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  1. Johnny B

    Male Before and After Pictures

    Starting weight 308 lbs. Current weight 198 lbs
  2. Johnny B

    Before and current

    At 198 lbs. Down 110lbs
  3. Johnny B

    Before and current

    308 lbs vs 232 lbs
  4. Johnny B

    figuring out an ultimate goal

    Great job. You’ve lost a tremendous amount of weight. Thanks for the encouragement.
  5. Johnny B

    figuring out an ultimate goal

    Yes, that is what I did at first, but now I'm not sure what is right. My general practitioner originally said 215lbs, but I'm below that now.
  6. Johnny B

    figuring out an ultimate goal

    Thanks, I am very happy now. I feel like a much younger and healthier person.
  7. Johnny B

    figuring out an ultimate goal

    Thank you. The BMI chart says I should be 150lbs, which would be way too low for me.
  8. Hi, I began my journey towards being healthy again one year ago, at a starting weight of 308lbs at 5'6", on two BP meds and still with a BP of 140/90, and also on cholesterol meds. When asked what my goal was, it was just to be healthy, and I thought it would be great to lose enough weight to get off all my meds. So I began seeing a nutritionist late May, 2018, and started modifying my eating habits, went back to the gym, and did the pre-requisite doctor visits and tests to get approved for surgery. By December I was down 34-35lbs. and feeling good with a surgery date of January 2, 2019. Soon after surgery I was able to cut back on my meds. Was happy about that. By early April I was off them completely. Goal accomplished. So I then said what is my goal. So I picked 215, since I was in pretty good shape when I was at that weight nearly 20 years ago. Beginning of May came around...check. Then I said to myself, I'll strive for a loss of 100lbs. Check. So then I decided to lose a bit more, to accommodate the inevitable bounce-back. Today I'm at 199lbs, down a total of 109lbs, and even gained back some muscle. I haven't been this light in 26 years. So my question is, how do we determine what our final goal should be? I don't go by BMI because I have a rather large bone structure. I've even have the beginnings of a six pack. How did everyone decide on an ultimate goal?
  9. Had sleeve surgery in January, now down a total of 109 lbs. (35lbs pre-surgery, 74lbs post-surgery). I Just came out of recent stall. Everything had been the same, training, diet, regimen, etc, but what seemed to work for me was an increase in calories for a few days. Guessing my body was in adaptation mode slowing my metabolism a bit, and the increase in calories sparked my metabolism, and I wound up losing 5 lbs. this past week. So if you've hit a plateau, give it a shot.