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    erie84 reacted to sharonintx in 5 things I've learned 5 yrs out   
    Hello fellow sleevers. I have been on this site very little in the past couple of years but have logged in today to respond to a question. Since I'm here, I feel obligated to tell you all the things I've learned after 5 years.
    1. The people that told me my approach to living life with the sleeve was all wrong and that I would fail, gain weight in a few years, stretch my sleeve, and regret my actions are mostly gone now. I have seen a couple of them around but the most are long gone. Do not pay much attention to the know-it-alls. They know no more than anyone else and are just as likely to fail.
    2. Obviously you want to follow your Dr's instructions but don't get too hung up on strict rules and diets. If you make reasonable decisions and balance your good and bad food choices, your sleeve will do most of the work for you. I have eaten anything I wanted since day one. I try to pay attention to Protein etc., but I do not deny myself anything. You have the sleeve for a reason. Let it do it's job. Don't force it to hold more than it can and do not deny yourself the things that make you happy. Balance - just do it.
    3. WLS is much more than losing weight. It is getting to the bottom of the issues that cause us to compensate with food in the first place. Pay more attention to your mental well being than the numbers on the scale. Your long term success depends on it.
    4. Know that even after you reach your goal weight you will still be the same person with the same insecurities. Being thin changes nothing. If you did it for health reasons then hopefully those will no longer be an issue, but the person you are and how you feel inside doesn't change from losing weight. That has to change on the inside. No way around it.
    5. Know that once you have made the necessary changes inside and out there will be some people that don't relate to you the same or just plain don't like you anymore. Also know that what they think is completely irrelevant . Physical and mental changes for the better intimidate those with small minds. Don't give them a second thought.
    Thanks for reading.

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    erie84 reacted to April Dawn in Need some encouragement. Still pending insurance approval and surgery date is in 10 days   
    Thank you all for your responses. I found out yesterday that I was approved. Surgery date is Monday 10/29. Now my brain can shift into surgery mode instead of approval stress mode. @Cynthia312, did you get your approval? Looks like we are scheduled for the same day. I Understand your concerns and frustrations. I went through all of it. Especially the tough pre-op diet. That was really hard when it feels like it could be for nothing and that you might just have to do it all over again. Good luck. Please keep me posted on your progress.