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    Sleeve 12/26 Current weight 201 Weight at surg 216 Highest weight 247
  2. Lucyelle

    December 2018 Sleevers!

    Yes I am having alit if difficulty with the pills
  3. Lucyelle

    Day 5 post op

    I am 5 days too! My biggest issue is crushing pills and getting them in- antacid they discharged me with us delayed release and I though we were told but to take that...???? But I have been opening the capsule and sprinkling it in sugar free jello. The vitamins and my regular meds have been tough too. Doing my best with water and protein - have not hit the goal yet.. but every day gets closer-
  4. Lucyelle

    December 2018 Sleevers!

    It really is. I also had dry heaves for 3 days - I hope I can say it gets better
  5. Lucyelle

    December 26, 2018 Bypass Surgery Twins??

    I am having sleeve- thanks Tere for the well wishes💕
  6. Lucyelle

    December 26, 2018 Bypass Surgery Twins??

    She’s a mini labradoodle! Good luck to everyone tomorrow :)
  7. Lucyelle

    December 26, 2018 Bypass Surgery Twins??

    Good luck to all of us “12/26 - ers”!
  8. Lucyelle

    December 26, 2018 Bypass Surgery Twins??

    Hi “Twins”! I am 10 AM tomorrow 12/26 💕Good Luck looking forward to this journey !
  9. Lucyelle

    Single DUE to surgery

    Thank you Frustr8- i appreciate your kindness- I really loved him.. but I was just a target of his - the betrayal feels horrific and I am really mad at myself fir letting this happen to me. Yes - it has been terrible. Today he sent me a letter with a check for 8,000 stating in the memo of the check “by cashing this check she agrees to not seek additional monies from me for any reason” . He also put that in the letter he sent . This is a game for him... I need the money and it is my money! I don’t want to “ waste it in lawyers fees “ but it is killing me that he is getting away with this - even worse - he knows I have surgery 12/26 and the letter arrived today .... Christmas Eve!! I am trying to be strong but it really really hurts. I miss the person I thought he was... looking back there were signs but just like the Dirty John series on Bravo - while it was happening I believed him, loved him, made excuses for him and let him destroy me mentally physically and financially- without even knowing it was happening
  10. Think about what problems you would have had with the weight on you and maybe more.... weight the next year....you did this for your health and well being. It’s like any major decision .... buyers remorse- focus on the good and not the bad. That is what I want to do - I have been reading posts of folks saying very little pain .no problems, back to work was easy etc- I just am trying to let them stick in my head- I have a tendency to ruminate and I am not so much afraid I will have made the wrong decision ( as I feel it is the right one) but my service dog needs to go away for her final training and having her away from me will make things harder as I recover - so I am trying to condition myself to remember and focus on the folks who have had few issues to keep me in that mindset for after surgery - mine is 12/26. Focus on a pet or small animal perhaps as you recover - it has done wonders for me
  11. Lucyelle

    Late December Sleevers?

    I am 12/26! I have a service dog who is well trained - a true service dog- so she goes away for her intensive training a few weeks after surgery. I have her for an auto immune condition that flares when I am stressed - I am worried about her being away - while I am going back to work etc - she will be gone 12 weeks.
  12. Lucyelle

    Single DUE to surgery

    This happened to me as well ... I was in a long term relationship (5yrs) with an apparent narcissist- he stole my money, my self esteem and left me while I was going through presurg approvals. He held my belongings hostage- still has my furniture some from my first marriage in his new apartment. My surg is 12/26 and I cannot focus on what he did - I filed a police report- he was violent when he left- but other than that I turned my focus toward not letting him derail me from this. Hoping for some empowerment and energy like you all have mentioned once I recover and begin to see progress .....then I can go after my $$ and possessions! I was completely blindsided btw. Turns out he wanted a nice place to live and then he wanted my $$. It was what I am now told “classic” behavior: idolize at the start... then they devalue you.... then they discard. It has been one of the most painful experiences of my life... turns out he has done it to other women before me.
  13. Lucyelle

    100 lbs in under a year?

    Mine is 12/26 and my starting weight was 247. I am 5 feet.
  14. Good Advice -I am trying to do that too🐾💕-I also have been immobile on a scooter due to leg issues - had to have revision of a prior tendon repair - I was not going to do this surgery but my Dr said I had a hiatal hernia and bad esophageal scarring and as long as that had to be repaired I should consider it and so while I was out with my leg I had the additional testing done- once we knew I did not have esophageal cancer I thought - I should do this and get myself back. I was in a very bad relationship with a man who tricked me into putting him on the deed of my coop. When I sold it he drained our shared account- as this happened- I needed hope and to do something for me. The feeling of betrayal was so horrifying- he nearly ruined me financially, physically and mentally. So when we say look forward I am so right there ready to not look back!!!
  15. I am having more me 12/26 ... I am scared/ hopeful- not really excited- I feel alot of guilt for having to do this for some reason - I am also ashamed - I don’t feel that way about anyone else that has had the surgery but I do for myself
  16. Lucyelle

    December 2018 Sleevers!

    Super Helpful ! TY -My date is 12/26. I am in VA. My daughter is coming for the surg but leaving for New Years so I am on my own. I live alone so will be doing the Netflix thing too. My significant other of 5 years bailed on me after stealing money from our joint account (long story) so I am focusing really hard on me. 💕 I think having this surgery around the Holidays is tough but I am really motivated and am trying hard to plan cause it’s just me now ( and my pup)
  17. I did not tell my Mom she would not understand. I told my cousin who is a recovery and prepping nurse and she. Said she sees some family members at the bedside as the person’s preop saying you sure you want to do this? She says it’s terrible.

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