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  1. Liz The New Me

    Stall in loss

    I feel your pain. I'm in the same boat. I have been bouncing the same 2 to 3 pounds up and down for the last 3 months.
  2. Liz The New Me

    50 and Up Sleevers

    I AM HAPPY where I'm at. I just get a little disappointed at myself that I'm not at 140 yet. I will get there someday but for right now my Husband and daughter is so proud of me. I'm truly grateful that I had it done. Thank you
  3. Liz The New Me

    50 and Up Sleevers

    I have no regrets on having the sleeve, BEST decision I ever made. I'm happy where I'm at. But then get upset with myself because I'm not loosing anymore, and think I should loose more. I have been bouncing the 3 pounds up and down for the past going on 3 months now. It get's me depressed about it. I have to get a grip on where I want to be. Hope everyone is doing ok also and enjoying life to the fullest.
  4. Liz The New Me


    LOVE ME SOME SPIRAL ZUCCHINI. Put red sauce or even pesto. YUM On sale at Bed Bath and Beyond with the 20% off coupon for the machine by OXO
  5. Liz The New Me

    New around here

    So Proud of you!!! You are going Great! Stay strong and just keep thinking of where you want to be in one year. All this will be a memory and you can not image life any other way but JOYFUL. Keep up the great work.
  6. Liz The New Me

    New around here

    You are truly blessed to have a friend that is your boss and would change the medical policy for you. I was blessed with and a friend that told me about it also. Proud of you on your commitment for 6 months. First phase is to follow to the tee but this will be easy for you. Walking the day after surgery is the key to get the gas air pockets out. Wishing you the best! You Got This!!!!!! Keep us updated!
  7. Liz The New Me

    The Maintenance Thread

    You have a motor if you compared yourself to me!!!!! LOL
  8. In the romance department I would never start it because of my weight. Now I have not lost as much as others but for me and my body the lost made a big difference in our bedroom. Hot and Steamy and at min. 2 times a week. Confidence you will have so much, that even the batwings, tummy bubble that if the person you are with can not handle that, he is not worth it. Tell him to go see if some super model will take him and move on.
  9. Liz The New Me

    The last 20lbs

    I hear you 20 to go and I'm getting comfortable where I'm at. Also not loosing, only around 2 pounds in a month.
  10. Liz The New Me

    The Maintenance Thread

    I'm here because I need to learn the right eating habit. I feel and look great where I am but getting comfortable with 20 to go is still a goal.
  11. Liz The New Me

    Batwings Be Gone! 🦇

    I've been desperately hunting down shirts with sleeves just long enough to cover them!!! LOL
  12. Liz The New Me

    Bathing Suits

    LOL All the bathing suits I have are 18/22 so I went on smile.amazon and found this one. Because of my extra skin bat arms.. Now I'm not that tall so there is no big gap between the top and bottom, so it is almost looking like a one piece. I LOVE IT I does run small I'm a size 10 now I ordered a XL. I can't wait to wear it next week.
  13. Liz The New Me

    Cocktails & Wine

    I was six month out when I had my Birthday Mimosa. I was only able to have half during the party and felt a little buzzed. Just listen to your body carefully.
  14. Liz The New Me

    Spicy foods

    I can not even handle Medium Salsa. Everyone is different. You just have to listen to your body.
  15. Liz The New Me

    Totally overwhelmed

    I feel that way also. I wanted a step by step all the way. But I understand now it can not happen. We are all different in what our body will tolerant. Big learning lesson. But you will learn to listen to your body more clearly and it will be easier. Be patient and look at where you want to be in one year.
  16. Liz The New Me

    Bariatric Patches for Gastric Sleeve

    I started them after surgery and blood work is fine. I put on one side of stomach one day then move to hip or upper thigh or to one arm.
  17. Your states say back in 2014 you were 355 look how far you have come!!! Now 232 and at 5'8''!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!! You are on the home stretch!!! Speedy recovery on the arm.
  18. Liz The New Me

    Throwing up

    Remember we are all at different stages. The only one that counts is your stomach. Think of the plan as a guide only. Listening to your stomach it's new and in training. We all learn the hard way. I'm still learning to eat slower too or I start getting the "foamies". To this day I can't eat anything that is over cooked, or yogurt but that's me. So don't be to hard on yourself.
  19. Liz The New Me

    Cheating on Pre-Op Liver Shrinking Diet

    Walk and more walks!!! Every 2 hours a quick lap around the house or yard. It was the only way I was able to move that gas/air out of my system. Sip Sip Sip as much as you can handle no more. Don't force it or worry how much the next couple of days. Just keep busy and this will past.
  20. Liz The New Me

    10 months, is it over or a stall?

    Great Job on your current weight lost. Keep positive! You are still loosing it's just slower now and that's ok!! You are still going in the right direction!!!
  21. I had a 3 week stall. It was because I was not getting enough sleep. Now back on track and lost another 3 lbs in a week
  22. Liz The New Me

    Cheating on Pre-Op Liver Shrinking Diet

    Hey Elizabeth, Just checking in on you? Hope you are going well! Best wishes coming your way!
  23. Liz The New Me

    I Got The "Foamies" Today

    I tried 3 oz of Salmon 2 months ago for the first time. Without fail the foamies. But it will also happen when I eat to fast or to much without fail. So I have to listen to my stomach vary carefully.
  24. Liz The New Me

    Cheating on Pre-Op Liver Shrinking Diet

    It happens. But going forward you really have to want this. It's hard work and commitment. No playing around. If you want to see Great results try as hard as you can to stick to the plan. Good Luck!
  25. Liz The New Me

    Maybe I'm Being Sensitive, But...

    Sorry. We have all been there. We are hard enough on our self that we don't need to hear it from a ……. or even from our family. I'm with you I would have say something about it also, because if we don't the bad behavior will continue. And that's on their up bringing being taught to them it's ok.