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  1. lzucks

    An American Football Rookie at 48!

    Congratulations on your new sport and your weight loss success. That is a great article you linked to also—thank you!
  2. Thanks. I had the telehealth visit today and it was just talking. The surgeon will see me in the office to do a full evaluation once their clinics re-open. I got to ask a few questions and will be in the front of the line when things open up for an in-person consult. So it was useful for that.
  3. Has anyone had their initial PS consult through telehealth? Just wondering what to expect... thanks!
  4. Thanks for this recipe @sillykitty. I used to travel to Minneapolis a lot and miss this soup. Will be making it myself now!
  5. I eat them too! Didn’t when I was in weight loss mode but in maintenance? Yes!
  6. lzucks

    60" waist to 32" photo

    What a transformation!
  7. Has anyone else dealt with this? I got food poisoning (intestinal infection) in Mexico this week and had to be admitted to the hospital. I got very dehydrated quickly. Seemed way worse than when I’ve had food poisoning in the past.
  8. Thanks for this—good to know!
  9. @GradyCat—thank you. I hadn’t either (18 months PO). It was horrible. Starting to feel better now but only eating rice and toast which seems so strange.
  10. Love the rowing machine. I mix it up with the treadmill and elliptical to get some variety in my cardio. My program is ok with carbonated sugar free drinks as long as they don’t make you uncomfortable. I’m a year and a half post-op and haven’t tried it yet...
  11. Why would you drink Gatorade with sugar when there is Gatorade Zero? I don’t want to tell you what to do but you may want to reconsider drinking ANY drinks with sugar if you’re serious about losing weight and being healthy.
  12. lzucks

    HUGE hospital bill

    Seems crazy high. They should negotiate with you significantly since you’re paying mostly out of pocket.
  13. lzucks


    there is a protocol using Dulcolax and Miralax that I used last time. I literally can’t swallow the usual prep that comes in a huge jug. It makes me gag. I’m having my first post-op colonoscopy next year and plan to use this prep again—it wasn’t fun but I could get it down. Ask your GI doctor. Good luck!
  14. I’m so sorry you’re being treated like this. I would agree with others that you don’t want someone like this in your life. I’d also suggest a therapist to help you with moving on. I wish you all the best.
  15. lzucks

    Not really a rant but just frustrating

    @jg7979 hang in there. I am 16 months post op, maintaining my weight loss and the comments have slowed to a trickle. No one said anything at my family Christmas get-together, which was fine by me!
  16. lzucks


    Yes I eat it all the time. Wait at least 6 weeks or whatever your instructions are for fresh fruits/veggies.
  17. It gets better—hang in there! I’ve been maintaining for 6 months and the comments have really died down. Seems like people have accepted that this is the new me. 😊
  18. lzucks

    Fiber goals

    *pretty hard, not pretty here
  19. lzucks

    Fiber goals

    That’s interesting. I was never given a fiber goal. Seems like that would be pretty here at 5 weeks post op. Are you even eating fresh vegetables and fruits yet? I wasn’t until 6 weeks PO then really small portions initially. A double dose of Sugar free Metamucil is 6 g. I drink that every day because it helps keep things moving. Might help with your fiber intake.
  20. lzucks


    At a work conference. Banana Republic head to toe except the boots 😊
  21. I didn’t feel significant restriction till I started eating soft foods (like eggs, etc). That was a very different feeling than liquids or yogurt.
  22. I was allowed Greek yogurt during liquid phase and had no issues.
  23. Also the pastas made from just chick peas or lentils are really good and a different way to get your beans in.
  24. lzucks

    Water intake and outflow

    Yep I pee less often now too. And not retaining water. Bladder just seems to work better!