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  1. So, I thought I was sure on who I wanted to do my surgery...but recently two other strong contenders came into the picture. I am looking for some help and thoughts on the three I have listed below: 1. Dr. Ungson at Mexicali Bariatric: Pros: Will allow my husband to stay with me, performs multiple leak tests, has good reviews, Dr. appears very competent but he does lack US certifications like AMBTS. Cons: cost is more expensive, Doc does not have that international certification that I can find 2. Dr. Alejandro Lopez at ALO Bariatrics: Pros: has good reviews, cost is less, Dr does have AMBTS certification Cons: There may be an issue with my husband staying with me and that makes me nervous 3. Dr. Illan with Bariatricpal MX: Pros: Has good reviews, cost is good, has AMBTS certification, performs leak tests, will let my husband stay with me Cons: I am concerned about Tijuana. MX and whether it is safe. Any thoughts on these three programs?
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    Dr. Illan, I do have questions... I sent you an email asking if it was ok to ask them there...Let me know if there is a better way to get thos questions to you. Bill, I would like the opportunity to speak with you. I did complete my weight loss questionnaire online so please let me know if you can talk either over email or phone or even video chat. I really appreciate your help! Brittany