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  1. I just read @BoredCW's status post and also want to lament the loss of my butt.  Looking at me the side, my back is basically flat from my neck to my knees.  My jeans have lovely fabric folds draping from my backside from lack of filling.

    Two days ago, I was sitting on a worn couch at the gym and I could feel the springs and count how many I was sitting on.  Told the Kid and she said she wants to find her childhood alphabet fridge magnets in the basement to spell out words and have me sit on them and do some "butt-braille-reading" 😂

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    2. ms.sss


      Ah, our disappearing collective butts.

      I am seriously considering changing my plastics plan. I am booked for an arm lift in December, but my summer obsession with arm exercises has improved the look of them quite a bit to the point that I think I may hate my butt more than my arms. Should I do a butt lift instead?!?! In conjunction with?!?!?

      I am trying to cultivate an obsession with butt exercises but its not working so far...

    3. 2Bsmaller18


      I don't think you could do both at the same time. For me personally it's arms. I have granny wrinkles down to my elbows. I can always dover my body with tshirts, pants, etc but unless I wear long sleeves my arms are an issue. I also can't wear a small enough jacket since it fits everywhere but too tight in the arms. They measure around 13.5 inches. Can you compromise and get the smaller arm lift. I don't know if that saves much $ or recovery but if your arms improved that much maybe just a tweek will work?

    4. ms.sss


      The difference in price for a mini arm lift and the full arm lift at my surgeon is less thank 2K and probably not worth the savings. May as well pay the extra bit and get the full arm lift as my sag also reaches my elbows. You are right though, my arms see the light of day way more than my butt does...I'll have to see if the continued butt exercises will change my mind down the road (but it's looking more and more that a butt lift is in my future)

      P.S. At the beginning of my 2 week pre-op diet, my upper right arm measured 17.75 inches in circumference. Now its 10. And that is with the extra skin still.

  2. Looks like I need people around to complete a 10K.  I tried to do one by myself this afternoon and I gave up at around the 7km mark.  Gonna try again on Friday, but I may have to look into joining a running club...

    1. FluffyChix


      Join a running club!!! Woot!!!

  3. RE: the running/training

    Honestly it started with me just doing laps around the kitchen that first post-op week.

    In a week, I graduated to walking up and down my street, then to walking around the block every day.

    The distance increased, then the speed.

    Then I started running little spurts during my walks, then to alternating 1km runs with 1km walks.

    And now I can do a continuous 10k (which I totally did for the first time this morning...so full of myself about it today, it’s disgusting.)

    Just do something everyday and slowly increase speed and duration, next thing you know you’ll be one of those odd “running people” (who I never understood pre-op, but now totally get, lol)

    1. Krestel


      Thanks for the feedback. I got the 5k walking everydy thing down and now I just need to start jogging parts of it. It feels like an interesting experience so far. (I can only say interesting because I'm not all that positive about it, but Im sure Ill get there.)

    2. ms.sss


      Yeah, when I first started, it felt more of a chore, something I had to do. Now I actually sorta like it! LOL. Actually let me be more specific...I love how I feel AFTERWARDS. During, I am often having doing internal negotiations with myself about how I should keep on going, or just stop. 😎

      Keep going!

    3. Krestel


      hahaha...I have the same thing about going out. I know that I like walking (and so do my dogs), but getting out the door is more difficult than the walk itself. /sigh

  4. I am officially the awesome-est person in my universe.  I. RAN. A. 10K. THIS. MORNING.  *drops mike*

  5. Yup, I did it! I RAN my SECOND continuous 5K ever this morning! There is an option to do a 10K Sunday morning and I'm going to give it a try. It's basically the 5K twice. Even though this is a girls' trip, I kinda wish Mr. was here so he could witness my awesomeness.

    @FluffyChix, no it wasn't on the beach nor was I wearing a bikini, but I think I should get bonus points anyway, just for doing it a second time 😎

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    2. FluffyChix


      Yay you!!! You're a rockstar girlie!!!

    3. ms.sss


      I am officially the awesome-est person in my universe. I. RAN. A. 10K. THIS. MORNING. *drops mike*

    4. FluffyChix


      Holy heck!! My emoji is a gobsmack to me. :) I'm not confused, but forever after this I will use that emoji as it should be used...to indicate surprise, shock, gob-smackedness! :D

      Huge congrats!!! I am not worthy!! SOOO not worthy! Amazing! Inspiring!

  6. So this morning I RAN my first continuous 5K ever.  On vacation, no less!!  I had gone to the hotel gym with the intention to do 45 mins of run/walk on the treadmill when I crossed paths with a group (led by hotel staff) who were going off-grounds for a group run.  They convinced to join them and I totally did it!!!  Funny because if I were alone I would have gave up at 3km...the presence of the others brought out my "if-you-can-do-this-so-can-i-dammit"  attitude..gonna join them again on Friday!

    1. FluffyChix


      Congrats! Bonus points if it was on a beach in a bikini! :D

  7. Um...so all this time I thought I had a lumpy lower abdomen due to stubborn fat deposits or uneven fat loss.  Turns out two of those lumps are my hip bones.

    1. AZhiker


      Ha ha! Good for you!

    2. elcee


      Those hip bones really are a stubborn deposit😂

  8. So just came back from my first mini-vacay since getting into maintenance.  I didn't have a food nor body scale, so I was winging it.  I estimated to have taken in well over 2000 calories for each of the 4 days we were road trippin'.  I was fully prepared to see a noticeable weight increase upon our return due to the higher volume and calorie rich foods I was eating.  Plus I didn't poop the entire time, so all the food is technically still in me, lol.

    Imagine my surprise when I got on the scale this morning and it read 116.2 😲

    The exact same weight I was the morning I left.  WTF?

    1. FluffyChix


      Congrats and welcome back! We missed you!

  9. Ok...so keeping my daily weight updated on here is getting tedious due to the the daily 0-3 lbs fluctuations.  Soooo...I figure I'm just going to update every 1-2 weeks moving forward.


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    2. FluffyChix


      LOL the joys of maintenance! ;) NOT!

    3. sillykitty


      Like @FluffyChix I updated at every new low, consequently I'm now listed as my lowest weight. I should probably update it to where I've been maintaining, which is +3 lbs or so from that weight.

    4. FluffyChix


      Nah, keep your low and stay aware of your upper threshold so you don't hit it. :D ;)

  10. Worst. Dumping. Ever. Last. Night.

    So I thought I would throw caution to the wind and sample some of the fruit salad that my mom brought over for the fam. I dutifully portioned out 1/8 cup of the stuff.  I figured the sugar in the fruit may be in issue, but come on, 1/8 cup?  Barely a couple bites, should be fine.

    Before I could finish it, my heart started to feel like it was beating out of my chest.

    *** TMI Alert: continue reading at your own risk ***

    Ended up in the washroom barfing. And while I was barfing, I had to :70_poop:.  I was literally alternating ends to face the toilet until it felt like there was nothing left in my insides.  I swear more came out of me that I even put in it over the last 3 days.

    I laid down with my forehead on the cold bathroom floor tile for like 20 minutes afterwards to recuperate.  Then Mr. (my hero :1007_hearts:) carried me to the shower and helped me crawl into bed.

    So yeah, I'm feeling pretty shitty this AM.



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    2. ms.sss


      @FluffyChix, if he had done fireman style i may have just barfed more down his back. 😜

    3. ms.sss


      @Cheeseburgh, i felt pretty crappy all day yesterday, my stomach was empty but I just was not wanting to eat at all, so i ended up (really) tired and (really) cranky by end of the day. I had some food finally earlier today (i went back to my old faithful meal of grilled chicken and salad greens) and am feeling like my normal self again.

      lesson learned.

    4. ypease


      Yikes! I'm going to remember your experience. Fruit Salad....maybe not such a good idea.

  11. Having another blah food day today.  My lunch has been sitting here with me for almost two hours and all I've managed to eat was maybe 1/2 oz of grilled chicken and 2 cucumber slices.  Eff it, I'm done.

  12. So I went to a wedding last night and definitely consumed more calories than I ever had since before my 2-week pre-op diet.  I didn't have a scale nor labels to scan, so I estimated everything in MFP, and logged in about 2000 calories.  I didn't really eat much, so most of this was comprised of booze (red wines and gin & sodas) and 3 spoonfuls of creme brûlée.

    Well, either I over-exerted myself with all the dancing, or I was drunker than I planned, or I possibly experienced my second-ever dumping episode (I say possibly because I'm still not sure the first one I had was really dumping nor am I positive that last night was one either...).  I was sweating at the level of my pre-op days, and barfed for like 15 minutes.  Luckily, I felt sooo much better after the barfing that I got to enjoy the rest of the night, so all was not completely lost.

    I have another wedding to go to this month, and will do better.  Pinky swear. 


    1. Purpledva


      Hey Ms.sss,

      You are human and you enjoyed yourself. I am glad that you were able to identify the problem and you were ok. Yites!!!! Another wedding? You will do just fine...….Pink Swear.

  13. So it's someone's last day in the office today, and there is (lots of) cake.  Despite me politely declining 3 or 4 times, someone still plopped a giant-sized slice on my desk.  Every time this person walks by - who happens to be my client, btw - she comments (loudly) how I have not taken a bite of said cake.

    So I have resorted to wrapping up bits of the cake in tissue and discretely throwing it out every once in a while.  I tell myself I'm only doing this because I'm at a client site, but I tell ya, this is not a proud moment for me.

    Honestly, why do people care so much what I eat.

    1. thatch


      Ugh, I hate this. I wish people would just mind their own business.

    2. Carrot64


      If we have to resort to subterfuge, so be it.. when it applies to put someone in there place , go for it!’ You handled it great , I’m sorry you were in a position like that and I’m sure I will run across it when the holidays come and my little elderly clients make me the baked goods I scoffed down with gusto, for years.. I would like to be a fly on the wall when you get the chance to tell a non client that harasses you a piece of your mind!

  14. Never thought I would say this, but I think I've lost enough weight.

    My goal was originally 120 lbs, and I think I'm going to stop where I am (127.3 lbs).  I'm about to size myself out of the smallest of sizes of women's clothing and I really don't want to sport a wardrobe from Gap Kids (which, btw, I actually wore this morning...my jacket felt so loose on me and its just a little too cold today to go jacket-less, so I put on the Kid's old windbreaker that she wore 2 years ago: Gap Kids size 12. Seriously.  I'm wearing my kid's hand-me-downs.  What is happening??)

    I don't really understand though why when I was in my 20's, when I weighed less than I do right now, was I actually bigger than I am right now.  I still have clothes that I wore in my 20's that I am swimming in these days *scratches head*.

    ...and since I plan to get some PS done in August, I figure whatever skin they chop off of me will get me down closer to 120 without having to lose any more fat and/or muscle and/or overall bulk.

    Soooooo....now I have to figure out how to do the maintenance thing.

  15. I'm not complaining, but I know it is going to sound that I am.  But here goes:

    I used to be discouraged going shopping because I knew that more often than not, all the nicer clothes I really wanted to wear would not come in my size.

    So now I lost the weight, and wouldn't you effing know it, I'm in the same position as before again, but on the opposite end!

    Winners is one of my fave stores, because every once in a while you'll score.  I went to one across the street from the office at lunchtime today.  And every single item I tried on was too big.  We are talking Smalls and Extra-Smalls.  I had to buy a child size hoodie at Roots the other day and I thought it was pretty funny.  Not so funny anymore.

    1. Ohcinders


      that's fantastic, and terrible at the same time ;)

      My surgery is in 17 days, and I hope I do as well as you have

    2. Healthy_life2


      Its easier to find clothing if you fit into the mid-range sizes. Its funny that plus size clothing and small and XS are a bit more difficult to find. Vanity sizing makes me crazy. Size depends on the designer.

  16. 👉🏼 One. Hundred. Pounds. Lost. !!!

    I was 235 lbs on Oct 10th, 2018.  Six and a half months later, I have shed the equivalent of my 13 year old daughter. 

    That's just CRAZY 😮!!!

    1. GreenTealael



    2. ProudGrammy


      don't look at me, i didn't take them🤣 - 100 lbs- gone, gone, and gone - keep up the good work - congrats, kathy

  17. Yay me!  Today, I am officially no longer overweight (at least according to BMI scales).  I'm "normal" again! 😎

    1. Emilia DD

      Emilia DD

      Congrats lady 🎊

  18. I officially have no butt. Other than a crease where the bottom of my butt should be, there is no difference between the back of my thighs and my derriere.  Need up my squat game...

    1. Healthy_life2


      I feel your pain. :363_peach:

  19. A prime example of why the number on the scale is not the only measure of weight loss success/failure:

    For the past week I have been basically at the same weight, give or take 1/2 a pound.

    However: my body fat percentage went from 29.4% to 27.7%, and I lost 1/2 inch off my waist (and other places) in the same period.


    1. GreenTealael



  20. 6 months today! 96.9 lbs lost since the 2wk pre-op liquid diet :) 


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    2. ProudGrammy


      you are aces!! keep up the great work - kathy

    3. Orchids&Dragons


      That's wonderful, congrats!

    4. DAS-RC


      Wow! That's awesome!

  21. Another checkup, another height change.  Last time I went, they recorded me at 5'1", which is a full inch shorter than what I have been saying for the past 25 years.  This time they used metric and noted 157cm, which is 5'1.81".  So I asked them to check again and yep, its 157cm. 

    Now I have to recalculate all my BMI goals again...

  22. TMI Alert.  So I looooove poop days.  I only have them every 4-5 days now, but when they come around I just feel so much better afterwards 😁

    Plus the 1+ lbs weight drop is always a nice bonus...

    1. Losingit2018


      You may want to talk to your team about this. Not good to go more than 3 days without bm. I suffer from chronic constipation and take 1 serving of miralax daily. It is gentle, safe and effective.

    2. ms.sss


      You said it. I went to my checkup this morning my NUT says I need to go more often than this (I was always under the impression it was ok to go this far so long as its "regular"). Anyhoo, I'm supposed to up my carb/fibre intake, by either adding 1/4 cup low-glycemic veggies per day (preferred) or up my Benefiber usage from 2 tsp once a day to 2tsp TWICE a day (acceptable).

  23. Went shopping today to buy new work out clothes because my current compression pants are more like jogging pants these days.  Soooo satisfying to reach for size smalls and have so much variety to choose from.  I love shopping again!


    1. GreenTealael


      💜 Congrats 💜

  24. I broke 150 lbs today!!!!

    150 lbs has been my wall for the past 15 years.  I've dieted down to the low 150s 3 times only to regain what I lost and more. 

    I am now officially 149.7 lbs as of this morning.  Yay me!

    1. Orchids&Dragons



    2. GreenTealael



  25. Tonight, I swallowed my semi-horse-pill-sized multi-vitamin without wanting to hurl!

    So long, expensive chewable multi-vitamin, from now I can buy the cheaper, tablet vites at Costco.

    Next: try to swallow the actual horse-pill-sized calcium pills without wanting to hurl....