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  1. lzucks

    Atlantic article

    Thank you for sharing this. So much of the article resonated with me except his dismissal of WLS as giving up.
  2. Hang in there. It gets easier after a few days. I got thru the 2 weeks with no cheating by reminding myself that I was shrinking my liver to make my surgery safer. Hope that helps...
  3. lzucks

    Calcium Chews

    My program said no gummy multivitamins since they don’t have iron
  4. lzucks

    Calcium Chews

    I was told to hold calcium till my follow up appt which was 2 weeks post-op
  5. lzucks

    Sweet Tooth - Post Bypass

    Swiss Miss reduced calorie hot chocolate made with Fairlife milk or Chocolate sea salt Rx bars. I have one or both of these most days.
  6. lzucks


    Tomato soup (read the labels for a lower calorie one) or chicken broth. Unjury makes chicken flavored protein powder. That, mixed in chicken broth, got me through.
  7. @Viking0424 Congrats! What an accomplishment. Keep up the great work.
  8. lzucks


    I’m 52, sleeved in August. Feel 10 years younger now that I’ve lost 65 lbs.
  9. Super excited and had to share with people who understand! I hit 199.7 lbs today. First time I’ve been under 200 lbs for at least 25 years (almost 1/2 my life). I was sleeved on Aug 20. I’ve got a ways to go but it’s really encouraging to see this progress! Weight before 2-week pre-op diet: 265 SW: 255 CW: 199.7 GW: 150
  10. @BurBur this was so well said! Congrats on the amazing success you’ve had.
  11. lzucks

    How is water going for people?

    I don’t like plain water any more. Drink mostly Gatorade Zero and Hint water.
  12. lzucks

    Xmas Potluck

    Oh sorry :-(
  13. Based on the data they collect, they can give you an estimate but everyone is different. Your results could be better or worse. Part of that is up to you and whether you adopt healthy habits or not. My program told me I could expect to lose about 90 lbs but my goal is to lose 115 which would put me at a healthy BMI. Less than 4 months post-op, I’m more than halfway there which is encouraging to me.
  14. lzucks

    Xmas Potluck

    Why no seasoning? First time I’ve ever heard that.
  15. lzucks

    Protein vs Sugar

    Unjury has ready-made shakes with no sugar. I prefer their protein powder mixed with milk though. The drinks you listed would not be on my plan due to the sugar content.
  16. lzucks

    Post op vacation

    I started traveling for work after 5 weeks. Also was able to swim after 2 weeks. You should be good to go based on my experience!
  17. lzucks

    Cold lunches?

    Cottage cheese, string cheeee, Greek yogurt
  18. lzucks

    What was everyone's first puree ?

    A scrambled egg. Best. Meal. Ever.
  19. lzucks


    @Twinmom3330–I also have twins. I get the reduced calorie Swiss Miss and mix it with Fairlife skim milk. It tastes amazing and I have been having this almost every night.
  20. lzucks

    I'm so COLD!

    Great article on the side effects of weight loss. Thanks for sharing! I started feeling cold all the time right after surgery and before significant weight loss. I didn’t understand why till I read this article—lower metabolic rate.
  21. lzucks

    I binged

    I would suggest skipping the scale tomorrow (carbs+salt=UGH!) and maybe working out harder than usual next few days. You can get back on track right away.
  22. lzucks

    Nausea instead of Hunger?

    I’ve had a similar experience. I was sleeved in August. This has gotten better with time. Also I found I needed to eat something every 3-4 hours and that helped too.
  23. lzucks

    October 2018 Sleevers

    I’m curious why he thought too much dairy was an issue? Also, I’m with you on the 5 small meals. Not only because of capacity, but I also get hungry every 3-4 hours.