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  1. I’ve had no problem taking pills
  2. lzucks

    Im exhausted 11 days post-op need advice

    I had the same problem. Tomorrow is 4 weeks post op and it’s definitely gotten better the last week or so. Hang in there!!
  3. This post caught my eye since the only thing I am craving is eggs! I had 2-week liquid diet then sleeve surgery a week ago. I have another week to go till I can eat eggs. I think it’s really interesting that my body is asking for more protein despite the fact that my diet is nothing but protein shakes! Surprised me.
  4. lzucks

    Plateau of week one

    Did anyone else gain weight in the hospital? I had sleeve surgery one week ago and I’m just now down to my pre-surgery weight. Trying not to focus on it but it’s frustrating. My abdomen is still visibly swollen so I’m guessing the fluids are the reason.
  5. lzucks

    I have 2 fears

    One week post gastric sleeve and I have had no vomiting. My last major surgery was a c-section and I vomited like crazy after that. I think it was the morphine they gave me. Told the anesthesiologist about this and he used fentanyl instead. I was also on Zofran in the hospital. Just discuss your concerns with the anesthesiologist. They have lots of options to take god care of you.
  6. lzucks

    Non sweet protein

    I am one week post-sleeve surgery. The Unjury chicken soup protein powder has been my favorite during my pre-op diet and now. It is the first one I’ve had to replace! I mix it with non-fat chicken broth.