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Excited for a new me

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    Wife and mom of 4 great kids.... now its time for me to become a healthly wife and mom :)
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  1. Excited for a new me

    Ten month before and after pics

    Girl you are gorgeous!!
  2. Excited for a new me

    Michigan sleevers

    Metro Detroit Area
  3. Excited for a new me

    Sleeved on March 27 and I feel fine?

    I was sleeved on Wednesday 2/20 and felt great by Monday, I have a desk job and returned back to work on Tuesday 2/26. I am now 6 weeks out and feel amazing, this is definitely the best thing that I have ever done for myself, I did have the dreaded 3 week stall that last 10 days, but I am now loosing again and eating much more 'normal' foods. Hoping that you continue feeling great!!
  4. Excited for a new me

    The scale is finally moving again

    happy dance for the both of us
  5. Excited for a new me

    The scale is finally moving again

    Hmmm i never thought of the sleep aspect of this thank you!!!
  6. I was sleeved on 2/20 I was doing really well with the weight loss until about 17 days out, then bam.. the scale stopped and it really sadden me, I am following my doctors meal plan, getting my water and protein in. I know everyone talks about the stalls but i was hoping that it wouldn't happen. This morning I got on the scale 10 days after the stall began and I am down 1.5# hopefully this is the start of that dreaded scale to start moving regularly again.... Yes I know be patient and continue doing what I am doing but lets just say I am one happy camper today!!
  7. Excited for a new me

    Itchy Incisions

    I am just over 2 weeks post-op... I feel great, my energy is great, eating well, no gas.... but dear god are my incisions itchy. i know it is just the healing process but oh my gosh they itch
  8. Excited for a new me

    Time off work

    I had surgery in the morning on Wednesday 2/20, was home from the hospital Thursday by 1pm slept all afternoon. Was up and moving comfortably on Friday. Relaxed Saturday and Sunday, worked from home on Monday and have been back in the office since last Tuesday. I do have a desk job and stopped taking pain meds on Friday so I have been driving since Monday. I have surgeon follow up tomorrow, but I feel great!!!
  9. Excited for a new me

    Gastric Sleeve Surgery 2/20/2019

    I was sleeved on the 20th also.... no gas, no nausea, I honestly feel great!!! I go back to work on Tuesday, I’m going stir crazy being at home 😀 Hopefully we can keep in touch
  10. Excited for a new me

    I was sleeved on Wednesday

    Yep 5 days out and feeling great, but can’t wait until the next food stage
  11. Excited for a new me

    I was sleeved on Wednesday

    Just feeling a bit sore and tired, but for the most part feeling better then I expected.... god willing I continue feeling better each day!
  12. Excited for a new me

    Any 2/20/19 Sleevers out there

    I am getting super excited my surgery is Wednesday 2/20.... yep less then 1 week away. I am 8 days into my liquid diet so the hunger and headaches are gone I am looking for a surgery buddy anyone have the same surgery date?
  13. Excited for a new me

    February 2019 Sleevers?

    I am scheduled for 2/20, 1 week down of pre op diet, much easier now then it has been. I am trying to judge how my recovery will ... I know everyone is different but I am taking eveyones stories in right now. Congratulations, I can't wait to join you
  14. Excited for a new me

    January 2019

    January 23rd for me.....