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  1. I had bypass surgery mid February and I think my favorite thing so far is being able to cross my legs when Im sitting. What’s your favorite?
  2. Harborgurl

    Co-Workers (bitchyness)

    I would ask them why they were so interested in my lunch.
  3. Harborgurl

    Will it get easier?

    I asked the same questions!! Yes you will eat normal again and yes you will be able to have some sugar. It gets easier!
  4. Harborgurl

    February 2019 weight loss buds

    Ive stalled for the last 6 days. I didnt think I would stall at 5 weeks post op. Im super scared that I did all this for 21 lbs of weight loss. Ugh. SW 201 CW 180.
  5. Harborgurl

    I lied

    Ive kept mine a secret. Only person that knows besides my doctors and this forum is my husband. Ive had friends that are nurses make commentary about WLS and how people always end up gaining the weight back. Also, ironically at work 1 week before my surgery my coworkers were discussing WLS and they too had negative commentary. Thankfully I have other health issues so they think that is why I was out of work for 2 weeks. I use those other health issues as my excuse for not being able to eat. One of them being an ulcer. Which has actually been the truth. I cant have things that some WLS patients can have. Im truly on a very bland diet cause my ulcer is so bad. Just the way things worked out. If they end up figuring it out, I dont care, as long as they keep their negative opinions to themselves.
  6. Harborgurl

    Cheated a little...

    You should be fine. When I went to my post op appt, 4 days after bypass, my doctor said i could start eating deli meat and chicken as long as i chewed the heck out of it.
  7. Harborgurl

    Why is ibuprofen a no no?

    My boss has problems with her kidneys from excess Ibuprofen. Just an fyi...
  8. Harborgurl

    February 2019 weight loss buds

    Today is my one month anniversary! Down 18 lbs. I weighed 201 on day of surgery and this morning I weighed 183. I can’t wait to see where I am in the next month!
  9. I would love to have a surgery buddy!!
  10. Harborgurl

    Help! Am I CrAzY?!

    Im sorry your family isn’t very supportive . 🙁
  11. Harborgurl

    Gastric bypass

    I had mine 2/15 and im just now starting to feel human again. Hang in there, it gets better and less painful.
  12. Harborgurl

    Hit the elusive 169# !

  13. Harborgurl

    Help! Am I CrAzY?!

    I had lapband in 2012 and had it removed and went to gastric bypass on 2/15/19. I weighed 201 when i had surgery. I personally think it was the right choice for me because I know i would just gain and gain. The bypass forces me to eat healthier. So far I think it was best. But thats my personal opinion.
  14. Because of the extreme pain and drugs I was on at the time I Didn’t explain myself well. When I mentioned to the nurse that the ice water burned when I tried drinking it she rolled her eyes. I wasn’t allowed to walk alone because I had a tacky heart. Long story short I had an ulcer and they didn’t know it and I didn’t know it. I thought that level of pain was normal as I had never had gastric bypass before. Everything has worked itself out since surgeon started me on ulcer protocol. If I had not had the ulcer the ice water would not have bothered me and I would not have had tacky heart because my pain levels would have been more moderate. They thought my tacky heart was because I had a leak and was becoming septic. Thank goodness it all worked out.
  15. In the amount of time I was there that ice never melted. It turns out I had an ulcer and my recovery was not typical. I was in excruciating pain so I wasn’t allowed to go to bathroom without help nor could I walk without help. When I asked for room temperature water the nurse just rolled her eyes. It wasn’t a horrible experience but I didn’t know that my tacky heart and the amount of pain I was in wasn’t normal. It was my first bypass surgery.
  16. Harborgurl

    Very low again

    Robyn’s. Please, please read this. I too take 200 mg of Zoloft and I just had bypass on Feb 15th. These WL surgeries mess with your hormone levels and it is no joke. I have been on phone with Psychiatrist and therapist all weekend trying to regulate my zoloft and hormone levels. Scariest weekend of my life. Please discuss in great detail with your psychiatrist your plan of getting your meds regularly and any “what if” situations. I developed an ulcer and i am unable to take Zoloft in the pill form right now. Thankfully they have Zoloft in a liquid form but that goes into your system super concentrated. I was having severe mood swings that scared me to death. I am not trying to scare you but hope fully you can avoid some of the suffering I have experienced. i am unable to DM on this app on my phone so i am hoping this message reaches you and anyone else that it can help.
  17. Harborgurl

    Ulcers ?

    I called my dr and told him to just listen to me for a moment. I am positive i have an ulcer. I experienced this exact pain when i was banded. He called in a script for carafate and protonix. So its been 12 hours and i kinda restarted eating bland again. I need to heal. Hopefully i will feel better soon.
  18. Harborgurl

    Ulcers ?

    I feel like I have one but my surgeon just shrugged the idea away. My pain is excruciating in the center between breasts. Very sensitive to hit/cold. The first thing I swallow each morning burns so much and then i feel like i get diarrhea from the pain.
  19. I had bypass yesterday and the nurses are not trying to get me to walk. They’re serving me ice cold water. Im supposedly in the bariatric area of the hospital and no one seems to know how to handle my situation. I now have major congestion in my lungs. You can hear it when I barely breathe. Im Scared.
  20. Im having bypass tomorrow and im getting super nervous. I cant believe the time has finally come. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.
  21. I dont think anyone was neglecting me. But the nurses the first night were clueless. She would remove compression socks and forget to put them back on. Im glad I had this forum because I knew what I needed tp do.
  22. Harborgurl

    Day 2 post op.

    This has been an excruciating healing process. Im 2 days post op. Can’t wait until i start to feel human again. I got my period Friday night too. I wasn’t due for it fir other 9 days.
  23. Im getting ready to start my walking. This is more painful than I expected, please reassure me that this is normal. When I swallow gatorade 2 or Water it burns like I have an ulcer. Ugh!
  24. Having lapband removed and bypass today. Nurses have attempted 2 IV’s and cant get it. Stressing me out.
  25. Anesthesiologist used ultrasound machine and was able to get it. My other arm now has huge hard hematoma.