but was told that it’s not going to be like that and it won’t be healthy for me to deprive myself.

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    ClarkRomulus got a reaction from Doris27 in January 2024 surgery buddies   
    Hello!! January 30th is my date. I’m nervous. I lost 130 pounds on my own in the last couple of years and have gained at least 50
    Of it back, I keep telling myself this is the right thing to do I don’t want all that weight back, I’m glad I’m catching it in time but I am still nervous. I got a surgery date 5 years ago and backed out due to my career and trying to do it on my own. Now here I am again and I refuse to back out.Wish me luck and God Bless.
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    ClarkRomulus reacted to Doris27 in January 2024 surgery buddies   
    This is a big step so it’s only natural to be nervous. I was the same but just knew there was no point doing the same things over and over to get the same result. Time for change. I wish you all the luck in the world, have faith you can do this. Focus on how physically healthy you will feel afterwards.
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    ClarkRomulus reacted to Jimboc in January 2024 surgery buddies   
    My date is also Jan 30th...so we are surgery twins...lol....I do believe everything will go great and will be very healthy and happy afterwards...God bless both of us and everyone else who is on this journey...
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    ClarkRomulus got a reaction from Doris27 in January 2024 surgery buddies   
    Hello!! January 30th is my date. I’m nervous. I lost 130 pounds on my own in the last couple of years and have gained at least 50
    Of it back, I keep telling myself this is the right thing to do I don’t want all that weight back, I’m glad I’m catching it in time but I am still nervous. I got a surgery date 5 years ago and backed out due to my career and trying to do it on my own. Now here I am again and I refuse to back out.Wish me luck and God Bless.
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    ClarkRomulus reacted to Breaking notsobad in January 2024 surgery buddies   
    I am re-scheduled for 1/29/24. Original Loop Duodenal Switch surgery was scheduled for September but I had A-Fib. which had cardioversion and is now normal sinus rhythm. Surgery will also fix a hiatal hernia. I am 68 years old. I am a bit worried about the recovery but I'm looking forward to getting on with the rest of my life. I've been overweight since I was about 15. I was on the "original" Atkins diet in 1971.
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    ClarkRomulus reacted to Lily2024 in January 2024 surgery buddies   
    Today is 8 days post op. It seems like my innards are awaking and they don't like me right now, but that's nothing new. Yesterday I made Breakfast, took a half hour brisk walk on the treadmill, went grocery shopping and made my little 2 oz food containers, baked a cake and made dinner, then folded the laundry. All told, I'm feeling much more normal again, feeling antsy to get moving and I'm having more difficulty limiting myself than motivating myself.
    Before the surgery I was used to either a one hour lap swim with drills, or a one hour fast walk on the treadmill with hand weights. For the liquid diet I shortened both to about 40 min and slowed a bit, no hand weights. My body still wants to move but I know that I can't get too worked up right now, I need to heal more first. I have my first Post-op appt on Tuesday, hoping I can go back to swimming next week if my incisions are healed enough? 🤞
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    ClarkRomulus got a reaction from ChunkCat in Pap Smear Requirement   
    Thanks for the information!! I did send the paperwork yesterday. Fingers crossed
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    ClarkRomulus reacted to Adipocyte Apoptosis in Wegovy vs bariatric surgery   
    Thanks for the recommendation! I will look into that YouTube channel. Honestly, I feel like I took Wegovy before I had admitted to myself that I was ready to undergo surgery. It had always been in the back of my mind, but I never thought that it would be something I would do. It's hard to give up the lifelong hope of being able to lose weight on your own.
    I took a class on weight loss where we discussed energy homeostasis and the different survival mechanisms our bodies have to prevent us from starving, i.e., stop us from losing fat storage so we don't die. It was very eye-opening to the types of changes that must take place for sustainable, long-term weight loss.
    Bariatric surgery has a ~75% success rate compared to the ~10% success rate seen in conventional weight loss attempts, and it's BECAUSE of the physiological changes made in your body due to the anatomical change made to it during surgery. That, paired with practicing healthy behaviors for both physical and mental health, leads to more permanent weight loss. I've been able to maintain my post-Wegovy weight loss for months now, but achieving additional weight loss has just been impossible.
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    ClarkRomulus reacted to BabySpoons in I don't know if normal pre-surgery jitters or true second thoughts   
    I told myself I could do it on my own too. I lost those same 45+ pounds over and over and over again through the years along with attaining a sluggish metabolism through low calorie dieting. Your body will constantly fight to get back to that higher abnormal weight setpoint we made for ourselves. It's exhausting. Regaining the weight always involved a few more pounds and eventually co morbidities. You might not have any now, but you will. Not trying to be negative but realistic. Also, as I got older, maintaining all the added exercise to try to keep it off became unattainable.
    WLS is way more than just food restriction. The surgery resets that setpoint, so you are no longer working against your own bodies stubbornness to stay at a higher bodyfat %. Don't pass on doing it based on fear. I would be more scared not to do it, knowing what I know now. GL.
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    ClarkRomulus reacted to NickelChip in I don't know if normal pre-surgery jitters or true second thoughts   
    Since you've been doing your homework, you probably already know that your chance for any complication is just under 6% and your chance for a serious complication is about 2.5% with the RNY. On the flip side, you have about a 74% chance of curing your sleep apnea and a decent likelihood of reaching a BMI in the healthy range.
    I am scheduled for surgery next month, so I can't tell you about my experience with it yet. What I can tell you is why I am choosing it after almost 7 years in my hospital's non-surgical weight loss program. I am 5'6 and 49 years old, with 2 teen/tween daughters. At the start of 2017, I was 249 pounds and on blood pressure meds, no other co-morbidities. My primary care doctor referred to me to the weight management center. They said aim for 1500 calories per day, 30 minutes of exercise 5 days per week, and check in with them every month. I was motivated and started tracking my food and exercise. I went in for nutrition, psych, and medical meetings as directed. The weight came off. I was thrilled! I got down to 202 in 6 months. I was so close to being under 200, and I was certain I could easily get to at least under a BMI of 30 to no longer be "obese." Piece of cake! Or rather, some suitably healthy cake alternative. Like apples, maybe?
    And then I stalled for months. I never hit that magical 199 on the scale. I kept doing everything the same and my weight didn't budge. I ate a little less. I exercised a little more. I gained 5 lbs. I gained a few more. I became discouraged. Life happened. I would lose 10 lbs, gain 8, lose 5, gain 15... I tried various meds but couldn't afford them longterm. I lost health insurance for a year and couldn't afford to go to my regular check-ins, which I know were partially responsible for keeping me at least a little motivated even when the scale didn't cooperate. I got health insurance again, and went for my physical. My blood pressure had worsened and now I was prediabetic. My doctor urged me to go back to weight management. I had to wait 3 months for an appointment, and despite wanting to lose some weight in the interim (so the doctor there wouldn't be disappointed in me), I weighed in at 251, which tipped me over to 40 BMI. That was the most I ever weighed. When the doctor recommended I consider weight loss surgery, I knew that was the answer for me.
    One thing I learned in all this is people can lose weight, even a lot of it. The likelihood of keeping it off longterm without meds or surgery is around 10%. Between a 2.5% risk of a serious complication or a 90% chance of being obese and on blood pressure meds the rest of my life, and risking diabetes, I prefer to take my chances with the surgery. It's not the losing weight that worries me, but the keeping it off that I don't think will happen without it.
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    ClarkRomulus reacted to pintsizedmallrat in Federal Blue Cross Blue Shield Process   
    I got an answer within 10 days when mine was submitted in 2021. I had to do 3 months of supervised diet. I think my out of pocket was something to the tune of about $175 for the actual procedure.
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    ClarkRomulus got a reaction from BeanitoDiego in Federal Blue Cross Blue Shield Process   
    Sounds about what I was thinking, reading the plan book is overwhelming and the amounts seem high!! Thanks for the reply
  23. Congrats!
    ClarkRomulus reacted to BeanitoDiego in Federal Blue Cross Blue Shield Process   
    I have a different flavor of BCBS that required 6 months of physician-monitored diet. But from the time that my program submitted all of the required paperwork to approval was 9 days. My surgery was scheduled for two weeks later. Out of pocket, I paid around $1000. The anesthesiologist was not in-network and was about $270 of the total cost.
  24. Congrats!
    ClarkRomulus reacted to TRClark23 in My Gastric Sleeve Journey   
    Quick update, I had my first doctors appointment in roughly three months today, I weighed in at 286lbs, though it should have been less because it's cold in Texas right now and I was in jeans, shoes, and a hoodie, lol.. but anyway, everything is going really well! I dropped another 10lbs this month and the doctor said that I'm averaging about 10lbs a month, which is normal.
    He says that before long, the stomach will start to stretch more and that I'll be hungry again soon, which I don't really believe but hey, he's the doctor, right? I still can't really eat more than 3 bites or so without getting sick and have been mostly eating Soup lately because of the weather and that I can take a little more in with the liquid. I've been drinking a lot of coffee and sweet tea, which I know isn't good, but I figure since I'm not eating that much, it's okay to get some calories in through drinks.
    I have 1lb to go until I hit the 100lbs lost stage and I only have 61lbs to go to hit my goal, so I really think I'm going to reach my goal before next summer, which would absolutely amazing.
    It's frustrating at times to see my family indulging on fast food and remembering a time when I could down a double whopper and a large fry with ease. These days, I can't take two bites of a burger before I'm ready to throw up, but to anyone reading my journey, it's absolutely worth it!

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    ClarkRomulus reacted to MandoGetsSleeved in 6 years postop... the long haul.   
    As others have stated, sorry you are going through so many issues and I appreciate when folks state the other side of things. That being said, I would say that many (if not most) of us who have had the surgery haven't experienced the post operative effects that you have had.
    Personally, it's been 3 years for me. Without a doubt, the best decision of my life. I've been fortunate to have basically had zero negative side effects. This IS a life altering surgery. You won't be able to eat what you previously referred to as a "normal" sized meal. What we considered normal pre-surgery certainly wasn't healthy or we wouldn't have been obese...
    I believe anyone considering the surgery should read EVERYTHING (positive and negative) and make the choice that is right for THEM.

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